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Fatal Car Accident Survivors. Life Change?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Accidents' started by x3priincess, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Ronald10

    Ronald10 New Member


    This is my story, I am sharing here.

    Three months back, I was hit by a car and suffered a minor muscle injury on my legs. Even though the accident was minor, the impact it had on my psychology was big. It was later that I released that I get triggered by seeing speeding vehicles. In extreme cases, I even became delusional that a car is coming to hit me. Some of my friends teased me calling names, which are inappropriate to say here. Actually I was able to understand who my true friends are. They supported me. I'm undergoing treatment for PTSD currently. I missed many days of work and finally got myself fired.

    Things got ugly when the insurer of the driver that hit me agreed to give $ 2,500 as injury settlement. They have taken into account only the muscle injury that I sustained in the accident. I was mentally fit prior to the accident. They didn't accounted the mental trauma I'm going through. I was totally broke then then. My good friends helped me meet with car accident lawyer, Mr. Joseph Campisi Jr. to file a suit against the insurer and the driver. Now the case is underway, I hope I get proper compensation.

    Now stay with my friend. I seldom go out of my room. Again, I would like to mention my best buddies who are helping me overcome this. But, at times I feel so depressed and gets less sleep. That's the reason I came here to chat and mingle with you folks. I don't know if I will ever recover, but I want to at least be able to do some job for living.
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    Hi x3priincess,

    Dont feel alone I have been in an accident 2013 novemeber to this day I cant recall that accident
    I cant remember that i got into that car or anything else.
    I also woke up in hospital and herd my brother screeming at the doctors he was furious and worried.
    Next moment my whole family was there and I was moved to another hospital 600km from where i was.
    To this day I am trying to set my mind to remember something anything people that didnt go throught that wont understand and why we want to know this stuff everyone says its better not remembering but its killing you inside I know...
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  4. Huda

    Huda Guest

    I feel that, nobody still understands the pain that I go through every time I sit in the car. It's getting hard for me day by day/
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  5. Esterio

    Esterio Well-Known Member Premium Member Donated

    I"m sorry you were in this accident. How are you doing physically. I have been in 2 serious motor vehicle accidents one had a fatality and one I was close to being the fatality. I wrote it up in my Trauma Dairy about the accident with a fatality it was over 40 years ago never bothered me till i restarted therapy in January. The accident were I almost died I was in 1 hospital for over a month and don't remember much mostly the first night then nothing.
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  6. James McGregor

    James McGregor Active Member

    Its strange for me, although i was in a car accident, i was a pedestrian and was run over. I feel awful if i think about the event itself, how close it was to killing me, but thinking of the care afterwards is almost a fond feeling, like i miss it
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  7. Amanda victoria

    Amanda victoria New Member

    I was thrown from a motorcycle.I shattered my femur, broke my back in two places and broke my ulna. It has been 7 years and I can't stand how I look. My body hurts so much. It takes me at least 30 minutes to get out of bed.
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  8. Tracy005

    Tracy005 New Member

    Have no idea how much I needed to hear this... thank you
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  9. Debbie.

    Debbie. Guest

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. The fact that you wouldn't change the past speaks to you maturity and depth. I admire you.
  10. Jake Ritter

    Jake Ritter Guest

    Hey I am 18 years old I do piercings for a living about a month ago me and two of my best friends went for something to eat at around midnight at a gas station not even 3 miles from my friends house this is in southern Louisiana.

    We just went for something to eat I was back passenger on the way home we were hit by a drunk driver who was going 80. He came into our lane and bassicly hit our passenger door I don't remember but apperntly we flipped at least once our front tire knocked off truck is totaled. What I remember is leaving the gas station then I remember waking up in the truck I was delirous I didn't know what happened I see my good friend Tyler who is only 16 the back of his red hair and he's slumped over our driver is gone I start slapping Tyler's arm telling him to wake up I look to my right out the busted window I see our Driver Junior and my Dad.

