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Apr 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM
Mar 7, 2008
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REsting biologist

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Umm..... Feb 4, 2011

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Viewing thread Don't Know Where To Find The Internal Strength, Apr 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM
    1. skyp56
      Hi TLight!
      I noticed you and I are from the same part of the country; I'm Pacific Time Zone. Would love to chat sometime
    2. firehouse9south
      Hello there.
      Seen you were on and just wanted to say hello.
      Take care.

    3. sigh
      how're you?? i keep trying to run into people in chat. but it's more like running into a parked car (which i've done, ty). lemme know if youre around :)
    4. sigh
      tlight you wanna chat
    5. shiraz
      Hi TLight, have you though about joining PTSDspace? It would be so lovely to have you!! If you need an invite please PM me :)
    6. LoveWins
      Hey T!

      No fair, I want to braid cow bangs! Haha you meanie with the meat. At least you raise your own though, hope you can get em some good grass soon

      Did you start your job already? I can't remember now

      I'm having quite a good day actually thanks:) How about you? I've talked to quite a few people on here who've lifted my spirits and I've managed to keep busy. I also have chocolate pancakes. So alls good!
    7. LoveWins
      Good luck with the new job! You'll do great:)
    8. cragger65
      Terri, that's freaking awsome!!! :) You must really be feeling better, I admire your determination. Sounds like some awsome work, too, right up your alley, girl. Congratulations!!!!

      Having some success, FINALLY, in getting myself in a better mood. Having more "good" days, closer together. I needed a break from things I realize now. I quit a few things that weren't helping and focused on what was working more. Going to post in the succes stories thread.

      Cheers luv, again a hug and congrats to you!!
    9. LoveWins
      Thank you! It wasnt actually the name I wanted originally, I signed up with it by mistake, but I'm really glad I have it now!

      How have you been? I love your pictures btw
    10. ANCHOR
      I have really never thought of a cow as cuddly or adorable before! I want one as pet! LOL! I just love animals, you know. Take care!
    11. tude
      Feel like Chatting?
    12. cragger65
      That is one wonderous fungus, amazing looking thing. I'm always learning something new from you :)
    13. Petchen
      Thanks Tlight ;-) Glad to be of use.
    14. pandora
      I think we have the same frame too...your pics did not show your face....
    15. pandora
      Well T light that picture of you...the way you are standing with your head looking down..I look like you...we are similar in size and we both have blonde hair too.
    16. cragger65
      Hey Terri, nice to hear from you. I missed you too. Hope all's going well in your world.
    17. her_indoors43
      morning hope your havinga nice day
    18. tude
      Thanks for your understanding and support. You too, keep up the good work.
    19. cragger65
      It's good to hear you're seeing progress, that's beautiful. You do sculpture as well? You are one talented lady. I did my first EFT session today with a therapist. I've tried it on my own before, but this seems more promising. Between that and the naturopath, and kicking myself in the butt a little, I think I'm making headway.

      Take care for now. Hope you find the home of your dreams!!!
    20. cragger65
      Hey Terri!!! I am trying to stay off the computer so I don't get sucked into sitting on my butt all the time. Trying to get into a more "normal" frame of living, or at least stay busier with myself.

      I was thinking about you when I came on tonight, hoping to catch up. Hope you are doing OK and enjoying life on the ranch!!!

      take care,
    21. firehouse9south
      Hi TLight.

      I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for all your kind words.
      It's nice going back and reading my threads and seeing what you have written,
      sometimes it's the little things that keep us going.
      Once again THANK YOU.

      Take care.

    22. igasho
      Hi, dear TLight,

      if you want to, you can look up my place with google-earth: it is Cologne

      I love Google-earth, have been to Toledo to check how it looks and where it is...

      I do love rain and the word "rain-forest" is near to being a paradise for me. Astonishingly enough, I am always happy when it is cloudy and bit of wind and rain, and almost ever unhappy when the sun is shining and it is warm (as it is here now)...

      My internet broke down at home, it shall be repaired by tomorrow - I hope, so don't wonder, if i am not reacting today,okay? Hope to get back to you tomorrow.

      Friendly greetings
    23. trapped
      In response to below, I just want to confirm that Tim Tams are the most yummiest dessert in the world, that's what they are (tho followed closely by yogurette- I think that's how you spell it- from Germany).... haha... there's an import store in the US that sells them, but they're just not the same cuz they're marketed under "Arnotts" and don't say "Tim Tams" on them, so most Americans don't have a clue... there's a few websites that you can get TRUE tim tams from in the US... unfortunately the one I used to get them from doesn't seem to offer as much any more... like, they'll occassionally have the carmel, but the sticky vanilla toffee ones you used to be able to get, I haven't seen those being sold from the online site in a while, and it makes me so sad cuz those were the best... nothing beats a tim tam slam on a cold day! :)
    24. her_indoors43
      they are yummy chocolate biscuits us australians get asked about alot from overseas folk....take care
    25. her_indoors43
      hey tlight..i got tim tams on my page.....tell the girls....make a cuppa and head over....
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    REsting biologist
    I'm 42, single, no kids. Biologist, sort of. Two degrees I'm very proud of.

    nature, horses, reading, spirituality big time
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