Peer support subsequent to trauma contributes to full recovery

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) -- including complex trauma (cPTSD) -- is debilitating, breaking down the body through anxiety and stress, and it poses a significant suicide risk in sufferers. MyPTSD seeks to help and inform those who are directly or indirectly affected by these conditions through peer-to-peer support and educational resources.

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Nov 1, 2013 at 7:27 AM
Oct 16, 2006
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Mar 5, 1968 (Age: 48)
Tampa, Florida
Most days...all of the above!!!


I'm a VIP, Female, 48, from Tampa, Florida

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Nov 1, 2013
    1. fin
      Hope you are having a good day thankyou~
    2. fin
      I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you please take care... ~you have encouraged me soo well M and I would hope I could do the same for you again.. am trying ~ I know it gets better than it has been- I just know it does Thankyou for your friendship and kindness to me
    3. Luthien
      Thanks for your latest message in my diary, you're right, and I know it. I just need to be reminded.
      Hope you're having a good day.
    4. Nicolette
      Tried to give you some reputation for your post but I haven't shared enough around yet.
      Thanks for your kind words and support.
    5. fin
      I wanted to say hello and thankyou Marlene for all your encouragement and support, *hugs ~
    6. BrownEyes
      Hi Marlene,
      I just wanted to say thanks so much for your comments to my posts. They mean a lot to me. I see you live in Tampa. I'll be spending four weeks in Kissimmee this summer on vacation with my husband and daughter. We really love Florida. Thanks again for all the sharing you do on the forum. Take care.
    7. Nicolette
      Any mail yet?...LOL...everyone over here has their's ;)
    8. fin
      Thankyou ~
    9. fin
      I don't know how you feel about this Marlene but I have sent you something!!! I am cool no matter what you think though, (and that wasnt meant to sound bad if it did). I thankyou for all your/the encouragement you give and share of yourself.
      Thankyou ~
    10. Nicolette
      Check the mail in coming weeks ;)
    11. firehouse9south
      Hi Marlene.

      Never spoke but seen you were on and wanted to say hello.
      Take care.

    12. Nicolette
      Aren't you just a little cheeky...or should I say sneaky...LOL!
    13. fin
      Marlene I called by to say hello and to encourage you, you really encourage me and I wanted you to know. Thankyou

      I hope it is ok -I left a picture comment. ~fin
    14. Nicolette
      Just saying Hi :)
    15. Seeking_Nirvana
      Hi Marlene, I wanted to stop in and say hello since I was passing through to check the dream group. I hope all is well with you and yours.

      Take care
    16. Marlene
      Thanks, Wendy.
    17. She Cat
      She Cat
      Just thought I would stop in and say HI........
    18. nie
      Just thought I would drop you a hello. I hope you are well.
    19. jeapea
      Thank you for the invite.... :)
    20. tardis
      Hey Marlene, Evie asked me to say hello to you from her. She was planning to leave you a message when she was on here yesterday, was going to leave messages for lots of people really, but got too exhausted, tried to do too much in one day I reckon. So... hope a message from me is OK. Just letting you know your not forgotten, she's thinking about you and hope your well.
    21. Marlene
      It is fun. And where else can you play with swords and work out a lot of aggressions by stabbing people...legally? LOL
    22. Mina
      Fencing? That sounds fun!
    23. Lisa
      *hugs* Thanks You x
    24. 2notbedefeated
      Marlene, thanks for your support. I so appreciate it. I don't mean to be too overwhelming for people. I am sorry if I have done so. You've been a member here for along time, I'm not sure how to ask this, but I don't want to make others "stay away" because of my intensity of "stuff". Could you share with me how I might better communicate myself with others? I think having heard other people responses to what I posted yesterday causes me to realize I have alot to learn and plenty of growth and self-control i need to put into my life.

      Thanks for hanging in there with me. You've been a member here for a while - How do I perhaps need to communicate my needs better, or should I? How can I share with others and yet not "upset" them at the same time? How can I be honest with myself and my feelings an not hurt others? Thanks for any wisdom or experience you might have. Thanks again for your support. Things are just so confusing and shakey for me right now. Hugs to you too, Marlene:) I wish you a blessed day with peace and strength for the day. :) Lez
    25. Nicolette
      Saying hi again....back home and will talk soon.
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    Mar 5, 1968 (Age: 48)
    Tampa, Florida
    Most days...all of the above!!!
    Wife, mother, grandmother, and a little crazy!

    Reading, writing, yoga, learning new things, research
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