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Do You Listen To Grunge Or Alternative Rock And Why?

Discussion in 'PTSD Polls' started by morgan, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

    I love grunge and alternative music because i can relate well to most of it. IT FEELS LIKE THEY'RE TELLING MY STORY.
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  3. FlameTachiku

    FlameTachiku Active Member

    Well Morgan it is not because I can relate to it, but because I can't. It is good music that I do not have memories attached to. So on hard days I can listen to music and not have memories flood over me or feel to much. Just enjoy the beat. Heavy Metal mostly Linkin Park, Metalica, System of the Down, and Mud. My son like's it also so we have fun.
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  4. Mina

    Mina I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    Yes, when it suits. As for the why, I think because I FEEL more when I listen to that music. Granted, most of it is negative, but it strikes a chord with me (no pun intended!).

    For the last few years, I've listened to a lot of hard rock & heavy metal. Linkin Park (wow, do I identify with their songs!), Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage, Rob Zombie, Flyleaf, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Red, Evanescence (another one I really "feel"), Ram-Zet, Nightwish... However, I also love classical music as well.

    I've really begun to notice how the music I listen to affects my mood. I'll indulge when I feel like it, but I am trying to play things other than hard rock/metal: Vivaldi, Chopin, Sarah Brightman, Cirque du Soilel soundtracks, Loreena McKennitt, Michael Buble... It seems to keep me in a better mood, at least a calmer, more grounded, positive one. My husband even uploaded 8 hours of Beethoven to my iPod, so I can go an entire workday without hearing the same thing twice. And it's fun finding new-to-me artists.
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  5. pandora

    pandora I'm a VIP

    What a neat question....I just was encouraging my son to sing belt It right out...with his aspergers he is quite shy and would only do this alone or with meThe phrase I always say to him because my mother and fathers opinion was "music makes you happy" I have always praised him and we listened to lullabyes for years, I think this was like a three year time frame of calm, relaxing. soothing songs. This was also during a lot of Abuse and trauma from my ex so this kind of makes sense.I was also working as a workoholic, all my free time when he was awake was spent with him.

    Sorry..I am going off topic it justs seems funny that this thread came about w..that fot me have been quite chaotic and everchanging.
    hen it did and the music that I have listened to has vastly changed over] the years

    As a child I listened to Christian rock, sang in the church and school choirs. Then when my Dad died..I went to see an Amy Grant concert in califoria that was the last chistian rock concert. i still went to church but I listened to depeche mode, the redhot chili peppers, new order, pink Floyd. I was about 15, after my rape and one year since my dad died and i remember the words of this song that I used to play over and over " Now I deon't want to start any blashemous rumours but I think that GODS got a sick sense of humour and when I die, I expect to find him laughing........I was in a bad state those years and became angry at the whole world, including GOD. i volunteered to be camp nursefor three weeks in the summer brfore I hurt my back.....I would love to be able to take my son one day. I listened to christian rock all week and it was very peacefil. I think that i have always gone in different stages according to what is happening in my life at that time...or if I need a good cry...there are others thatt make me cry,,hymns, esp.

    The periods of time I was a workaholic, I hardly listened to music at all.

    I used to enjoy dance music and dancing, now that is more hassle then it is worth.
    My new music of choice is country!!! maybe that is fom my Edmomton years.

    sorry this was so long!
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  6. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

    Blasphamas rumors is one of my favorite songs! I really relate to it "and when I die, I expect to find him laughing"! I can totally relate to that one! I live for Depeche Mode!
    Anyways thanx for replying.

    Take care, Morgan
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  7. trial'n'error

    trial'n'error Active Member

    I didn't answer the poll because my actual answer is not in the list of choices. I used to listen to grunge/alternative because it seemed to feed my need to wallow in negativity, and also because it wasn't the popular crap the top 40 had to offer, nor the too-harsh punk and metal I had loved in the 80s. I can definitely relate to the OP in that I often felt the songs related directly to my life. In the later 90s, I discovered alt-country which appeased my hankering for more melodic stuff while seeming to speak directly to my working-class upbringing and experiences. However, this genre also seemed to promote a focus on the negative and on the unfairness of life - again, something I obviously needed at the time as a struggling, very sick with PTSD and hiding from it/not knowing it, working single mother.

    Lately, though since getting back together with my kid's musician dad (3 years ago) my exposure to different musics has widened tremendously and I find myself attracted to a lot of jazz, fusion, international music, 70s psychedelic rock, experimental electronic music and 20th/21st century classical. These genres are more "me" than any other musics it seems, as they are more likely (to me!) to represent massive creativity, iconoclasm, adventurousness and expression. Also the lack of lyrics in most of them encourage whatever thoughts (or no thoughts) in my head instead of feeding me information. I have become very wary of the subliminal messages which our culture and media are full of these days as I am trying to promote positivity for myself. I almost exclusively listen to instrumental music nowadays because of this belief, plus the expanse of imagination possible while listening to such music.
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  8. midi

    midi Guest

    i like nirvana and korn and nin and kmfdm - well, grunge, numetal, industry etc... because it makes me feel happy.
  9. Irton Pike

    Irton Pike Well-Known Member


    (its what i listen to)
  10. uplate

    uplate Member

    I missed the whole grunge/alternative phenomenon, it happened when I was right in the middle of the trauma so slipped under my radar, same with "Brit pop", probably a good thing for me, recently I've rediscovered it, it's something without triggers attatched and I find a lot of the newer stuff is a little light on in the heart and soul deparment. That whole "happy, joy" thing just makes me Depressed.

