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Do The Memory Lapses Never End.

Discussion in 'Supporter General Discussion' started by amethist, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    OMG I can't believe what he has done this time. Well I can after the excuse he gave me.

    We nearly lost the car off the drive and onto the lawn today, because hubby forgot to put the hand brake on, and the wind got behind it.

    The only thing that stopped it inches away from dropping almost a foot down was the conifer branches.

    Hubby's excuse for forgetting. "Bikes don't have hand brakes"

    Then he wonder's why I dont let him loose very often. :cautious:
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  3. Chondra

    Chondra tentative

    I do not know. In my case they have been very persistent.

    I think that is very wise Amethist. I avoid dangerous activities, like driving, when I am not at my best which is typically any time after noon on most days.

    I try to live with my Memory and concentration limitations. I work hard on my coping skills. I have white boards and notes posted everywhere. :unsure:
  4. Pale Warrior

    Pale Warrior Well-Known Member

    Oh Amethist, that was a lucky escape.

    Seriously, it's the memory problems that I find hardest to cope with these days. It's a huge bone of contension between us and neither of us comes off well in our reponses. It has become a trigger for both of us.
  5. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    So between that and getting lost on a 7 mile trip to his friends house on Thursday, he is not in a good place just now.

    Peaceful for me, frustrating for him.
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  6. Ladyhope Somerset

    Ladyhope Somerset Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    Poor concentration could be another cause, especially as the weather conditions have been so horrid. As you said, the wind has been strong, and very noisy down here, which could have distracted him. Sounds like he tried to make a joke of it? Very lucky there was no damage!

    Hubby doesn't like me in the car with him when he's driving, he worries and I make him nervous. I try to keep calm and contained but when I'm nervous too it doesn't help at all. When it comes to getting out of our side turning he is extremely cautious and I when I get a bit impatient that makes him worse. He's getting more confident and I try to be good. :rolleyes:
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  7. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    Not the first time he has forgotten, just this time it was almost crunch time. :rolleyes:
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