Peer support subsequent to trauma contributes to full recovery

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) -- including complex trauma (cPTSD) -- is debilitating, breaking down the body through anxiety and stress, and it poses a significant suicide risk in sufferers. MyPTSD seeks to help and inform those who are directly or indirectly affected by these conditions through peer-to-peer support and educational resources.

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Feb 1, 2010 at 12:54 PM
Apr 16, 2009
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Feb 1, 2010
    1. cragger65
      Hey Sunny, miss you much. Just sending a quick hello and a friendship hug your way. Hope you're doing OK (hugs).

    2. Grainne
      Sunny - you are very much on my mind. Hope all is well...shoot me a quick note when you get this? xxoo
    3. Grainne
      Thanks for the note you left in my diary. You're so right with what you said...I think I'm just having an off day. Thanks for reminding me how much joy Colton has brought to my life.

      Too much happening at once (or not enough...I'm never sure). Thank you for being with me through all of this. When I get all wound up at work like this, I can't help but think of you...sitting at work too. (weird, but it makes me feel less alone)
    4. Grainne
      Thinking of you, my friend. I hope all is well. :)
    5. ZeroPTSD
      Hey Sunny,

      Thanks for reading my TD story and commenting, I read it just wanted to swing by and say hi & thanks.

    6. lyrical
      Hi SBF,
      Just wanted to say thankyou for your ppostings today. It means alot.
      Lyrical x
    7. Nicky31
      Hey sunny. Thanks again for you post and message today. I've just taken tamiflu pill number 3! I hope it doesn't make me sick again. Sorry to hear you weren't able to get hold of it when you were ill. That's rubbish! Believe me when I say I've just lay in bed today. I don't have a tv in my room but I've been listening to a 1920s radio station from the states on my iPhone,just quiet as my ears are sore. Thanks for your support x
    8. Nicky31
      Hi sunny it's almost 5am here and I'm awake again. Really not feeling well but I wanted to say thanks for your post. I'm getting shooting pains in my head as opposed to a full on headache, but have earache. It's awful. I have no plans to move from my bed and am now drinking lucozade. Good to know you recovered well. Seems endless at the moment. Nic x
    9. Grainne
      I'm sorry we're both in this spot too!! It's so hard some days to keep it all going. I'd say it's nice to know I'm not alone...but really, it's not. I wish you didn't have to know how this feels. You and I seem to have much in common. Thanks again for all the support~! xo
    10. Grainne
      *hugs* thanks so much for the post on my 'diagnosis' thread! I'm so thrilled to finally have something concrete for my little boy to stand on. I smiled so much today, I think I bruised my cheeks!!! (a rare and refreshing experience) Thank you for sharing this with me SunnyBrook!
    11. She Cat
      She Cat
      Hey Becky.......Hope things are better tomorrow, that they were today...Hang in there, and *this too, shall pass*
    12. shiraz
      Thanks for your post in my diary
    13. Seeking_Nirvana
      Hello, You didn't offend me. *smile* I appreciate you getting into the diary area and giving support to everyone. I was doing that at first but I don't have as much time as I used to.

      Take care
    14. Nicolette
      Thank you SunnyBrookFarm. It sounds like we share some common experiences as it was my step father too.
    15. tude
      feel like chatting? I do, so I'm roundin' folks up!
    16. fin
      Thankyou for your comments and kind encouragement me ~
    17. SunnyBrookFarm
      Hi Ken -

      Thanks for checking in - doing ok just focusing on work as best I can - Hope your doing well. The kids can certainly help you stay grounded - it's a good thing to try to keep up with them.
      Talk with you soon.
      Have a good peaceful day.
    18. firehouse9south
      Hello SBF.

      How are you today?
      Just wanted to stop bye and say hello to you.
      I have a pretty busy day myself so I will do my best to keep up
      with the kids but their so darn active and I'm no youngster anymore lol.
      Alright hope to talk later
      See ya.

    19. firehouse9south
      Thank you again for your kind words it truely is refreshing for a change.
      I'm sorry for any pain you have goon through and I hope to
      see you around the forum.
      Hope you don't mind I gave you some good rep points you deserve it thank you.
      Take care.

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