    I like some blues as well, learning guitar at the moment, very relaxing, the rock stuff is a little repetative to play for my liking but blues is a little beyond my capacity as yet, still working on it.
  11. mikeyo

    mikeyo Member

    I am a old punker . some of the newer stuff is good .Into the real heavy stuff that could be heard on collage radio .thers a great one out of nj its on the net wsou pirate radio . Allways like the rage, anti goverment , helpyourself , some of the stuff you can not understand the words but the sound is great . Sabbath after all 30 years there music if you listen to it is today
  12. nie

    nie Wishing for wings to fly.
    Premium Member

    I said yes. Even though I don't listen to it all of the time, there are times when it fits my mood so then I do.
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  13. dirtgirl42

    dirtgirl42 New Member

    Eels, check em' out
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  14. gamereign555

    gamereign555 Rabid Wombat!

    I listen to stuff that is a bit darker now, and I also listen to anything that's new age kind of relaxing. I don't listen to quite as much grunge or alternative because most of the lyrics strike me as whiny and desperate.
  15. CraftyCath

    CraftyCath Flying Free
    Premium Member

    I listen to a lot of what could be classed as alternative. I like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Linken Park, Greenday, U2 and lots of other stuff like 80's new Romantics (Spandau Ballet, Bowie, Japan, etc) The New Romantics is pure reminiscence but the Metallica etc. is because I associate with the lyrics and they help me release my anger in a constructive way. (Singing my head off in the kitchen usually).
  16. Queen Boudica

    Queen Boudica survivor, fighter to the end.
    Premium Member

    Eels, E, Garbage, The Cure, Travis.

    I've listened to those songs for years, but now I listen to them with new ears. There is so much in those songs to someone suffering from Depression and complex trauma. It is like they are talking to me sometimes. I can listen to the same song over and over again.
  17. Incendiu

    Incendiu Active Member

    Goth in all different types, Black metal of different kinds.. most depressive, suicidal (not that I at all feel that the music is even a little making me feel that or I listen to it to get away from thus feelings, but because I think it is absolutely wonderful and relaxing...something even my BM-friends think is pretty weird.) I also tend to listen to noise, death and pagan/folk/viking metal. I also like Opera and classic music but that actually don't belong to this topic..but just to let you know I listen to more normative music to...
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  18. jo may

    jo may Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    I've alway loved rock but as I'm getting older I'm getting a bit darker, but music calms me so I listen to music all the time.
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  19. AngelaMarie

    AngelaMarie One moment at a time is the best I can do!
    Premium Member

    The music makes me jump out of my skin. It feels so violent. I think it's the bass and screaming. It bothers me so much but then why do I watch true crime and I can listen to Guns N Roses, Metallica...sometimes. Maybe my age?! :eek::D
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  20. Steph4

    Steph4 Member
    Premium Member

    I listen to Blue October and Evanescence. I was turned onto Blue October when I heard their song "hate me". And I listen to Ev because my best friends husband is actually their guitarist. But I really do relate to their music , especially their new album.
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  21. jo may

    jo may Well-Known Member
    Premium Member


    They will never know how much they have helped me and sometimes even saved me. I'm mainly rock/metal but in most music I trust it's my life line. But not rave or trance:rolleyes:
  22. CraftyCath

    CraftyCath Flying Free
    Premium Member

    I love Evanescence! Great lyrics and music.

    Jo May, my lads listen to Avenged Sevenfold and most metal. They go to Sonisphere and Bloodstock. I like some of their Metal stuff especially folk metal like Eluveitie, Ensiferum and Korpiklaani.
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  23. Anna

    Anna Guest

    NIN Ruiner really can relate to that song.

    I used to listen to Nirvana as well. I also like Hole. Violet was one of my favourite songs.
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  24. Anna

    Anna Guest

    Also Tori Amos. She is an amazing lady. I love her music. I saw her singing live once.
  25. Loloma

    Loloma The world is my oyster. I like my oysters raw.
    Premium Member

    Never have, gives me a headache. Too loud can't stand loud noises.
    Do like Gary Moore's "Still got the Blues for You". It's melancholic and brings back memories of my greatest love that died still young.
  26. jo may

    jo may Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    ((((Loloma)))) that's very sad.

    Went to a quiz night with my best friend and it was all rock, I was in my happy place :)
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