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Imagination Out Of Control?

Discussion in 'Other Symptoms & Disorders' started by greentea21, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. greentea21

    greentea21 New Member

    Is this something that all humans have? Something specific to certain types of people? Anyone here experienced this?

    Just like how my mind blow things out of proportion when something upsets me, my mind also tends to get over-excited when I see something inspiring, encouraging, I guess anything positive. When in this state, my mind tells me that I can do anything and everything... almost as if I'm the most talented person in the world. In this state, I also feel very good about myself. In this state, I also feel very out-going; this hasn't happened to often though.

    This would happen when I watch an interesting movie. My mind would start formulating a story, and start imagining how magnificent it'd be, and obviously being better than the movie I'm watching.

    This would also happen when I listen to certain types of music. My mind would start telling me I can create better music.

    Pretty much anything I see or hear that involves some ability, my mind would, several times, tell me I can do better.

    After being away from the source for awhile, the feeling disipates. When I do attempt to create something, it dies down a couple of hours later. When I'm outgoing and manage to talk so suavely with people, after the day, I retreat back realzing I can't continue behaving like I did with whom ever I encountered when I was in good mood.
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  3. seedling

    seedling I'm a VIP

    I think I understand some of what you are describing. I may not have this the same way you do but I recognize something like it in myself.
    I can get completely blown away emotionally by music or art. I have had strong desires to produce art even though I completely suck at drawing - stick figures are my best. It's like I have a vision of art I want to paint or make and no way to do it.

    I also get overwhelmed in a negative way by situations - the out of proportion thing - I think that's really common.

    There are some days I can hardly stand to get on here and communicate and I know if I wait I will come to a place where I can participate (like now).

    This reminds me a little bit of James's video he posted about bi-polar and the feelings it brings with it.
  4. Iam

    Iam I'm a VIP

    I am not a professional so what I am about to say may be totally off, but the above reminds my of my brother and my godson when in their manic states. They are both bi-polar.

    Things getting blown out of proportion is very common with PTSD. I don't get the extreme manic highs like with bi-polar, but my emotions can turn from good to bad or vice versa very fast, like a light switch has been flipped. This happens especially when triggered by certain comments or tones of voice. I think it is the hypervigilence in us, at least for me. Subconciously expecting to get attacked verbally or physically especially when somebody is angry. They don't even have to be angry with me for this to happen.

    Music on the other hand can move me from a very negative state to a positive one.
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  5. BloomInWinter

    BloomInWinter Transitioning to Single Parenthood
    Premium Member

    Our imaginations sure were useful in surviving when we needed to create a different reality.

    But mine also takes over on a regular basis...and this, I believe, is disassociation from reality. I do it when I don't need to, and it takes me out of life. I miss out on so much, but I'm learning some mindfulness skills to help me stay in myself.

    Mindfulness isn't easy at all for me. I feel like practicing it least when I'm in distress. The worst thing is, I feel like I'm always in distress, even when I have no identified reason to be. That's the triggering problem, too.

    I'm trying to find a safe space in my home, at least, where I can be free of distress. Being a Mommy, though...that makes it all the more challenging.
  6. greentea21

    greentea21 New Member

    Was in bed trying to sleep but can't, because my head is imagining out of control. This is one type of event my mind starts imagining scenarios/images etc.

    I was invited by a friend to join him and a small group of people for thanksgiving dinner. It'l be my first time to have thanksgiving dinner, as my family does not celebrate this ocassion. Initially I was hesitant, and really tried to find a way to escape it. However, the friend who invited me is a great person, and I've already turned down so many of his invitations. I feel bad if I continue on pushing and pushing away. So I eventually agreed to go.

    Strangely, my head is not flooding in with anxious thoughts about how I should behave, what should I talk about, etc. I mean it is, but it is greatly eclipsed by images of me being so lively and sociable and just having a blast. I guess I can safely say that it's excitement. However historically, this thought process has always ended up being almost always wrong.

    Now my head is all jumbled up with one thought, "What happens after that?". Ugh..
  7. Iam

    Iam I'm a VIP

    So how did it turn out greentea?
  8. Mikayla43

    Mikayla43 New Member

    I understand about imagination out of control. But mine is always negative..either that someone is mad at me or that i'm about to be betrayed again by my husband. I can take small insignificant things and turn them into elaborate scenarios and even believe it could be true. Maybe because i think i am such a good detective and have a sixth sense about things.
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