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Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Supporter Discussion' started by Never_falter, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Never_falter

    Never_falter Active Member Premium Member

    I know that this is not actually a symptom of PTSD but I heard hearing loss can mimick the symptoms of PTSD such as isolating. Sufferers told me so and I just wondered if anyoneknows resources on hearing loss mimicking symptoms of PTSD or a board where this topic is discussed.
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  3. Never_falter

    Never_falter Active Member Premium Member

    English is not my native language. I was talking about a person being short of hearing. Would that be called hearing loss or is this only if one cannot hear at all?
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  4. Sweetpea76

    Sweetpea76 Semper ubi sub ubi. Moderator

    I've never heard of hearing loss mimicking PTSD symptoms... I could see the isolating thing though.
  5. Never_falter

    Never_falter Active Member Premium Member

    I have been told people who suffer hearing loss often start avoiding doing things like eating in restaurants because the surrounding starts to seem threatening to them. They also become jumpy because they do not notice everything going on.
    Sufferers of hearing loss who do not have PTSD have told me so.
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  6. AngelkeeperJ/AKJ

    AngelkeeperJ/AKJ Blessed!! Premium Member

    In about August...after a dental appointment for teeth cleaning...I came out with the feeling that I needed to "pop" my ear like when you are at a high altitude and have to clear your ears. That feeling never went away, but I have the ringing in the ear. I went to an Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor, and found out that there is such a thing called "sudden hearing loss". I had NO idea, but it isn't that uncommon. Apparently, it was a coincidence that I was at the dentist. (I'm not so sure that the ultrasonic waves didn't have something to do with it) I will decline it's use next time I get my teeth cleaned.

    I was given 3 steroid shots in my ear (Holy Moly they HURT!!!) but it didn't help my hearing. I had a 60% hearing loss. I think the hearing in that ear has improved a bit, but I still have ringing in that ear. I have read that neck problems can cause hearing loss because all of the nerves used for hearing are connected to the brain stem and cervical vertebra. I had back to back neck surgery above my shoulders. I will never know.

    It HAS brought some anxiety back, but I try not to let it affect me. It's harder to be around a lot of people because I can't hear specific voices. I also can't hear if someone whispers in that ear.

    I don't think it has made my PTSD recur, but it certainly has taken some getting used to. There is a sense of loss, that I can't hear like I used to. I had "hyper-hearing" which also messed with my anxiety.
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