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If Your Employer Directly Caused Your Ptsd

Discussion in 'Employment & Education' started by madmax, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. madmax

    madmax working on my body maybe my mind will follow

    Just found out for the third time that I indeed have a winnable case against my former employer (involved in F.B.I. Counter-terrorism unit and a two year sting operation against South Americans and middle eastern terrorist groups such as Hamas.) My company was allowing this sting to go on without informing terminal personnel "ME" for one. Long story short one enfamil gang robbed another gang's 7 pallets of product and in so doing I was held at gum point by a man holding a nine mm and another a sawed off shot gun. I cannot go any further.

    One problem with the suit, by the time I mentally was able to process anything the statute of limitations ran out. So I write this for everybody out there who has an employer that put them in harms way.

  2. nursenurse

    nursenurse VIP Member Premium Member

    Dear God. I am so sorry. No other recourse then, for you? Any lawyer willing to take this on regardless? How can you put a limitation on what you have experienced? I just don't get it, and I'm mad as hell for you.
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  3. madmax

    madmax working on my body maybe my mind will follow

    Nursenurse, I could always find an attorney to take my money;but winning before you ever step into the court room is not going to happen because of the statute of limitations is two years from disability.

    My "event" happened April 2004 went out with indescribable PTSD disability June of 2006.
    2006 thru 2012 was spent for the most part in my bedroom only ventured out to work out at YMCA. To this day I sleep with a machete under my mattress....I was under a Federal Subpoena to testify against one gang member they caught in North Carolina stealing enfamil he just happened to be the guy that had a shotgun up to my stomach. An FBI agent came to my office one day prior to me catching a flight to N.C and told me point blank that even if I testify the worst thing that would happen to the animal would be deportation and he would be back in the United States within a month. I immediately got amnesia and got out of testifying. The straw that broke the camels back was when a man named mohaumond got my personal cell phone number that I never gave out to anyone at work(the company provided us with phones)

    He asked me if one of "his"people could have stolen his 7 pallets of enfamil...I got his meaning told the FBI agent Sutton what he asked me;he basically told me to keep a low profile. I have no Facebook,My Space etc.....and life is just "great"
  4. nursenurse

    nursenurse VIP Member Premium Member

    I don't know, maybe I just live in the fantasy world where someone would say "This just ain't right!" Are we talking baby formula, or is that a euphemism for something else - enfamil?
  5. madmax

    madmax working on my body maybe my mind will follow

    Enfamil! Google Enfamil drug trafficking.

    Director Mueller of the FBI has been quoted on this subject about 2009.
  6. nursenurse

    nursenurse VIP Member Premium Member

    I figured it was something like that, but I had to ask. I tried googling "Enfamil meaning" and euphemisms, but still got formula. I didn't think you'd be laying low for that :)
  7. nursenurse

    nursenurse VIP Member Premium Member

    Okay, misunderstood you. Brain fart. I found an article from 2005 on the subject of formula and organized retail crime, and others about how cocaine is cut with powdered formula. The 2005 article mentioned Mueller's name. Wow. Just wow. Fascinating reading - there's lots more reading but duty calls (back to work :()

    The bottom line is that you are living an isolated life whether you want to or not. I cannot imagine the incident at gunpoint. I cannot imagine the life you have been forced to live at the moment. What little support it seems that you have gotten from work. Someone else telling you to lay low. Basically you are living everyday because your life is threatened, correct me if I am wrong. Lay low. Really. Helpful.

    Hugs if you want them, always prayers and a kind word or two. I am glad you have found the forums. I really hope you can find something of what you need and what you are looking for.
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  8. madmax

    madmax working on my body maybe my mind will follow

    My perception of being threatened is not just a product of my PTSD. That being said; I "soldier on".

    I learn something every day from this forum and more specifically from people like you.
  9. I Can Do This

    I Can Do This Member

    I had a lawsuit about something totally different and the defendant felt they were going to win simply because I was beyond my statute. The judge rule that our contention was upheld. My lawyer stated that my date of injury was the day my physician notified me of my condition - and that was not beyond statute. And we won. I hope your lawyer can use the same strategy!
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  10. madmax

    madmax working on my body maybe my mind will follow

    Thank you unfortunately I am 3 months beyond 2 years when I was diagnosed. If I was of sound mind within those two years; do you think I would have had a case??!!! It smells to put it mildly.:poop:
  11. I Can Do This

    I Can Do This Member

    Oh I am SO sorry - that has to be very difficult on you. It is really hard to move forward with a lawsuit to begin with - but then have it thrown out on statute and not on its merit....I'm just really sorry. This is very painful for you - so I truly hope you are getting help to process this. Don't add another injury to the insult.
  12. nursenurse

    nursenurse VIP Member Premium Member

    I never thought you were "feeling" threatened, I think you "are" threatened, big difference. I don't pretend to understand your line of work, does that kind of threat ever go away? I think it adds to your PTSD, though.

    Just 3 months past. Sucks big time. I need a phone booth.... cape....law degree.....

    I'm not sure what you can learn from me, but I'm pretty good at supporting. But I'll call the BS if I see it.

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