    Apparently my dad just happened to drive on the wreck I ask them what happened and they both said You were just in a wreck and it was bad I don't remember but me and Tyler were stuck in the truck for about 20 minutes they had to use the jaws of life to get us out.

    Everyone said I walked out of the truck and sit down I can't remember though then they put me on a stretcher my friends who showed up at the wreck say I asked the parimetic if I was going to live and he said yeah you're going to make it and apparently I busted out laughing then I remember being in the ambulance and 2 of my friends our driver and another friend started hollering at the paremetics because they wouldn't open my ambulance doors when they opened them and I see junior and my other friend hunter and they say Jake are you ok you good bro I told them I think I might be ok then they rushed me to layfeyette general about 30 miles away I remember the first night in the hospital getting stuck with needles and everything else I kept asking my friend Tyler what happened to him he's only 16 a brother of mine we hung out all the time no one would tell me they kept a neck brace on me in case I broke my spine I keep asking about Tyler my dad told me the next day he has a brain injury it's bad he took most of the impact it hurt hearing that. My injuries are mainly a broken heel I have a fractured collarbone a fractured pelvis and 3 broken vertebrae in my back luckily it won't cause any structural damage and a lacerated liver and a gash in my face I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and I left they wouldn't let me see Tyler his condition was too critical I went home I have to walk on crutches actually supposed to use a walker but I use crutches I wasn't perfectly informed on how bad Tyler was.

    The day I visited him in ICU about I week later me and Junior went when I walked in that room and saw him in the bed. Not sure excactly but he was basically on life support he looked bad apparently he bit through his tongue I was shocked and horribly distraught Junior said what he had to and walked out then so did I. O and I forgot to mention the drunk driver who hit us at 80 is perfectly fine he has a black eye. He's already bonded out twice.I got to visit Tyler another time it just so happened that we met our Pastor at the elevator and he was going vistit tyler too. Tyler looked better that day we all held hands and prayed at his bed. About a week later I go back to layfeyette to get my splint taken off and a cast put on I figured I would visit Tyler that day. This was 16 after the accident in the middle of the appointment I get a call from another great friend of mine and said dude Tyler just passed away I didn't want to believe it my phone died and I didn't know anything until I got home. But it was true Tyler had succumb to his injuries they were just too much.

    Being in an experience like this is absolutely devastating and life changing such an unexpected tragedy. I'm still in a small since of denial. Tyler's funeral was about a week ago despite my injuries I still insisted on being a honorary Paul bearer so many people came to Tyler's funeral. He was an amazing person the best human I ever met he would help you anytime and he helped me in so many ways the 6 or 7 months we hung out he saved me from a downward spiral a destructive life style and got me into religion everyone loved him and still does we have a angel looking out for us now like he would have in life so we buried our brother.

    To call it an emotional experience is an understatement Junior and I have been through something horrible dangerous and life changing you wouldn't believe I still don't. Our brother died for someone else's horrible design to drink and drive and not just buzzed I believe he was twice the legal limit he's been charged with Vehicular homicide and 2 counts of negligent injury should be attempted homicide if you ask me. He took my friend away from me and so many others cut his life short at 16 had so much potential he could sing and had many other great talents mainly sang country but he loved that song Icecream paint job by lil Wayne he would always sing it. Through all this I have learned to love your friends family and to not take things for granted no matter how bad things seem they can always be worse just be thankful you're alive and ok.

    Everything you ever knew can change in literally the blink of an eye. Junior and I are very lucky to be alive our truck is absolutely unrecognizable it doesn't look like the same vehicle it's destroyed from such a brutal impact he came in our lane and hit us. I really want to do good with this second chance God has given me at life everyone says it and it's very true we could have easily all died in the wreck if juionor had not swerved the way he did I may not have ever been able to write this. Tyler would want us to keep going strong and to help other people like he did and still would and honor his memory. Be careful what you do anytime especially when you get behind the wheel you're mistake can take someone away from their family whether you meant to or not think before you act.

