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It all comes down to the next six days

Discussion in 'Employment, Education & Disability' started by valkeasisu, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. valkeasisu

    valkeasisu Active Member Premium Member

    I have been accepted into a Masters program that I have wanted for years. I start two weeks after I graduate with my bachelors. I am in the final week of my bachelors program trying to complete a project that is worth 50% of my grade. And I can't do it. I start and stop. Start and stop. Just can't concentrate. I am not processing things right. I've never had a problem with reading comprehension before but now, nada.
    Supposed to give a presentation which I am petrified about.

    Gonna f*cking blow it in my last week.
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  3. Friday

    Friday Raise Hell Moderator

    There are many times where I can only do things in starts & stops.

    When it comes on out of the blue it's very much like being a new mom... Learning how to do things in starts and stop; nap times, 5 minutes before they're overwhelmed times, they're overwhelmed and oh well times <gonna pay for that later! but can't magically make traffic go away>; sleeping/socializing/work/bathing/everything in new kid-sized pieces, determined by something entirely out of my control.

    And yet? Things get done. They take longer. They're not perfect. But they get done. And you get better at it. Like learning to take breaks before they're needed actually saves time.

    You'll get this. You've got years of experience in doing exactly this, and kicking ass and taking names doing so. It bites in a lot of ways it's happening at the very end of your term, but on the upside this will also help prep you for your masters program. Like being a new mom. Adjustments will be made, and things will get easier. No matter how hard they are in the moment.
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  4. Ragdoll Circus

    Ragdoll Circus I'm a VIP Premium Member

    You're not gonna blow it.

    If you can only do this in start and stops? That's how you do it. This sounds pretty darn important to you. And you have pretty unfair disadvantage because of your ptsd.

    But don't let it hold you back. You want this. You can do it. You're on the home stretch and you've worked too hard to give up now. So keep going:)
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  5. valkeasisu

    valkeasisu Active Member Premium Member

    If you see me in chat over the next two days. . .yell at me to stop avoiding life!
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  6. WishfulThinking123

    WishfulThinking123 Well-Known Member

    This is so exciting, I'm happy for you :) You can do it! I wish I had advice but, as I am the queen of procrastination sorry :p
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