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Donation Campaigns

  1. Server (Per Annum)

    My PTSD costs are in excess of US$350 per month to provide this global service. We raise costs per annum, and pay 12 months in advance for our server. All assistance via donations is helpful. My PTSD is not a business, nor a non-profit. My PTSD is a privately funded website that costs a substantial amount to keep online. As costs have continued to rise due to popularity, My PTSD needs assistance from members each month. Raising donations covers the server, being the important part, thus affordable for the owners to maintain the difference in software costs, fee's and charges, upgrades and new features. It is not possible for My PTSD to maintain the full cost of this resource without member assistance.
    $1,390.00 USD
    Yearly Goal:
    $4,000.00 USD (8 months remaining)