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Idk what to call this it is so horrible!

Discussion in 'Treatment & Therapy' started by BpinkJ, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. WishfulThinking123

    WishfulThinking123 Well-Known Member

    wow and u have to take them?
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  3. valkeasisu

    valkeasisu Active Member Premium Member

    So, I'm familiar with the sign the form and commit yourself tactic. It is a work around so that your case doesn't go before a judge as it would with an involuntary case. Where I work, a lawyer and advocate has to be present when it is signed.

    They probably had to wait for a bed to open up on the other unit and that was the only reason you were waiting. It's also possible that the unit you were on was for involuntary patients and the other was for voluntary (they tend to be less scary). Either way, they should have explained it you in a respectful manner. I don't know what your state laws are like but in my state, you have a right not to be threatened and to be treated with dignity and respect. The recipient rights advocate can explain this to you.
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  4. BpinkJ

    BpinkJ Member

    When I went to the better side there were only 9 patients. So they weren't waiting on a bed. I am wondering if it was a way to keep me longer. After I signed the form to volunteer...I then asked so I can now sign myself out against medical advice and I was told if I did that they could then keep me 72 hours from the time I signed that form and I would be put back on the scary side.
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  5. valkeasisu

    valkeasisu Active Member Premium Member

    Don't take all these. Especially if you haven't in the past. No one should have 60mg as a starting dose for duloxetine. Unless you are really struggling with sleep, don't take quietiapine or vistrial either. If you started these in the hospital, you should be able to stop them as you haven't been on them long enough for serious withdrawal effects to happen.

    Find a new psychiatrist tomorrow. You are allowed a second opinion.
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  6. BpinkJ

    BpinkJ Member

    I didn't have to take meds but it was made clear to go home faster you have to. So I did. I'm not so upset about the meds because that is why I went to a P in the first place. I needed help sleeping and a rescue med. The klonipin I had was 4 years old and I was almost out of Vistrial. I don't like to take meds because addiction runs in my family. My mom OD and died in 2015 from fentaynal. I am hoping the meds they gave me work and help. I just am pissed because I could have been given these meds at home and didn't need the traumatic experience.
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  7. Muted

    Muted Well-Known Member Premium Member

    I highly recommend taking someone with you for the first visit.
  8. BpinkJ

    BpinkJ Member


    I have taken klonipin in the past. For the sleep med they gave me 50 one night with vistrail and the next night which was last night just 100mg of sleep med. I still sat awake for a long time.

    The dulo med they gave me one day 30mg twice a day and then moved it to 60 mg once a day. I feel tired and zoned. I don't know if I could drive a car right now. But I have never been on a daily med in my life other than prenatal.
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  9. valkeasisu

    valkeasisu Active Member Premium Member

    Last post here for tonight. This thread is just making my blood boil.
    They are allowed to keep you 72 hours from the time you signed the paper. But again, you weren't informed of your rights ahead of time.

    I take duloxetine. 60 mg knocks me on my ass. It is an unnecessary dose for you this early in the game and especially if you aren't suicidal. 30mg twice in one day is still 60mg. You should be started at 30mg for a week or two. Sleep meds carry their own risks but you can decide if you want them. Doubling the dose of anything in a day is obnoxious. They should have sent you home with a follow up with a P who could adjust your meds.
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  10. anonymous

    anonymous Forum Anonymity Premium Member

    Wow @BpinkJ I'm so very sorry. That is some nightmare. :(:(:(

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  11. search

    search Was Junebug Premium Member Donated

    Oops that was from @search , above. Hit wrong key.
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  12. Ragdoll Circus

    Ragdoll Circus I'm a VIP Premium Member

    You've been through an incredibly awful experience and you have every right to be enraged. Anger is totally appropriate!

    But please remember that you, and your health, always come first. If you end up bringing this extraordinarily incompetent pdoc down, that's great. But keep you and your wellbeing your top priority.

    Keep your loved ones close, the people yoh know you can trust. Make sure you're gentle with yourself as the emotional toll of this event runs its course. Remember to try and sleep (so important), and do all the self-care things that you would recommend to a treasurer friend in such a situation.

    People on here will have great advice about how to handle this in your jurisdiction. But take the time to act in the way that you need. Your health remains paramount. Be gentle with yourself, you've been through a lot.
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  13. Applesunflower13

    Applesunflower13 Active Member

    So this experience that you had is one of my biggest fears! It is the misunderstanding and the being treated insane. Like you can't just have normal human reactions!
    I am sorry to say this but sometimes you have to be careful with new docs. I had post partum depression that was made worse by an ssri. I was hallucinating and having severe intrusive thoughts that I word hurt the kids. Luckily I was understood. I always was able to get out the info of what I do how I have a supportive husband and so on. I hate when mental health care experiences become invalidating and traumatizing. Stand up for yourself. You are a human being. You were not treated right. He misunderstood you and overreacted because he did not hear what you did when you had those thoughts.
    Your response was good. You did the right thing there. Lots of parents think about wanting to shake their kids, but of course don't. Even parents with out mood issues. Parenting is hard.
    I am still in support of keeping kids and parents safe but more thought and consideration should have been applied to this situation.
    Remember, you are a strong capable mother and human being. You should not be treated like you are incompetent or are going to hurt yourself or your kids especially when you handled yourself in the right way.
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