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California and Medical Use of THC

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by Marine0311, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Marine0311

    Marine0311 Active Member

    Anyone in Cali with PTSD and MDD ?

    I've heard Pot helps out a lot ?

    Medical use for other things also. Pain, stomach issues ?

    Its illegal here, so I don't partake and wouldn't risk going to jail for it either.

    Just wondering about people in Cali how things work?

    Can you just get the pill form? I hate smoking anything so pills would do.

    Also if I went to a Doctor in Cali and got a prescription, and filled it out there and then came home to TX. How would that be legit in a State like mine?

    A lot of questions I know right!
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  3. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

    It's funny, my dad just found me an ad for the pot Dr.
    Of course I won't be able to answer any of your questions until after I see him. But it was strange and somehow validating to see this thread right after we found that ad.

    Take care, Morgan
  4. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

    Ho-hum, it seems they don't treat PTSD with medical marijuana. Just my luck!
  5. TLight

    TLight I'm a VIP

    I've smoked quite a bit off and on. Seems to make me more anxious.

    I think probably not a good idea. Clouds the landscape a bit.
  6. linasmom

    linasmom Well-Known Member


    Did they give any further explanation? I'd be very interested in finding out why, exactly.

  7. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

    Rachel, They just told me it was not on the treatment list. no explanation whatsoever.
  8. synisthesia

    synisthesia New Member

    This is not true anymore. PTSD is approved for Medical Marijuana in California. I got my Medical Card May 2008 specifically for PTSD.

    The Doctor recommended ONLy INDICA strains as hybrids and sativas will aggravate PTSD. He prescribes vaporizing every three hours and eating a brownie at bedtime.

    Here are a few articles:

    From a California Doctor who prescribes Medical Marijuana for PSTD:

    The Israeli Goverment has laso admisistered THC to their solders with PTSD:
  9. Simpleman33

    Simpleman33 Member


    My doctors, including civilian and VA, have encouraged me to continue smoking. I had major issues with the medications I was being perscribed, taking 4 different pills, which isnt even half as bad as most people are put on. I would wet the bed when using the different sleeping pills perscribed to me, very embarressing. I smoke before I go to bed and sleep much better. I have had people tell me I am still very loud and sometimes violent in my sleep however, so I guess the nightmares are still there I just dont know I am having them.

    Like any other drug, it can be abused and cause more harm to your situation.

    Synisthesia - thank you for the links, I look forward to reading the effects of different strains. :think:
  10. synisthesia

    synisthesia New Member

    One thing I do not like about California Medical Marijuana is that it is not standardized like normal FDA approved medication.

    Marijuana can make someone with PTSD Psychotic!!!

    There is a correct way for someone with PTSD to use Medical Marijuana.

    Only Indica strains. The Indica strain is known for being the "dopey" or "sleepy" strain. Sativa is known for being stimulating and creative (last thing you want to add to your andreniline and racing mind). Before the doctor told me this, Marijuana I smoked in the past made my PTSD much worse and even lead to Marijuana Psychosis.

    Once the doctor explain to only use the Indica strains, I stopped getting anxious or worsening PTSD symptoms. The good thing about the cannabis clubs is that you can gaurentee the strain you are buying is Indica. After 6 weeks of theraputic use with Indica strains, I got back to BASELINE!

    Once in a while I tried a Sativa and within about 3 days (say if I bought an 1/8), I would develop Anxiety and worsening PTSD symptoms. I even tried a few hybrids and those too, over 6 days of use, would lead to worsening PTSD symptoms and anxiety. The Indica never builds up in my system like that and only helps. It actually bring me back to baseline!

    Vaporizing every three hours is best because you do not expose your lungs to burning plant material or carbon. You only absorbe THC and water vapor. There are actually 4 active ingredients in Cannabis, THC activates and releases at 200 degrees while other ingredients activate and release at 250 degrees. What this means is that when vaporizing, you mainly get just THC and you leave out the dopey/sleepy side affects out. With just the THC, I feel alert and clearheaded, baseline; not like I'm on drugs. When you smoke it, while one might wish to do at bed time or when anxious or triggered, you get those dopey ingredients (and the carbon/smoke)

    So, vaporizing every three hours with Indica is recommended for full theraputic use.

    Eating marijuana is also very importiant for full theraputic use.

    Smoked THC metabolizes in about 3 hours where orally ingested THC metabolizes in 6 hours. By eating a marijuana brownie at bed time, one will maintain a theraputic level of THC for most of the night. This will aid in sleep and help block nightmares and night terrors. It will also block negative thinking and racing thoughts. What worked best for me was to eat 1/2 a brownie at bed (10:00pm) , then the other early in the morning, six hours later (4:00am). This would keep my amygdala and Depression under control when waking up. I actually would wake up happy.

    Now be very careful, eating THC can cause Marijuana Psychosis because it builds up in the blood fast and takes longer to metabolize. Only eat it at night and if you can bake your own, make them weak. You do not need to eat very much.

    Now I probably sound like a professional long time pothead. I'm not, I grew up with Nancy Reagan teaching drugs are bad. If I had things my way, I would not have PSTD and never smoke pot.

    So just to be clear, what works best for me and according to my doctors:

    * Only use Indica Strains of Cannabis
    * Vaporize (or smoke) every three hours during the day
    * Eat a Cannabis Brownie (edible cannabis) at bed time (one dose)
    - you can also eat 1/2 a dose at bed and the other 1/2 dose 6 hours later
    * Indica hash or hash oil can be added during a trigger event or for pain managment
    (when the body's pain management system gets turned off)

    I hope this helps because it has helped me more than anything.
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