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Is It Common At All For A PTSD Sufferer To Cheat On Their Spouse?

Discussion in 'Supporter Relationships' started by zazazawa, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. zazazawa

    zazazawa New Member

    Hi everyone again. I posted before about my husband and his new girlfriend and wanted to update people on some things and hopefully get more opinions from you all.

    Well my husband has made a couple appt.'s with a psychologist/psychiatrist team so far and he has been diagnosed with PTSD and supposedly 2 other anger disorders he says. They said that they will try different treatments but he may have to be admitted to a hospital for up to 2 months or so.

    Just to update over the past 4 months we've been seperated and he always goes from "I love u this has nothing to do with you and when I get better I WILL be back" to "I dont love you, I want a divorce." Well a few weeks ago he has gotten stuck on "I love my new girlfriend, I want a divorce. I cant be with you right now cause everytime I see or hear you it makes me too angry and that he wants to see me but he cant." I told him I want to stay with him and support him through this but he completely shut me out.

    The last time I talked to him was on my birthday, the 25th. He actually called me and was pleasant and said that he was planning on changing his phone number and when he did he would give it to me. The next day it was off and I still dont have the number and no one will give it to me.

    I want to think that he still loves me but he INSISTS that he doesnt love, miss or think about me anymore and that he LOVES this nasty girlfriend. Have any of you gone through this before? I mean about the cheating. Its so tuff for me cause I have to let him go but I just still love him like crazy and just want to be there for him. He says he wants me to go on with my life and if our love is meant to be than he'll be back. It hurts me terribly though to think that he's super happy with a girl that he met a few months ago and we've always been there for each other for over 7 years.

    Please give me any responses you have that would be helpful. Do PTSD sufferers usually come back when they get proper treatment? I am going on with my life and trying my best to make myself happy but he is always on my mind and he hasnt even gotten me papers yet.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Manic11

    Manic11 Mystery Member

    In my personal opinion, no one has the right to cheat on someone their in a relationship with. It's just plain wrong, no matter what. I am a PTSD sufferer and that does not give me the right to cheat, steal or hurt anyone, does it?

  3. zazazawa

    zazazawa New Member

    Thanks Manic11. No it doesnt give him the right at all to do this to me. Thats why Im worried cause he said that its our marriage AND his PTSD problem combined. I wish we could have worked on our marriage and he kept saying that we could he would just have to work on his problem first. Do you think that he is just trying to latch on SOMEONE since he has shut me and almost his family out and doesnt have many friends besides this one girl? Somedays he says that he loves her and the next he says he doesnt love her or himself or anything. Its so confusing...
  4. superjen

    superjen New Member Premium Member

    Well here's a lil confession session. I did sleep with someone else at the end of my last relationship (my best friend at the time, who really, I was far more suited to). It was a one off thing - not an 'affair', but still. Wont go into the details. It was wrong. It's also part of the reason I've always maintained my breakup had nothing to do with PTSD. I simply had fallen out of love and just took far too long to be honest about that/face that because I genuinely cared about my ex. In truth, sometimes leaving is the kindest and most loving thing to do. I did not want to be with that person anymore. Not every breakup with someone with PTSD is about PTSD. Breakups hurt for whatever reason - this is a discussion which gets looped over and over - it's not always PTSD that can be blamed or used as an excuse for the failure of a relationship. This is just my experience and everybody is different.

    Also, I will just add - that isn't to say that my ex partner wasn't dealing with PTSD symptoms and that they played no part in the relationship. They certainly did. But at the end of the day - if I had to 'blame' something honestly on the failure of the relationship, it wouldn't be PTSD.
  5. zazazawa

    zazazawa New Member

    Hey Superjen. Thanks for the honest reply which I know is a very likely possiblilty even though I hate it. He has told me that he has fallen out of love with me but I dont know why he kept telling me that he did still love me. Am I just keeping too much hope still? When you fell out of love with your ex do you think that you would ever want to go back? If the person you fall out of love with goes back to the person OR better than the person you did first fall in love with WOULD you want to give them another chance? Do you think that if he breaks up with this girl that he might want to work on us again(that is if Im even willing anymore)?
  6. superjen

    superjen New Member Premium Member

    I genuinely can't answer that for you zazazawa - everybody is different. I can only give you my experience. My experience is - at the very beginning of the breakup I probably would've been more inclined to go 'oh it's my PTSD'. But no - two completely separate issues. I think, honestly, it was a very 'safe' relationship with my ex. We were very good friends basically. Supportive of each other, etc. None of the things that differentiate 'friends' from 'partners' were there by the end. I had fallen so out of love I actually did something I never thought I'd do - ie, be unfaithful. I personally think if there is cheating going on in a relationship you've got some very real problems there. And they extend beyond 'but it's PTSD'. That's just my opinion and my experience.
  7. 2quilt

    2quilt New Member

    I personally dont think that PTSD gives anyone an excuse to cheat. I may be sick with this mental illness that makes me sad, angry, grumpy, disassociate, etc, but I am still responsible for my actions and I know what I am doing (unless I am disassociating at the moment...)

    The logic that says that PTSD makes me cheat would also say that premenstrual syndrome made me shoot the driver who cut me off.
    "Your Honor, some people just need killin'."
  8. superjen

    superjen New Member Premium Member

    Exactly 2quilt. It doesn't give anyone the right to cheat. For me to say 'I cheated because of PTSD' is as ridiculous as my partner thinking 'she cheated because of PTSD'. The word denial springs to mind.

    However, that said - infidelity does happen and it can be overcome. So I don't wanna be as black and white as to say 'if your partner cheats it is over'. It does happen that relationships can continue after something like that. I suppose the issue becomes whether or not both people are committed to saving the relationship.Truly committed to saving it and wanting to be in it. In my case - no. My biggest mistake was prolonging the inevitable until it reached something as wrong as infidelity.

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