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Does a difficult/traumatic childhood lead to future self-harm and harm to others?

Discussion in 'Studies & Research' started by KGDPsych, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. KGDPsych

    KGDPsych New Member

    Thank you Rad for participating. It is greatly appreciated.

    Ronin, thank you for the feedback. Most of the measures on childhood trauma/abuse tend to focus on household situations, the one used in this research is slightly more thorough than most of the others available in that it considers abuse outside of the home too (although not as thorough as household based), but I agree the situations you mention may not easily be captured. I'll take your comments forward.
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  3. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    It was a grueling survey, but I got it done in hopes that it will help lead to better understanding and treatment.

    You go, @KGDPsych :)
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  4. KGDPsych

    KGDPsych New Member

    Thank you Hodge, really appreciate it :)
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  5. Madwomeninabox

    Madwomeninabox New Member

    Hey, it was a bit confusing, and I wasn't sure how to answer some of the questions, but hopefully every voice helps.
    It really validated my experience though, people don't normally think of school as a place we're sexual violence happens. I have been told so many times a teacher must have known or it would be stoped by someone, and it should have, but in my case it wasn't. :(
    I have never seen a survey that asked so many questions about school.
    I always feel stupid when I say I have ptsd from stuff at school, but I feel a bit more "normal " now.
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  6. KGDPsych

    KGDPsych New Member

    Hi Madwomeninabox,
    I'm really glad that the survey validated your experience. School experiences can have a significant impact on a person's future. It can impact on how you see yourself, others and the world around you. Just because others did not see or protect you, does not make what happened any less distressing, and in fact, not being believed or protected can make things worse. PTSD and other mental health diagnoses can develop from experiences at school, your distress is valid and an understandable response to what you experienced. Traumatic experiences can occur in any location, school included.
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  7. Missycat

    Missycat Well-Known Member Donated

    Ive completed it ..it was another light bulb moment for me on how far i have come since i went into therapy and since therapy ended . It would have been too difficult and triggering before.
    just wanted to wish you well with the studies.
    Like the idea of the help links at the end.
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