Peer support subsequent to trauma contributes to full recovery

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) -- including complex trauma (cPTSD) -- is debilitating, breaking down the body through anxiety and stress, and it poses a significant suicide risk in sufferers. MyPTSD seeks to help and inform those who are directly or indirectly affected by these conditions through peer-to-peer support and educational resources.

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Jan 21, 2011 at 7:41 PM
Apr 23, 2009
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near Boston MA
at home, artist


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Jan 21, 2011
    1. nickeldoor
      hey Clare, how's things for u? hope you are coping well. Thinking of u.
    2. JadeBear
      How often do you visit the forum? Maybe we can set up a chat sometimes soon...
    3. JadeBear
      hey there Clare....I have been wondering where you have been...kinda lost contact with you after the forum upgrade. I am doing much better about you?
    4. JadeBear
      Hey Clare. I somehow deleted the PM's from you. And to be honest, I forgot what we were talking about. When you get time, please PM me again and refresh my memory, ok?
    5. JadeBear
      Hey there. Just wanted to drop by and check out your profile...
    6. nickeldoor
      Hi Clare, happy new year! How are u?

      I pray that this new year will be filled with lots of love, happiness, wealth and health for you and your loves ones. Don't give up because there are a lot of people that care for you. I am one of those ;-).

      The book which u recommended me, surprisingly, is not sold in the bookstall. Anyway, there are many international bookstalls in singapore.

      I've also started on my education pursuing MBA with Warwick university. It's a three year long distance. I hope that it will be a great experience for me. I also don't experienced mood swings that often and lose less temper. I meditate frequently to rest my mind and to understand myself better. I hope that my I can find my purpose sooner because I find that I am still lost. Right now, I am taking things easy so I wouldn't screw everything up.

      Hope things are getting better for u. Hear from you soon.

      Miss u with love.
    7. nickeldoor
      Hi Clare. How are things been for u? How did the lawsuit go? I hope that things are going fine for u. Juz dropping by to say Hallo. It's been some time we last chat. I have now started work with an MNC in Singapore. Things are going fine for me and I no longer have trauma abt my past. I still feel that I am under depression and quite hopeless abt the future. I actually told my mom that I will not get married and I m really not so positive to be tied down. Right now, I m juz saving up to leave this place. I don't have much memory abt this place. And I am happy to stay that way.

      What abt u? I m worried abt u. Hope u r recovering well :-) do drop me a msg whenever u r free.

      Miss u. Love.
    8. nickeldoor
      Hi Clare, it's never easy with lawsuit against the states but I hope that you will get the best results for yourself. Christmas is coming, and pm me when you get the chance. I have something for you too!

      Take care for now.
      Love. Nickeldoor.
    9. nickeldoor
      Clare, how have u been? Hope you have been coping well. I m worried about u since u have been replied for some time now. Hope things are well for u.

      Give us a shout if u need anything.
    10. nickeldoor
      Clare, how have you been getting along? I miss you and may god bless you! :)
    11. nickeldoor
      Clare! It's been some time since we last talked. How's everything running for u? I hope you have been coping well with your life. Thanks for all the advice u gave last time. I m feeling better now, though I still get blues once a while. How's the weather?

      Just dropping by because I m thinking of u. Take care of yourself!

    12. Grainne
      Oh Goodness me Clare...yes please! I'll take any info you have on the edu lawyers you found. I'm sure they have something like that here, but, like you said, it's sometimes hard to dig up the info. Thanks SO much for thinking of us xo
    13. This Ends Now
      This Ends Now

      Thank you so much for the advice and the prayers. I am so terrified. I will take your advice on making eye contact or focusing on someone "safe" in the court room. I will probably also bring some prayer beads with me... they seem to help.

      I hope all is going well for you.

      Liz H.
    14. shiraz
      Hi Clare, how are you and your family? I have been wondering :)
    15. nickeldoor
      Hello Clare, how have u been doing? I was thinking about u. Hope things are going fine for u ;-) keep us updated, okay? God bless with kisses!!
    16. pandora
      Just wanted to say hello..hope you are well!
    17. nickeldoor
      opppsss. That didn't really end well...

      Here's the closing.

      Take good care of yourself and love love.

      ** Muack muack ** & {Hug hug}
    18. nickeldoor
      Hi Clare, thanks for your blessings. Singapore is a very safe country. Weeks ago, there was an earthquake in Indonesia and we only felt the tremor, but no buildings/roads/infrastructure were damaged. Even tsunami has no effects on us. I guess it's because we are geographically located in a very safe geographic position and economically a prosperous trade gateway.

      My birthday is coming up this Oct 16th, and I was thinking of going back to Bangkok to celebrate with my gf. But I suspect that I have ptsd and depression closely linked to her. I have a feeling that I am avoiding her and trying to lead my own life here in Singapore. Hmm... I am thinking of what to do that day! My friends in Singapore are no close to me, as we haven't been in touch for many years.

      I am much better these days, except ptsd and depression come up on and off, but at least I know that I am suffering under these situations.

      Anyway, how are you, Clare? Are you feeling better? Hope you have been recovering well.
    19. shiraz
      Hi Clare, just popping in to see how you are doing and send care.
      Love yourself back to health.

    20. firehouse9south
      Good morning Clare.

      So dad was a firefighter also, Wow that is great so you can relate with some of my experiences through what your dad did.
      It's a great job just dangerous as heck, had many a close calls.
      Anyways I hope to see you around.
      Take care.

    21. FlameTachiku
      Good Morning Clare, Last week my son was sick and all the negative symptoms get so much worse. It becomes survival for all and I feel off balance trying to maintain work, son, school stuff, home, and additional responsiblities while holding it all together. It is tough. I feel for you in the Fire. Hang in there next week comes and it will even out again and you will have learned a new effective tool to make the next round easier. Take good care Clare!
    22. FlameTachiku
      Good Morning Clare I noticed that we think in similar ways about therapy, brain injury, and other things. Thought I would say hi. Are you doing well? Flame
    23. nickeldoor
      Hi Clare, wanted to ask your opinion on seeking a therapist. I was wondering if a therapist really helps or just a waste of money and time. I find myself in a dead-lock situation where I am so tired of life, especially when my ptsd or depression are triggered. But i know that if I don't seek help to help myself, I will never be able to lead a full-enriched life, as my past keeps haunting me.

      Is it easier to seek treatment by reading books or going for a year-long therapy treatment?

      Thank you in advance for your help.
    24. pandora
      Just wanted to say hello. Hope you are having a great day....
    25. firehouse9south
      Hi Clare.

      Seen you were on and just wanted to say hello.
      Take care.

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