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Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by Mallaky, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Mallaky

    Mallaky Well-Known Member

    I would like to tell you guys about Kratom.

    Kratom is a herb that is legal in most places on the world, and I think its pretty amazing. In smaller doses it has positive effect on mood, energy on concentration and it helped me a lot. You ingest small amounts of ground up plant matter. Its disgusting but one can get used to.

    It is not some kind of hardcore drug, its subtle and wont get you smashed. Unless of course one takes a gigantic dose, but that is inadvisable, as that probably will make the person incredibly nauseos. I really, really, really regretted trying that. Its not something to chase the high with. The very first time one might experience abit of nausea anyway, but nothing a ginger tea cant fix. Drink plenty water, start very slow, and its good.

    I suggest anyone who is interested in some herbal relief for PTSD symptoms to research the plant. It is not very expensive, and a little goes a long way. There are many good online vendor specialized on it, and it should not be bought anywhere else. Also check the legal status for yourself.

    I cant possibly exhaustively tell all about it, but I will write abit about my experience with it. If you want to know more discuss it here or research on the net. Plenty of info available.

    I use it for a long time now, several small doses daily. 3g a pop, depending on the strain, does it nicely for me. It helps my anxiety and my ability to concentrate immensly. That helps me to be more mature about living with and handling PTSD, and also enjoying all sorts of activities that I would have a hard time with if my anxiety is high (which is 90% of the time.) Very nice in social situations or for work or excercise. Also helps me sleep, but I dont take it for that. Its just a nice effect. I dont think its smart to take it shortly before going to bed, its effect lasts long enough to use it a few hours before.

    The very first few times, or after long break, it can give a mild and pleasent high. That will stop pretty quickly when getting used to it and what remains are the positive effects on mood, focus, energy.

    There are some horror stories out there about kratom withdrawal and they are pretty much bunk. If one uses alot of coffee and quits cold turkey, its the same. Kratom might take a bit longer. So I just taper it over 2-4 days and I do only experience one issue: Sleeping can be difficult because of restlessness.

    At the moment I use a bit more then I want to, and that is because my thyroid is acting up and that always mean extremely horrible times for me. Kratom helps me a lot with that, but I take more to combat the intense symptoms of my thyroid problems. Without kratom its just pure hell, and with it I can still have some semblence of normalcy. When my hormones get adjusted I make it a point to take some time off to get back to the more sensible level.

    So yeah, Kratom is amazing and it really, really helped me when I quit drinking and nowadays to be more productive, social and happy. I recommend!

    It works with alkaloids that use the opiate receptors and is also used to help for opiate withdrawals. Its not an opiate itself, but if one had troubles with such stuff or drugs in generell before, one might want to stay clear of it.

    Anyone uses Kratom and loves it? Any question? I hope this could help someone needing that plant finding it. Just use it wisely, make a plan, dont overdo it. Many people advise to only take it every other day, which is smart.
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  3. darwin

    darwin Active Member

    @Mallaky , I've been stumbling upon information about kratom lately, probably because I am looking into herbs more and more. Thanks for the review and sharing your experience, I will probably be more likely to try it out myself now.
  4. Whispering_Truth

    Whispering_Truth I'm a VIP

  5. Abraxas

    Abraxas Member

    Great info Mallaky! I just recently joined the forum, and I wanted to confirm all of the info you laid out. I have been an almost daily user for over five years with no ill effects other than it slowing down my metabolism a bit, which is easily enough corrected by taking it with un-pasturized apple cider vinegar. Hopefully we will see some actual research on the medicinal value of the plant soon, but until then, please don't listen to any fear mongering about it being some crazy new drug sold in headshops. If you take enough to get an opioid like high, you will almost certainly throw up.
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  6. Mallaky

    Mallaky Well-Known Member

    @Abraxas Sorry for only coming back at you now. Why do you take it with vinegar? A quick google search offered no help. And totally agreed about what you said. The problems with kratom only come when people are chasing a high. Also there is a bit of fear mongering going around about withdrawels, but a quick taper is absolutely no problem in my experience, as long as you take the taper dose late the day to avoid sleep issues. Cold turkey can be unpleasent though.
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  7. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington ________ in progress Premium Member

    @joeylittle Did you once post a reply about this drug in another thread? (I can't remember---sorry!) It just sounds like something I've heard discussed here before.
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  8. joeylittle

    joeylittle ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ All howl, no bite Administrator Generous $250+

    Yes, @EveHarrington - Helping Someone Who Is Going Thru What I Did

    @Mallaky's first post is pretty thorough. Kratom can be a problem for people who are specifically using it to transition off of a heavier addictive substance, like opium or heroin. It's used for that in Asia, and with great results, but if it isn't tapered down, all an individual can end up with is a different addiction to a substance that isn't viable for heavy long-term use.

