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Completed Grammar?

Discussion in 'Help Desk & Feedback' started by whips, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. whips

    whips New Member

    So basically if I do not have basic Grammar skills that you people approve of I receive notifications? Like I'm doing something wrong? Fine I wont ask for help or bother with other people. This is the reason I haven't left my house for a couple of years, peoples BS like that. Thought I'd join and see if I could find some sort of support or guidance, but if I'm getting an infraction notice for poor grammar like run-on sentences and lack of capitalization? It makes posting more stressful than its worth, and if that's the way you want it, you can stuff it. Thanks for wasting my time.
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  3. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    Hi whips

    All we ask is that you use basic grammar when posting.

    As you registered this was all in the rules for you to read. Nothing hidden, nothing covered up, and you did agree to them as you registered.

    As some members and those with very sever PTSD, have difficulty in reading poorly written posts, it is with respect for them, as well as those who's first language is not English, that we ask all members to follow some very basic rules.

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  4. cherryblossom

    cherryblossom I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    This forum has a vast array of help and support, which are available to you. But as with any society in life, there are basic rules.

    The forum rules were clearly laid out to you, when you joined the forum. You agreed to the forum rules when you joined the forum. If you didn't like the rules, you shouldn't have joined. If you didn't bother to read those rules, then that is your look out.

    So far, you have received one notice, a polite reminder of the forum rules, which carries no infraction points.

    Stay angry and run away, if that will help you. Or do as the other thousands of members here do - accept the rules for what they are, read more and understand why the rules exist, and use the forum to your advantage.

    There are many links that I could provide you with, to help explain the reason we have basic grammar rules here, but I'll just give you this one [DLMURL][/DLMURL].
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  5. freefloat

    freefloat Active Member

    I got a rash of those letters at the start. PO'd me as well. I have ADD and it makes it hard. I use several browsers and can't find the spelling nor grammar function. Besides those grammar algorthymns are very narrow and sophmoric. I use open office to do the spelling check.

    So whips hope you stick it out. It is a great site and is that due to the people that are in here. Worth the frustration.
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  6. anthony

    anthony Master of none!

    Must be a full moon again... the few each time who have issues in following simple rules.

    If this was your house Whips, then it would be different; but it's not your house, so you either follow rules or you leave, the choice remains with every single member. The rules have been this way for many years now and work just fine to help those with PTSD to communicate more effectively between one another, whilst allowing highly traumatised brains to actually read and participate with more ease.

    There is science behind some rules.
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  7. whips

    whips New Member

    Nope I have not, just opened this by mistake, and will not be using this site. Requiring people with deep set issues to have to be concerned with something a petty as grammar honestly is too much a hurdle for me to deal with. It makes the experience feel fake, cheapened, and pointless. I went in the military at 19, so proper English was never a priority, never will be. I am 100% untreated, doing this on my own, angry, constantly inflicting self harm, with daily suicidal ideation. I want to get better, but have nowhere to turn, I'm all alone in this, Im out of options . However I do not feel comfortable asking people who scrutinize me for help. please delete my account, I do not wish to accidentally stumble across this again. Seeing it just crushed me and made me feel so much more alone. I have no one, and I never will. I lack the basic language skills required to seek assistance with my suffering. Maybe I'm not meant to get better, perhaps I'm supposed to feel this way. With any luck I wont be here to suffer the coming year, I'm done with people and their crap, the world certainly seems done with me.
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  8. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck

    We do not delete accounts whips, you just stop using it if you no longer want to be here.

    We will leave the decision to you.
  9. Nicolette

    Nicolette ♡ Supporter Admin ♡
    Supporter Admin

    I wonder if it is the attention you seek as you posted in February and complained and now almost 9 months later you are again complaining about the same issue.
  10. JustBe

    JustBe Work in progress
    Premium Member

    Sometimes concentrating on the small things like spelling, grammar and the stupid auto correct gremlins help my ADD by slowing my mind down a bit. JMHO.
  11. Pencil

    Pencil I'm a VIP

    Dear Whips, your grammar is absolutely fine, and therefore could not possibly be a hurdle. But think about it, apart from getting support here, you might even turn into one damn fine writer.
  12. Slynn

    Slynn Member

    Just joined up, and was wondering - are the rules as strict for those with severe dyslexia? My partner struggles a lot with grammar and spelling, and his fear of getting warnings is stopping him posting. Is there a way around the rules for those who just cannot keep to them no matter how much they try?
  13. anthony

    anthony Master of none!


    I'm sorry, but the rules are strict and apply to basic grammar as the basic minimum in order to participate.
  14. Slynn

    Slynn Member

    Hmm thats a very exclusionary rule, because even most software only corrects spelling. Are there no allowances that can be made? He is too terrified to post in case he gets kicked off.
  15. cherryblossom

    cherryblossom I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    There are many people here with dyslexia who manage to post just fine. There are no exceptions to the basic forum rules.

    To be honest, they are very basic. No-one expects perfection, all we want is for posts to be easy to read.

    A capital letter at the start of the sentence, a full stop at the end. Capitalise the word I, use spell check, and break your writing into paragraphs separated by a full blank line. Use default font and don't quote big parts, or whole posts. I think that covers the basic rules.

    I do understand that members get upset if they receive notifications, because they see it as a personal attack. But I can assure you that is not the case. They are just a notification, a heads up and a reminder of the rules.

    Obviously there are some forum rules, if violated get a member a ban (either temporary or permanent), such as advertising, trolling, spamming, or posting when suicidal.

    To be banned temporarily ('kicked off the forum') for grammar errors, a member has to make multiple errors over a short period of time.

    Staff, and other members are more than willing to try to help members who are struggling, when they post questions here, at the help desk.

    I doubt that your partner couldn't manage to follow forum rules, even if he needs a little guidance at first.

    Again, I reiterate, that the rules are designed to make the forum easy to read for all, and on all devices. The rules aren't designed to exclude anyone from posting. Notifications are not there to punish the poster, just a reminder to the forum rules, which were agreed upon when joining the forum.

    At the end of the day, the forum rules, have been established over several years. Trying and testing the best way to keep the forum easy to read for the traumatised brain, (and more recently easy to read on all devices such as smart phones), and as safe as possible for all users. The forum rules aren't up for debate.

    I encourage your partner to post, and if he has problems and receives notifications, to post here, and ask for guidance, where we will be happy to try and help him. The basic grammar rules are not insurmountable for someone with dyslexia.
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  16. Sandstone

    Sandstone I'm a VIP

    I understand the fear of getting banned: it held me back from posting for along time

    I also understand the dyslexia issue as both husband and daughter suffer, and I know H wouldn't use this forum because of it.

    First, I'd say that so long as you stick to the paragraphing rules, I don't think much else in an issue, and I'd urge anyone not to let it hold them back. I often mispell words because I can't type, but don't get picked up on it. Maybe "grammar" isn't the best way to label the issue, that is a scary word from school. Though I can't think of a better label.

    Second, I'd be happy to proof read Slynn's husbands posts for him, correct anything that needed it, and then either send them back for him to post or upload on his behalf. (If that facility could be provided).

    I don't respond to a lot of posts myself, because I think I have little wisdom or insight to offer, but supporting someone to post would be a way I could contribute. I couldn't guarantee an immediate turn round, or cope with anything gory, but if he's willing to wait up between 2hours and 2 days, the offer is there
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