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If I Was Living The Life I Wanted To Right Now I Would Be.......

Discussion in 'Social' started by Hope69, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Tornadic Thoughts

    Tornadic Thoughts I'm a VIP

    Endless funds to co-create a huge healing space that enables hosting ongoing retreats during the warmer months where about a dozen folks at a time could come stay for a week or so and re-learn how their bodies work from the inside out, how to prepare whole food plant-based vegan cuisine that tastes good and nourishes the body as it actually needs to be and as it can healthily recognize, how to grow some of your own fruits and veggies, how to lessen harmful effects happening all around us by becoming more mindful of daily choices, learn how to forage for wild sustenance, learn how to make tinctures, oils, and flower essences, re-learn how to breathe, learn how to make hula-hoops and how to make daily exercise so much fun you actually look forward to it each day. Meanwhile, I'll keep teaching/introducing it bit by bit, inch by inch, planting seeds a long the way as I continue to be my own walking billboard in reaching my own milestones in my own mind space.
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  3. Anrish

    Anrish If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell. Premium Member

    I would have two dogs, live in a nice and small house ...would travel a lot, learn a lot new stuff and just enjoy being with certain people.
  4. AddHomnym

    AddHomnym Active Member

    Financially functioning. Just enough to cover living and books. I don’t need anything else.

    A woman just as nuts as me.

    Silence and solitude so I can try to find peace for my hellish mind and spend my time reading and talking.

    I’m done with the career junkie, wifey and kids story. I’m too broken to pretend something that normal still applies to me.
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  5. Friday

    Friday Raise Hell Moderator

    In Spain, getting a tattoo & visiting a friend.
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  6. expectingbetter

    expectingbetter I'm a VIP Premium Member

    I would be able to work in my profession, to choose the field I want in it.
    I'd be able to afford a flat to live on my own, I'd have an animal, a furry animal friend.
    I would have parents who don't hate each other, and whom I could visit sometimes and feeling loved there. I dream of a family holiday lunch at the parents home full of love.
    I'd have a man who loves me and respects me and who wouldn't all the time make plans that don't include me. I would feel safe with him.
    I would have a kitchen with doors and walls where I could separate from any looks and bake.
    I'd have few dear people to come for a dinner and talking.
    I would be able to afford to travel to one city in the time around Christmas and enjoy the magic.
    I would be able to travel anywhere without terrible administration for visas.
    I wouldn't be scared I would end up living on streets if my parents died.
    I'd have my smile back on my face.
    And then I would be able to spend a relaxing time in the night time with a book and soft blanket and cup of coffee, if this were really a fairy tale of my life, a certain fire place to warm the room and a Christmas tree are a must, my favorite part of year :inlove:
  7. Ronin

    Ronin Ya'Aburnee Premium Member

    Sounds I'd be also visiting a friend, in the very same whereabouts. :happy:

    I'd be slightly healthier. Just slightly. As in kicking ass instead of kicking my ass about it.
  8. Alice.in.Wonderland

    Alice.in.Wonderland With Eddie the Explorer Premium Member

    1. I would be part of a team to do a complete overhaul on our school system. Teachers would get paid more of course. Children would be taught by how they learn. Their strengths and talents would be encouraged. Children would be taught cooking, basic home repair and handling personal finance. Through this they would learn math, reading and critical thinking skills. Art, music, writing and dance. Academics as well of course. Just not by some method that is archaic. People just have to be trained and paid for their skill set. That skill set would have to include keeping children engaged. School would be so much more than it is now. It would be designed to be a real community center. An outreach center with counseling, help for families struggling with their mental or/and physical health. A food and clothes bank for those in need.
    I say this because it is the children who first show the signs a family needs help. One must reach a child to be able to teach them. Very often to do that the family has to be helped.

    2. I would have a creative org. for those with PTSD. Online art could be sold. Art can mean a painting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, sculpture, the list is endless. People could choose to keep the money they make or donate some or all back. Privacy would be protected. Most with PTSD struggle to make ends meet. They struggle working for someone else or at a workplace. They still deserve a feeling of accomplishment and pride.
    3. I would have enough money & clout to get my ideas fully developed and off the ground.
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  9. Anrish

    Anrish If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell. Premium Member

    @expectingbetter : Wow, that was a strong post. I could see your life in front of my inner eyes and it really looked beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. :hug:

    I would not be bound to society's stupid rules about...just everything.

    I would accept myself and be accepted for who I really am.

    I would not have to slow myself down because I would embarass others otherwise.

    I would be able to enjoy good days.

    I wouldn't need a huge company to publish a book and people would come to their minds and write honest critics and no shitstorms.

    I wouldn't have to worry about money.

    My real friends would live close to my place and one could go to each other whenever one feels like it - like a huge family without any pressure.

    ...and I would run the Midnight Sun Marathon.
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  10. Fadeaway

    Fadeaway I'm a VIP

    I would be surrounded by family. The healthy kind. I would have the resources to go out, try new things and figure out what I am good at. I wouldn't be so self conscious for wanting to go to events aimed at college age kids just for the experience, and I would be able to let my guard down and enjoy myself instead of betting myself up for not having researched social etiquette a rock concerts so I don't feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.
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