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Fear of Snow Driving!

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by nor, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. nor

    nor Well-Known Member

    Ok-there are probably threads which relate to this topic, but I have a very short time on the computer tonight, and I wanted to get this in.....

    I am petrified of driving in bad snowy weather. We are supposed to be getting over 25" of snow on Sunday, and I started freaking out about it this morning.

    I had my appt with the doctor, and when I told him about my terrible fear and possibly missing my appt with him on Monday (and being charged anyway)-he simply told me that if the roads were closed, that I shouldn't come. Great-ALL the roads have to be closed-THEN I won't be charged???????? After "explaining" to him my unreasonable concern about driving in bad conditions, he said that there are "special circumstances" that are allowed, so I wouldn't be charged. Hope he tells his battle ax secretary that.....

    Anyway-does anyone else have an unnatural fear of driving in bad weather? I pace until my husband is home from work. During blizzards, he LIKES to take rides in the car to "see how the roads are"!!!!! Needless to say-I flip out. When my son is at school, I will very slowly drive there to get him because I don't trust him in anyone else's car in bad weather. As much as I am afraid of driving in bad conditions-I won't let anyone else drive him anywhere. I feel like a true nutcase.

    With all the bad weather hitting (and about to hit again), I was just wondering how others are dealing with it.

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  3. Seeking_Nirvana

    Seeking_Nirvana I'm a VIP

    Hi Nor, I'm afraid to drive in general, so I can relate. I have issues with lack of attention so it seems like I'm always worried I will go through a red light or stop sign (among other things). Some times I can take a hot bath before I have to drive and that relaxes me. In severe cases I take Valium, but I don't want to recommend that to anyone.

    Have you tried things like hot baths, meditation, listening to a song that relaxes you etc?

    Maybe you can do one of these things, or something that you already know relaxes you and helps clear your mind about an hour before you have to drive, and see how it works.

    BTW I think that your doctor is not being fair about this situation. I didn't go to my appointment because I couldn't drive and I didn't get charged. I would talk to him about this and maybe get another doctor who is more reasonable (unless you don't' want to leave this one)

    Good luck
  4. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    Hi Nor,
    Although beain used to very heavy snowfalls (born and raised in Russia, where 25" is nothing:smile:), I am afraid to drive when it is snowing or heavy raining. However, I absolutely have to do so, as I work at the emergency animal hospital, and those furry guys get sick even in the worst wether:rolleyes:
    I can say than my fear is greater than reasonable (well, even my husband, who is a professional driver, hates to go anywhere in bad wether). I am mostly afraid of stucking somewhere or running out of gas and having to leave my car, and, of course, of accidents.
  5. She Cat

    She Cat I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    I had never been one to be bothered by driving in the snow...Until I totaled my car about 10 yrs ago. Now I white knuckle it driving to and from work. I hate driving when the roads are bad.
  6. I have a horrible fear of being in a moving vehicle of ANY kind..doesnt matter whose driving..and having lived at the 7500 ft elevation for years, presented MAJOR issues in the winter time to say the least. One year we got 9 ft of snow in 6 days and man, i was a wreck!!! Advice?? schedule things threw "the window of clearing" or try to get it so its just when the plows have passed. you can actually contact the roads dept in your city, county, whatever and find approx times to make it easier. its amazing, especially if your in a small a big styrofoam cuppa hot coco and a plate of warm brownies or cookies off and on will do to have the plow drivers looking forward to coming round to yourrrrrr roads on schedule. plus i was * in retrospect* fortunate to only have to travel in a small radius threw my neighborhood and not all over our small town. good luck and much love to you.....
  7. logan

    logan Guest

    Hey so what for the doctor's fee your're alive
    Should have seen the 3 360's it took the other and that was snow's on
    i should just stayed home
  8. tude

    tude Well-Known Member

    nor, due to the recent weather changes I too have been battling my irrational fear of dying in a car crash. It certainly is better than before but still tense. When the roads are really bad and everyone is driving less than 40 mph, I remind myself to breath slowly from the abdomen. I force myself to relax my grip on the steering wheel. For myself, I make an effort not to let the sight of my patients enter my mind or stay there for long- it makes things much worse. And lastly, and most effective, I try to be realistic. Really, what are the chances I die going less than 40 mph anyway? Not likely. I have been quite stubborn lately. I know am being irrational and it pisses me off. I refuse to let it alter my plans for the day.
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