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Canadian taxes and ptsd

Discussion in 'Employment, Education & Disability' started by Moo, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Moo

    Moo Active Member

    With tax season fast approaching, this topic seems appropriate.

    Id like my doctor to fill out the tax credit form so i can get some sort of tax relief to compensate for my out of pocket PTSD treatment expenses.

    Does anyone have any experience talking to their doctor about this.. Its kind of an awkward subject to bring up. Im scared that he'll refuse.

    Im specifically going to bee filling out the T2201 for Canadian taxes.
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  3. jade53

    jade53 Active Member

    From my experience with them, do not ask, but take the form to whoever diagnosed for anything and tell them to fill it out.
    Going a little further and assuming all Provinces might be the same as it was in Ontario when I needed it to prove to the court that I really was being treated for a disorder, it won't really be black mail if you need to get a printout of the OHIP billing records to get your doctor to live up to a Hippocratic oath. (I realize my spelling error).
  4. shatter eyes

    shatter eyes Well-Known Member

    Email Disability Alliance of BC they can guide you and review before you submit. U can be out of province they still help.

    Its worth getting because it opens up more tax credits and RDSP grants.

    Once approved you request retro credits up to 10years.
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