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Candle Burning - Meaning Of Colors

Discussion in 'Social' started by Froggie, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Froggie

    Froggie When it seems impossible, the possible happens

    Hi, I've been asked by a few members what one or another color represents. I've worked on translating what I have, using the basic colors only as this would be one hefty job. So here is the result. If any mistakes in grammar or whatever, please let me know and I will correct it. Any questions, just ask.

    N.B. ALWAYS burn 3 white candles before lighting a black one, and stuff out the black one before stuffing out the 3 white candles
    End of a cycle (event, context); chases any negative influences; helps with grieving (deaths, loss of job, friendships, etc.)

    Attracts happiness, peace, serenity; concentration; acts as a protection shield; brings one closer to Mother Earth; protects animals

    Prosperity; chance; good judgment; success; drives away aggressive / abusive people

    Health; financial and material stability; chance; abundance; good for new projects; helps against jealousy and envious people (good shield); equilibrates / polarizes; helps for ambition (positive sort)

    Mental force; helps defend oneself; love; clairvoyance

    Light bleu / sky bleu
    Help find answers when in doubt; find faith; support in our actions.

    Medium bleu
    Divine wisdom; peace; loyalty; truth; sincerity; protection; reinforces health (physical, emotional and psychological)

    Relates to one’s Divinity; healthy love relationships; vitality; friendship; intuition; inspiration; joy; happiness; willpower to succeed

    Success in our life’s mission / destiny; attracts what belongs to us; friendship; sensuality; comforting; reconciliation; calming effect during hefty stress periods or emotional perturbation

    Gives empowerment and maturity to assume one’s life; have contact with one’s inner strength; spiritual and material strength by one’s empowerment

    Increases willpower, creativity, health; good when starting new projects; love / intimate relationships; physical force; courage; determination

    Neutralizes negative effects; helps for things we ask for (that we need); increases intuition capacities

    Violet / Lavender / Mauve
    Helps with meditation; wisdom; perseverance; feeling proud; justice; protection

    Wisdom; faith; fidelity; clairvoyance; peace; protection; purification

    Increases self confidence, helps to be pro-active; joy; knowledge; reveals talents and gifts within oneself; calming effect +++

    N.B.: never use dark colored candles as the effects are more negative like a lone black candle. The only 2 colors which do not apply to this rule are the blues and violet / mauve colors.
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  3. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    Hey this is good Froggie.

    Maybe you could go on to explain how to prepare and dress them in the correct way. Loads of different ways to use candles, for so many reasons.

    As well as ensuring you only use them for the good, or it could come back and bite you 3 fold.

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  4. KP the nut

    KP the nut Tigger is back!!!!!
    Premium Member

    Wow, that is amazing. I'm going to print it off. I tend to burn red and fruity scented.
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  5. Froggie

    Froggie When it seems impossible, the possible happens

    Will do Amethist, will give a few basics on it. You know if you have some informations, you can post, I would really find that interesting
  6. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    May be a bit too deep and mystical for some Froggie. But I don't mind adding some basics in.
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  7. Pottershand

    Pottershand I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    Thanks Froggie! Wow you put a lot of work into this. I appreciate it a lot!
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  8. Froggie

    Froggie When it seems impossible, the possible happens

    I understand amethist, but when I did my research on the meaning of certain symbols it was to understand the unconscious langage and found there were 3 stratums to archetypes. the first stratum, which I call the primary is the one where everyone relates to it no matter age, sexe nor culture. The colors come in this category - the collective unconsciousness - which is a weird way of naming it as everyone instinctively or intuitively goes for the same color for the same needs. Like, no matter who you are, if you smile, the other will know what you are feeling. I've added some mystical information as some of my clients have those beliefs, just like some people here. So everyone gets their fair share of knowledge.
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  9. Froggie

    Froggie When it seems impossible, the possible happens

    I've decided to give a few cues to those who ask, but that would be only through a personal convesation as I find that some details would be irrelevant with this forum. Just send me your questions, reflexions, suggestions, etc. and it will be great fun to get to know one another.
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  10. KP the nut

    KP the nut Tigger is back!!!!!
    Premium Member

    I thought I'd bump this thread back up the list. Lots of us burn candles and it is nice to know how different colours help.
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  11. gizmo

    gizmo Follow a rainbow trail.
    Premium Member

    Thanks Froggie. You put alot of work into this. I found it really interesting.
  12. Whitneys story

    Whitneys story My very own hug forever!

    Froggie, This is fascinating. Also very similar to the colors used in meditation. I would love to know more about what work you use. Thanks, Whitney
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  13. KP the nut

    KP the nut Tigger is back!!!!!
    Premium Member

    If I light more than one candle, I have multiple colours of different scents.
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