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Aspergers And Ptsd

Discussion in 'Other Symptoms & Disorders' started by Anna, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Anna

    Anna Guest

    Has anyone here had a diagnosis of aspergers as well as PTSD?

    Or have PTSD and had a relationship with someone with aspergers syndrome??

    I have been reading a lot lately, especially with females aspergers is undiagnosed. Same with PTSD in the past where females would often get labelled with borderline personality disorder even if they had both. Females with aspergers though intelligent can be very naiive, especially when it comes to men putting themselves in dangerous situations which could lead to PTSD. I find the subject very interesting. I also find it sad that there is virtually no studies or research into this.

    If anyone knows of any, please post links here. I am very interested in this subject.
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  3. Beverly G.

    Beverly G. Active Member

    Hi Anna,
    I don't have Aspergers but I am married to someone who does. For us it has been a very good combination because he doesn't care about having people around or maintaining friendships. I tend to be very isolated at times and it doesn't bother him. He understands me in ways an emotionally healthy person never could. I think God putting us together was a great gift for both of us.
  4. positiva

    positiva New Member

    Hi, this is an old post I know. I was diagnosed severe chronic PTSD (after a really traumatic event) - I think that I have had aspergers all of my life. I did end up in dangerous relationships (with narcissist and then a psychopath) after I was diagnosed with PTSD and still in trauma and shock. (my brain was frozen for more than 3 years). I am just learning about aspergers now. I am wondering how having this affected the PTSD?
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Forum Anonymity
    Premium Member

    Anna, I realize this is old. However, just wanted to let you know there are masses of women with PTSD who are in relationships with men with Asperger's (AS). There are online forums for partners of those with AS. In my experience, women with PTSD match with men with AS because they symptoms are very similar. What causes the symptoms is however very different. I am not aware of any studies. There are books though. If you're still interested, post again and I'll give you a list.
  6. positiva

    positiva New Member

    Hi Anon, I think that I have spent my entire life with Aspergers. Honestly - nothing was like having severe chronic PTSD. With severe PTSD I was more vulnerable than I had ever been in my life. I was unable to defend myself. I was so bad I had no concept of the outside world (in terms of world, news, politics) anything bigger than my own world. For more than 3 years. The cognitive processing in my brain didn't work (before I was fast thinking) I was unable to process new information at all. For years. Nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts. This is nothing like my experience of Aspergers.
  7. Ed Norton

    Ed Norton I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    Aspergers is no longer a seperate diagnosis; it is now in the autistic spectrum...just some information.
  8. TeaLeaf

    TeaLeaf Active Member

    I'm so glad this thread was started.

    I have PTSD and have also thought I had aspergers though I have never been diagnosed. I frequently feel like I am "acting" in social situations, I know what to say and do but it doesn't feel natural or even sincere a lot of the time. Before lots of therapy I did not know what to say and do and I frequently upset people with my bluntness and aloofness, I still do that sometimes. I sometimes want closer friends because occasionally I don't want to be lonely but then I feel like it is a lot of work. I don't feel close to people, most other people (especially women) don't share my interests and I have a fear of men because of my past trauma.

    I have discussed it with my therapist (who has a family member with aspergers) several times and she says it is always in the back of her head but shes not convinced I have aspergers, that my feelings and behavior are more relating to long term trauma and resulting PTSD. She also says that my personality is different from most women and that's just an individual difference. Despite her reassurance, I still worry sometimes about this.
  9. Hello. Diagnosed with PTSD several years after leaving the service. Sent to a facility for several test and discovered I'd also been living with Aspergers. Was 44 when I even heard of Aspergers which was when I was diagnosed. Mom and sister were skeptical until they read up on Aspergers. For me the hardest part is the two holidays with fireworks and dealing with people at work during an emergency. I work at a hospital boiler room so most of my work is alone. But if someone is trapped in an elevator or the power goes out then I'm off running to respond. The emergency itself isn't the problem, it's dealing with people at their worst while I'm under a lot of pressure. They don't like how I talk to them during such events and it's gotten me written up. Been at this job 15 years. Most of those who've written me up no longer work here so somehow I outlasted them. Wife is my opposite. She's very friendly and outgoing and loves to talk. But she has spinal problems which leaves her in constant pain. Wish I could afford to stay home and care for her. Some days it seems like I'd be better off going on disability to get away from the stress and the Depression it causes. The prescription helps but I think I need more help. All my family and coworkers noticed a difference when I got on my happy pills. One sad/funny incident. One night I heard a loud boom and I dove to the floor. When no other boom happened, I ran to the bedroom to check on my wife. Called 911 to report possible gun fire. My recliner is less than 4 feet from the refrigerator. Wife had left a can of come in the freezer and it exploded. She's learned not to slam cabinet doors nor make loud sudden noises.
  10. aber

    aber Guest

    Ana, if not reading your female name I would consider this to be a post from a male: because that is what every misleading male will try to tell you girl: that it is your fault: BECAUSE "you" put yourself into a dangerous position.
    Oh yeah, I bet a lot of prosecutors use that line in court, do not be fooled by the predators out there.