    I have definitely walked away well crutched away with a greater respect for the sanctity of human life it can be taken in an instant. God still has a plan for me and junior and all our other brothers I hope I can be worthy of the second chance I have been given. Junior and I have a long road of recovery just mentally for him he has no major injuries but I'm sure his mind is scared we will go down this long road of recovery together though and try to help each other. Love your people and yourself because you don't know how long you have them try to look at your friends and family in a different life and I understand no matter how good y'all's relationships is don't get in a bad argument and walk away on bad terms say I'm sorry I love you I'm glad you're here with me. I hope this helps me and anyone else who has been in a fatal wreck I hope you read this and know your not alone.

    Take care of yourselfs and your friends friends and family is everything in life I've discovered treasure it and look out for each other because they can go at anytime I'm glad to have come on this website and know others have experienced similar situations to me. Goodbye and be thankful

    In my accident we were nearly hit head on the motor would have came through the dash and probably killed all of us even me in the back passenger My friend slash brother Tyler I talked about the one who passed from his injuries was such a great and caring person cared for his mother and sister they didn't really fight his birthday is next month he would be 17 he was so nice always fun to hang out with anyone could get along with him he was an old soul as my dad said he helped me in so many ways we always had fun he saw me make horrible decisions with my life he would tell me you need quit doing shit like that not out of rudeness but he legitimately cared about my well being i loved him too but I feel like I should have been a better friend and brother than I was been as good and caring as him. If you and him went to the store and he had 2 dollars and you nothing he was going to give one of them dollars.

    He got me into religion and I thank him for it everyday the timing was odd we started going to church 3 weeks before the accident I used to think that was all superstition but after everything that's happened I know my brother isn't rotting in the ground I believe he is sitting with the almighty helping him as he would help anyone else. He always wanted to help people he talked about it his mother called him a solder of God and I believe it. A shining example of how a human should be someone so great. I really miss him and he only passed maybe 2 weeks ago.

    So I ask myself why am I alive when fate took someone else so much more noble than me. I've always tried to be moral and treat others how I wished to be treated but I have indulged in so much more sin and debachery and wikedness than him. He was nearly a perfect human. So why did God take him and not me or junior we people that I hate to say it like this but below him I would say. Not trying to speak on Juniors behalf for him but Tyler was better than us. He had better intentions in day to day life he looked out for his friends and family and pets. You could really just meet him and think I want to be good friends with this person he was so great. He was born again unlike me and junior had possibly 60 more years to look forward too. So why did me and Junior hood rats lol make it out of that destroyed truck alive I'll probably be asking myself that for a while probably juinor too. This is something we will carry with us until we die who knows how long that will be.

    His mom said something that made me think of it in a good way. God let us borrow him and now he needs him back. I couldn't live to 90 and meet someoneelse so loving and amazing that drunk driver took the best of us. The wreck could have went down many different ways if we wouldn't have all been wearing seat belts there would be 3 DOA. If Junior wouldn't have swerved there would be 3 DOA. If we would have been excessively speeding too like the drunk driver there would have been 3 DOA. So what are the chances of it happening excactly the way it did the timing and everything else I don't know. Maybe there's still things we are supposed to do on this earth and if we would have died in that wreck I wouldn't be where my brother is I would be in hell. Maybe God took him to show us a wakeup call on how we want to live.

    Maybe God took him because it was his time to spend eternity with the King. Idk but despite all the tragedy I'm grateful for my life and Juniors I try and savor every breath I think the reason we are alive is because someone said we could make it out of that truck. I'm so thankful for the second chance to change things for me to try to help people and become a person like Tyler was. I'll definitely go through life with a better attitude from here on
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  11. Bethany

    Bethany Guest

    February 16th will be my 14th anniversary of the nightmare that changed my life. Like you my best friend/boyfriend was driving and died where my life was spared. Still to this day passenger seats are not my friend. I prefer to drive. The anxiety comes and goes but for the most part I have learned to survive the best way possible and each year I still repeat that tragic night over and over again. It replays in my memory likesome one recorded it for future views. I can still smell the smells and feel the hurt taste the blood and god how I wish I could stop hearing the noises.
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