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Do any of you experience pseudo physical pain?

Discussion in 'Medical' started by Still Standing, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Still Standing

    Still Standing Active Member

    Hey, She Cat! You actually did the right thing. High fiber diets as in Plant-Based diets are recommended. I have done pretty well until just before New Years and "fell off the wagon". Thus, I had another attack. The internist has also said that new studies have shown that chicken is the #1 offender in gastrointestinal problems, so I am off all chicken. Guess if you think about it, our diet is huge with chicken now...so it makes sense that it would make us sick, because it is in the extreme...not balanced out with other meats and such. Anyway, nuts are a great option for me. You are so right on about the fiber. It does a body good! Now if only I can get off the liquid diet!!! I'm sloshing around the house with tea cup in hand!
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