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Apr 15, 2014 at 10:08 AM
May 25, 2008
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Tampa, FL USA

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It takes a brave and stupid person to make my daughter feel badly about herself. Warning: Don't mess with this mama bear! Jun 27, 2012

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Apr 15, 2014 at 10:08 AM
    1. Ms Spock
      Ms Spock
      I think you are amazing catjudo! Protecting your daughter the way you do and modelling this behaviour to other people you are break the bonds of intergenerational child sexual abuse. You must be very pleased and proud of yourself. I am impressed. I wish I had some one in my life as a child who is 10% the parent you are to your daughter.
    2. gizmo
      Thinking of you, Hugs.
    3. BloomInWinter
      Hope your weekend is restful and comforting. (((((Catjudo)))))
    4. Muzikluvr
      Hope you have a great week! (((Catjudo)))
    5. Archangel
      Hello. Uh, can you tell me what I did wrong? I didn't intend to modify or alter the text/format, but it seems that I did somehow. I copied it from Word, since I'm having problems typing in the forum. Did I "auto" do that without me knowing? Yes, newbie. :) Just trying to understand my mistakes. Your help would greatly help. :)
      1. BloomInWinter
        Archangel, please ask this in the help section. Thanks!
        Jul 24, 2012
    6. jaiya2012
      Can you please tell me who to contact about my story silenced no more? I need it removed if it is re-posted or gets out public from the rules I read you are going to get me killed by the very person I wrote about and has been after me. I am also offended you want to send me notice about my grammar well I not only have PTSD I have TBI. I am disabled and have vision loss..
    7. amajess
    8. catjudo
      It takes a brave and stupid person to make my daughter feel badly about herself. Warning: Don't mess with this mama bear!
      1. Jen93 likes this.
    9. goingonhope
      Omg, pee my pants funny catjudo. Good job.
    10. Confused Wingless
      Confused Wingless
      Beautiful avatar! Love the colors!
      1. catjudo likes this.
    11. evergreen
      I also want to point out sending a note threatening to suspend their account if they don't use proper grammar is very rude. I can't find a way to even start a conversation with you, and this message is too long to post here. So I am breaking it up into several posts as there needs to be a way to respond to someone who send you a message!
      1. catjudo
        As the notice said, if you have a question about the notification you can ask it in the Help Desk Forum.
        Apr 14, 2012
      2. evergreen
        lol super robotic around here
        Apr 14, 2012
    12. evergreen
      I know you didn't write it, and it is automated, but hey--it doesn't sound very nice. My question I wanted to ask--that I was unable to ask because you can't reply to those moderator notices--was what was wrong my my grammar? I know how to use punctuation and capitlization. I want to know what this issue was on this thread you sent me a notice about.
    13. evergreen
      I got a notice from you about basic grammar, and it could not be replied to. Not such a great idea IMO--not being able to reply to a moderators notification. The notice was threatening me on if I didn't straighten out my grammar, I could be suspended from this site.
    14. The Albatross
      The Albatross
      Lovely avatar Catjudo! I was just letting you know you've been on my mind. Have a good day gal.
      1. catjudo likes this.
    15. BloomInWinter
      Thank you for all you do for us!

    16. Muzikluvr
      ((((((((Supportive Hugs))))))))))
      1. catjudo likes this.
    17. PTSDtheBlackHole
      I do not know how to add an avatar I am new to the forum. feel very old. but write tonite because of difficulty sleeping. gosh I would just love to sleep. any ideas or suggestions.
    18. Nicolette
      Woo hoo... a new avatar! I like it!
      1. cherryblossom and catjudo like this.
      2. cherryblossom
        Very nice :o)
        Jan 10, 2012
    19. jilltk
      I received an email from you that my first post ever on this website violated "rule 9." I have read rule 9 and in no way did my post violate it, or any other rule. It took me a lot of courage to come to this forum. Receiving a harsh email was not what I needed and triggered my PTSD.
      1. catjudo
        As it said in the PC, if you have questions you can ask those in our Help Desk forum. There was a link to that forum in the PC.
        Dec 28, 2011
    20. BigBear
      The new avatar caught my eye. Even better in the close up. <thumbsup>
      1. catjudo
      2. BigBear
        Its a froggie World!
        Nov 16, 2011
    21. kanga
      I can't stop thinking about people doing bad things to me. I was in Desert Storm and have 10% for ptsd, but it has gotten worse lately. I pass people at work and see images of them trying to hurt me. I have no one to talk to about this and don't know what to do.
      Could someone please help me?
    22. sunday
      Hello catjudo,
      I am embarrased but I can not figure out where to go to see if I have any response or advice from my postings. I am a new member and computor challanged.
    23. Keith Connell
      Keith Connell
      So your stating I can stalk and harrass anyone I want to until you delete my account ?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. BloomInWinter
        Keith, your comment is unkind and argumentative. This is a 'support' forum, not an 'attack' forum. You owe catjudo an apology.
        Oct 14, 2011
      3. catjudo
        It's okay, Bloom. I appreciate the support but he really has been banned. There were other issues beyond just his comment on my profile.
        Oct 14, 2011
      4. BloomInWinter
        Good. Thank you for all you do. I'm sorry there are some who act this way.
        Oct 19, 2011
    24. BloomInWinter
    25. Inouk
      Hello Cat - Doing a great job. I wanted to tell you this for a few years now. Figured now or never. Take care. Inouk x
      1. BloomInWinter likes this.
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