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Discussion in 'Other Symptoms & Disorders' started by Aine, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Aine

    Aine Active Member

    Dec 16, 2009
    I'm a little concerned as I keep having what I can only describe as a blackout. Not the fainting kind, but it's like when you go to sleep and you close your eyes, then open them again and it's morning. Except this happens when I'm awake. Afterwards I have no memory of anything that happened be it events or thoughts during that time, but I still have the ability to move around and do things, I'm told.

    They're happening with increased frequency and for longer periods of time. When it started (about 2 weeks ago), I was losing 5 minutes or so. Yesterday I lost half an hour. I'm starting to get a little scared and I'm calling the doctor today. Does anybody have any experience with this?

    Love and Light,
  2. Die Hard The Hunter

    Apr 19, 2009
    It's happened to me on rare occasions., probably moreso when I was a kid Unless there's a physical cause (i.e, epilepsy), it's probably just a really extreme dissociative episode.

    Have you noticed any patterns? What happens right before? For me, it happens after I start recalling childhood memories too fast and then lose sense of the present. I think it's my way of keeping the past in the past. If I remember anything from the episode, it's usually extremely mundane.
  3. Jason Marquis

    Jason Marquis New Member

    Apr 8, 2012
    I had this happen to me the other night and I was so scared because my son was with me and I had the police called on me because I went into the store and they thought that I was on drugs because I had no clue where I was at. Then the cops showed up and I blacked out again so I am so scared they almost took my son from me it was a long blackout and I am going to talk to my doc tomorrow about it. I don't want to live with the fear of not being able to go anywhere without having a person with me that just makes me feel like a kid that has has to be watched. The thing about it is the cashier thought I was on drugs or alcohol and so did the cop, it took my dad to come there to explain to them my situation because I haven't drank in over 4 years and I don't take medication if I am driving.
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