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Dec 23, 2011
Jul 18, 2006
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U.S.A. Kansas
Stay home mother

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I'm a VIP, from U.S.A. Kansas

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Dec 23, 2011
    1. Healing Survivor
      Healing Survivor
      You have a pet chicken?!?!?! I am soooooooooooooo jealous!!! I have wanted one for years!!! I just have to convince my hubby... ;)
    2. melody
      I just wanted to stop by to say hi and thanks. I've been reading over old posts and you were in most of them, if not all of them. :)
    3. Nam
      Hey girl! Thinking about you lately.
    4. kers
      How've you been, friend?
    5. reallydown
      Hi Veiled,

      Just poppin' in to say hello :)
    6. veiled
      Wonderful to here from you hon! Hope all is well. I will catch up soon, just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off as of late but things finally slowing. I wwill be heading back to Kansas in a few days so I can sleep LOL.
    7. She Cat
      She Cat
      Hey Veiled,

      Just thought I would pop in and say HI......
    8. becvan
      Hey you.. clean out your damn box.. I can't send you any pms.... I'm running to get a decaf coffee.. but if your still on in a bit.. I'm on!
    9. becvan
      Hey girl. Sorry to hear about Opal. Going to miss listening to her coo in the background! I'm glad Ellie is doing okay.. and well.. what can you say about DA? lol
    10. veiled
      Opal is about to go to a new home. I just cannot bear to keep her indoors any longer. I will speak to a new farm owner this weekend.

      Ellie just had surgery for a tumor. She seems to be OK now.

      Vet next week is to work on Harely and see if the pee thing can be fixed. I swear I am about to kill the cat. She is pissing on all and everything!!!!!!! Anyone want a free cat? she is just a lil' inbred. I washed a quilt to have it smell like urine the next day. Pulling my hair out.

      I have not tossed my purse as it seems she keeps going back to piss in it more. Figure leave it so she does not spread it around! And Harley the cute calico saimese looking one is the asshole.
    11. Grama-Herc
      Hello! Just stopped by to say hey. Hope all is going ok with you I enjoyed the pics of your critters. Jealous. Wish I was able to have a bunch of critters too How is Opal?
    12. goingonhope
      I Like your pictures veiled. Reminded partially now of previously read posts where you made mention of your cat pouncing on you while sound asleep and scaring the heck out of you. And, another one of a cat doing something in your hand while you slept hand face up. I do remember what, but you certainly don't need any reminding. (lol)

      Are either one of your cats pictured here culprits of any such cat misbehavior? Or, other animal misbehaviors or even funny behavior? Another words, do you have any more cat stories (or other animal stories) you can and want to share?

      Take Care,

    13. Seeking_Nirvana
      Hi Veiled, I'm checking out everyone's page and thought I would say hello while I was here.

      I love the animal farm and wish I could have one. I'm alergic to most furry animals, especially cats, but would love to have them anyway.

      Take care
    14. Grama-Herc
      I see that you are just another food fairy who lives in the back like I do. If the cats ever figure out how to open the cat food container, I'm screwed.

      Your Opal is so cute! I want an Opal of my own. I'm sure the cts would love to play with her LMAO! I'm sorry, guess that isn't as funny as I thought, but being the evil "1" I couldn't resist
    15. veiled
      I never thought of her like that but you are dead on LOL!
    16. Marlene
      Hey veiled...nice to know I'm not alone in my being staff/servant to a number of animals, too. LOL

      BTW-I LOVE your chicken!!!! If Phyllis Diller was a chicken...this is how she'd look! *grin*

    17. veiled
      Opal is a pretty little Silkie. She has a nice top knot to work with (puffy head) but her feet need more feathers... I was going to improve her line but well, I had to move so now she is just a spoiled house chicken. She is my lil' baby.
    18. She Cat
      She Cat
      Ok so I am farm illiterate apparently...LOL What kind of chicken/bird is that??? Nice do, I think!!!!
    19. hodge
      Hey Veiled,

      I just looked at your Animal House album. Way cool!! I was amazed to see that your white dog looks a lot like mine did when she was younger! She used to be all white, but now she's got quite a bit of tannish coloring on her topside.

    20. Nicolette
      Hi Veiled

      Looking forward to learning more about you as you expand your profile with all the new funky things the upgrade has added.
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