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If You Have C-ptsd/derealization For 3 Years,is It Classed As Chronic?

Discussion in 'Anonymous' started by Vugik, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Sihefo

    Sihefo Anonymous

    is it harder to treat after this time?
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  3. Fujew

    Fujew Anonymous

    All PTSD can be described as chronic. Chronic in medical terms is what is used once a condition has persisted long enough to have moved out of the acute stage.

    Thus, Acute Stress Disorder when symptoms last up to one month.
    PTSD when symptoms persist beyond the month
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  4. Tipa

    Tipa Anonymous

    Yes, it can be harder to treat, much like any other injury or illness, if you leave it too long, it gets more difficult to deal with.

    Think of it like a broken bone. If it heals over on it's own, when you go to get it fixed, they'll have to re break it, maybe put pins in, maybe do physio because your muscles have adapted to it. Maybe more.

    Same thing happens to your brain with PTSD. If you wait, your various brain chemistry gets set in a pattern, and there are actual physical changes that happen to you brain itself (I believe the current studies show that the hippocampus actually shrinks in size).

    So do get treatment as soon as you can.
  5. Sihefo

    Sihefo Anonymous

    mine like many others is complex In nature.i had been on the mend from ptsd(was having cbt treatment and was getting my life back to normal),when I was involved in a car crash.my ptsd seemed to go through the roof.i had a mild brain injury (concussion) and things really changed for me.i could not do the job I had been doing for the past 5 years,my memory and concentration were(are) really bad.they said I had post concussion symdrome and it should only last a year,but I am still as having the same problems.i tried cbt treatment and could not doo it this time,
    not sure if emdr will help.if not,dont no what to do.
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