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Anyone Elses Ptsd Caused From A Natural Disaster? Specificly A Tornado?

Discussion in 'Natural Disaster' started by trav, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    We were hit with one of the worst snow storms ever out here on the day we moved into our house. We still didn't have our gas turned on so there was no hot food. We walked to the local convenience store in horrendous winds and snow. It literally took away your breath, and it was hard to walk. Got there somehow. They were the only place open in town. Bought some truly awful sandwiches, tried to eat them still in the store, they were really nasty. And we were hungry, so you know they were really nasty!

    But my worst anxiety is about tornadoes. I have had a lot of bad shit happen to me, including some life-threatening things from other people, but nothing, nothing has ever made me shake in uncontrollable fear like the tornado warning we went through. Strong storms are heading our way again atm and I'm anxious.
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  3. rdmghstgrl

    rdmghstgrl New Member

    I have an anxiety disorder...I didn't know that PTSD could be Tornado related. Not sure if the below even classes as it.

    I feel kind of stupid because I was through really minor incidents comparatively. I went through a cloud burst (sudden high winds) when I was eight and storms put me in this overly prepared/anxious mode. I honestly think it was a minor tornado that they (we were at a restaurant) tried not to alarm us about.

    Second incident was an F1 tornado that I'm pretty sure went past our house. The rain went sideways then the power just dropped out and I had recurring nightmares/nightterrors about it. I was 14 and playing video games with my friend on my own (parents went grocery shopping).

    I went through an F2 tornado at 16 and while I was older I still had issues. It was looking really bad and I ended up gathering the dogs. I locked myself in the basement. We had a lock on the inside of the basement in case of tornado. I don't know if I passed out or fell asleep. The tornado went one street over and knocked a tree over onto a house (enough that they needed to rip it down) and ripped the entire roof off a new barn.

    Triggers: Any sirens on the tv combined with the creepy mechanical voice. (Amber alerts still bother me). Air raid sirens...They used an old one for tornadoes. Tornado drills (had to do them for all of high school).

    I've never posted on a pstd related forum before so I'll edit if I need to remove something.
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  4. Alan Corliss

    Alan Corliss New Member

    Not tornado related...but related. On April 16,2016 my wife,daughter and I were in Canoa Ecuador when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake destroyed our lives...we were buried under the rubble of a three story home. When I came to and realized what had happened I had a visual of my wife buried and trapped all I could see was a bloody left arm. The sound of my daughter screaming haunt me...she was trapped inside...my hip was dislocated and femur shattered...helpless and knowing the people you would give your life for in distress is an impossible feeling, but a reality in a natural disaster such as this...my PTSD is not getting any better.......it is getting worse...I wish I died in that quake
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  5. rllysalty

    rllysalty Guest

    Ive been suffering with really bad anxiety with storms since April 27th 2011. The tornado completely demolished my home,not to mention I had a fear of storms already before the tornado. I check the weather a lot, if I'm doing something and I hear something on the news about the weather instantly my stomach starts to ache,I'm really possessive over my things (I carry a lot of things with me in a bag) because during the tornado I lost all my things. My parents tend to act like I'm over reacting even though my mom had ptsd from the tornado as well you'd think she'd understand. I always over think but in my situation can be good because I will expect the worst but I'll feel so much better when it's nothing bad but just a bit of rain. I hope everyone finds a good solution to their problem:)
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