    They will rape you, stalk you, beat you, call you a liar: ALL, because YOU put yourself into a dangerous position.

    So if a kid gets raped they try that too, well the kid was naive, the girl or the boy placed themselves in a dangerous position: do you see where this is going?

    Your post is a heavenly read for all of the predators out there.

    Any perpetrator is more than ready to explain his or her rape with the words that claim that it was the victim who placed himself or herself in that position. Because you know why? That is what they want you to believe girl, that is how a perpetrator will brainwash you.

    I will give you the addresses and workplace addresses of my stalkers, my ex husband and the friends of those people and I can guarantee you that everyone of those perpetrators will use the same excuse for the crimes that occurred.

    You see: once the victim believes the perpetrators they have won, and you would not believe to what length they will go to play that game.
  11. tornadoshala

    tornadoshala Guest

    I have Asperger's and have also been diagnosed with PTSD. It's so strange that I am finding this today since I have also been trying to find information on what I can do to lessen my symptoms besides taking medications.

    I often find myself wanting to cry for no reason, probably because I am so overwhelmed with stuff to do! I work full time and commute about 85 miles a day. I also am a full time student, so I'm always doing homework. My 3 year old (I'm a single parent) was diagnosed with Autism. Things have been very rough, I'm a disabled veteran, 42.
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  12. Jagger

    Jagger Guest

    Hi I know this is probably a old post but I'm pretty sure I have a chain in my family where we all have Aspergers and/or Autism. Some of my family members have been diagnosed and others have not. We're very talented and smart people but I think I have PTSD on top of it. I differ from the rest of my family like my lack of emotion towards things, I don't want to do anything because I hate life and people more than normal. I am in no way suicidal but I do hate life and I don't really care to live mine to its fullest anymore. I know I've gone through some horrible things but I need motivation. I feel trapped and question myself all day. I tell myself I want to do all these things but I have no drive to do them. I've become this computer person and made it my life. I don't even communicate unless it benefits me and this has gone on for 5 years. I know I don't like change all that much and I think this makes it that much harder to get any better. I can't be in a relationship because I have no motivation and I don't care enough. I don't know if this will help anyone but I know I have Aspergers and I'm like 99% sure PTSD is my other issue. I guess if anything it'd be nice to not feel so alone.
  13. HappyJock

    HappyJock Active Member

    I have PTSD and Asperger's as well. This is definitely an interesting old thread that I'm glad was started. Relationships are near impossible for me to maintain -- none of them have lasted for more than a month (or a few). But Asperger's with PTSD is just the worst. It's kind of like having depression and passion at the same time, both contradict each other. That was a really bad example... but with both of these being diagnoses, as well as Borderline, there's never a moment that's settled for me, so I too, came here seeking for suggestions on lessening symptoms of the diagnosis.
  14. mrea

    mrea Guest

    I came across this site looking for help for my almost 20yr son. He has been dx'd with asperegers, adhd, ocd(picking)executive function delay. Due to behavior unsafe for me, he has had be move from home...very very hard for him because I'm a single parent and dad is not in pic. He was molested at 11yrs by another boy. So I'm thinking ptsd, for abandonment, molestation, moving from safe home. He blames, sees himself as victim and won't take responsibility for his actions unless he is backed against the wall. He is bright, smart and my wonderful Angel With Horns. If anyone knows of a work book for ptsd for aspergers, he's better when he has something to work from, rather than just verbal therapy..thanks
  15. Eagle3

    Eagle3 Active Member

    I have PTSD, but my therapist and I are both 95% sure I'm also a high-functioning Aspie and that has molded most of my childhood coping mechanisms. I'm 33 now, and only just starting research for Autism Spectrum (i still like Aspie better). My therapist is trying to help me sort out which of my issues are Aspieness, and which are PTSD. its a struggle for us both, but we KNOW there was something going on with me BEFORE the serious traumas. Going to ask my shrink if I can get a formal assessment for ASD, as the results from every online test I take show me off the charts for Neurodiverse traits (aspie).

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