    Kratom has a real application in chronic pain management, because of the ways it mimics some positive opiod effects. I don't recall if it is capable of creating a true physical addiction, or if it's just capable of creating dependency - I think, dependency, but in people managing addiction problems, substance dependency isn't helpful long-term.
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  9. Abraxas

    Abraxas Member

    Hey guys, since posting I came across the American Kratom Association. They link to some actual research being done in recent years on several of the key alkaloids. It's a great place if anyone is looking to read up on the biochemistry.

    It can cause physical dependency. Withdrawals are never lethal, however they can be quite painful for some people who go cold turkey. I've Gone cold turkey a couple of times in the last couple years just to get a handle on where my physical dependency is at. Both times I felt like I had a mild cold after about 36 hours, didn't sleep well on the second night, and was pretty much back to a normal physical state after the third day. If you taper your dose down I don't think most people would experience much discomfort.

    @Mallaky When i first started taking kratom I found my metabolism slow down, which would slow down my digestion a fair bit, occasionally causing constipation. raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar has "the mother" in it, which is a natural probiotic suite that is great for digestion. I found that taking a dose with a table spoon of it got my appetite and digestion back to normal. The way I make my dose now is by boiling turmeric, ground black pepper, apple cider vinegar, lemon/lime juice and dried crushed kratom leaf for 15-20 minutes. I'll then keep a bottle of that, unfiltered in the fridge and add about a half cup of it to my tea every morning. The cur cumin from the black pepper and turmeric, as well as the lime juice and vinegar all help potentiate the kratom and get rid of any side effects to do with my digestion and appetite. I still keep a little jar of the powder with me everywhere I go though, incase I have an anxiety attack or get triggered.
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  10. joeylittle

    joeylittle ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ All howl, no bite Administrator Generous $250+

    Just FYI, you're killing off the probiotics in the vinegar when you boil it. But you might be getting them other ways; probiotics are in lots of things.
    Thanks for the info!
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  11. Abraxas

    Abraxas Member

    I've thought about that myself actually, but what i've noticed is that something survives and starts to ferment in the liquid after about a day in the fridge. Maybe it's just a nice home for something new that finds its way in after the boil, but there are definite cultures that form after about a week.
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  12. Mallaky

    Mallaky Well-Known Member

    When I don't taper I get severe restleg leg syndrom at night, which is a very special kind of hell. But a very small dose before going to bed is all I need to taper succesfully. Otherwise I found stopping my can a day coffee habit gave me far more severe symptoms.

    @Abraxas Your brew sounds so very vile, hahaha. :D I have just begun trying tumeric and black pepper, but was underwhelmed with the result. I will check if I get that kind of vinegar at my local supermarket. Does it have to be unpasturized?
  13. sonicwhite

    sonicwhite Well-Known Member

    I use kratom like once a day, maybe twice. I have gout and my legs hurt so bad when I wake up. I take about five grams toss-n-wash and feel my depression and mood lift.

    It helps my legs so much. It's nothing like a hydrocodone or Oxy high. It just lifts the veil of sadness and gives you motivation. The tricky part is mixing it with psych drugs. You have to be careful but I'm on a kratom forum that will give me all the info I need to take it right.

    When I first started taking it I got that hydrocodne high. Itchy all over but now I just mainly use it for my legs and some motivation. It is so much better then pot and it just improves my daily like.

    So I recommend anyone who is thinking about doing this. Find a good vendor. You can PM me if you want and I can tell you some. Research research and research everything positive you can find on it. There is a lot of negative about it because ppl don't understand or you have some pill junkie who is dope sick trying to get high off of it.

    One, you can take way too much and it will just make you sick. That's the sweet thing about it. It leaves you forced to do a little. You also want to trade out strains like rotate so your tolerance doesn't get high.

    For what it's worth it is def a good and safe herb.
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