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A place to share what works

Discussion in 'Supporter (Anonymous)' started by Tapato, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Jolci

    Jolci Anonymous

    Hi everyone
    I would like to start this thread where we can share experiences about what works with you and your sufferer, for example:

    - What behaviour your sufferer responds well too
    - How you make them feel safe/trust you
    - What you do to stay strong/sane, be assertive
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  3. Sefozi

    Sefozi Anonymous


    I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.
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  4. Dida

    Dida Anonymous

    If you give us a bit of a more specific issue or problem you and your sufferer are dealing with we might be able to come up with more specific and targeted advice.

    I agree with boundaries also for things that make them feel safe have you tried asking them what makes them feel safe?
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  5. Savot

    Savot Anonymous

    Please, give me more resources for my clients as PTSD is increasing in our immigrants community.My contacts rejected medicines for fear of its addiction. Are there more skills other than eye movement and breathing skills for PTSD patients?
  6. Ekab

    Ekab Anonymous

    Trauma therapy. Medications help with symptom management.
  7. Alo

    Alo Anonymous

    This question is impossible to answer in this setting, an international forum.

    This entire forum is dedicated to healing, including learning coping skills, grounding skills, and self soothing skills, amongst everything else.

    In other words, please peruse the forum!
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