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Depression Vs. Apathy

Discussion in 'Depression & Suicidal Ideation' started by brat17, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. brat17

    brat17 I'm a VIP

    I came across some interesting information that I would like to share here. Maybe others know of this already but I sure did not.
    I had a head injury 5 years ago and became very Depressed. I have gone through medication changes etc and am stable but have been unable to get back to pre injury state although my injury is a mild TBI. The worst symptoms seem to be psychological (not physical or cognitive). My T has diagnosed me with PTSD from childhood. I look normal. My executive functioning is effected.

    I have always been a go getter, very social, an initiater with great motivation. I have been very resilient most of my life. For the past 2 years I have been on what seems to be a good anti depressant for me. I dont feel feel like I have a major Depression but I have no ambition, motivation, dont care attitude, etc. I prefer to isolate. Socializing is draining. I have trouble getting started . Having never been lazy in my life, I am hard on myself because I cant seem to initiate and get things done.

    In seeking answers, I discovered research has been done on this and a "motivation assessment " has been developed to differentiate motivation from depression. Some research says that as much as 70% of those with even mild traumatic brain injury suffer from lack of motivation. If you are trying to treat this with therapy and medications that are for depression and ptsd, it will not work. I find this important because many with ptsd have also had traumatic brain injuries.

    Further, studies show that during a counter coup injury (whiplash type) the frontal part of the brain is most often injured, the same part that is effected by ptsd. Therefore, a person may have one or the other or both. I find it all very confusing to determine what is what. However, when I compared my own assessments for Motivation and Depression, the score was high on motivation but not depression. The assessments have some of the same characteristic, such as "does not enjoy things that used to do" or "isolates" but they are different reasons.

    If anybody else has any information on this I would love to hear what you have found and opinions. If interested you can google article "post traumatic stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder-like sypmptoms and mild traumatic brain injury"-Journal of rehab and research develpment-Dept of vet. affairs.

    For the apathy rating scale and research articles-google Robert s Marin MD and apathy following TBI.

    Hope to hear from others
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  3. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member
    Premium Member

    Hi brat17, I wouldn't begin to know how to put into words that I too know what the apathy you speak of looks like. It's awful,'s absolutely awful! I don't have any information, only experience, as I generally avoid the subject of tbi and such results all together and mostly refuse to allow myself to gain or gather any info. on such subject.

    It's all been too overwhelming and with having been, and being helpless surrounding it and the God awful apathy too that results, (all of which I'm thouroughly ashamed and in some denial of). I'm presently still too alone and scared sh'tless to read and learn anything more. For me it's like allowing a door to fully swing open that was neatly shut and locked, due to my ignorances.

    Maybe, I'll be brave enough one of these days to read something on this subject, but as for now I cannot deal with my intensity in emotions that results.

    brat17, I hope you hear from others. And, when and if I'm strong enough to discuss the subject, learn something, and still manage (this overwhelming stuff), I'll come back.

    Thanks for putting this out here and do hope that you find more info., answers, opinions and even some identification from doing so.

    Please Take Care.
  4. brat17

    brat17 I'm a VIP

    goinonhope-I am so sorry for your feelings about this topic. I know how hard it is to face some things and we all do it in our own time. I know it was a big step to respond to this thread. I did not mean to create a thread that would bring emotional pain to others but may have, as nobody else has responded. I had not even considered "opening the door" which does make sense. I cant know what exactly is difficult about facing the TBI but respect anyone who choses to keep it on the shelf. Thank you very much for responding and if you ever decide to open the door, there is a lot of information and more help is being offered, and feel free to contact me. For me, I know the truth will set me free.
    Hugs, and you are in my thoughts.
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  5. freakofnurture

    freakofnurture Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the hints for google, I'll look that up. The distinction between depression and motivation sounds very interesting to me. As far as I know I never even had a concussion so sadly (kind of) I have nothing else to contribute to this thread.
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