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Imported Looking for veterans to help with research!

Discussion in 'Studies & Research' started by Veteranstudy2017, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Veteranstudy2017

    Veteranstudy2017 New Member

    My name is Blake J. Winzeler, Ph.D. doctoral candidate from Alliant International University in San Francisco, CA. I am currently working on my dissertation, which attempts to better understand mental health stigma in combat-exposed veterans. My goal is to learn more about the resistances to mental health treatment, and ways we can reduce the stigma associated with seeking out help.

    I am looking for individuals who are:
    •18 years or older
    •Proficient in the English language
    •Served in the United States of America military
    •Achieved veteran status, and are no longer an active service member in the military
    •Been exposed to combat during service

    Participants will be asked to fill out a survey, which takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. By participating in this study, participants will have the opportunity to enter a raffle where the winner receives a $100 Amazon gift card.

    I really appreciate your time, and if you have any questions I am very open in discussing my research. Helping veterans has been my passion for the past 10 years, and I hope to continue this passion through research.

    If you are interest please comment and I will connect you to the survey.

    Best regards,
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  3. Phantom Shadow

    Phantom Shadow Active Member Donated

    Well I fit the list.
  4. joeylittle

    joeylittle ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ All howl, no bite Administrator Generous $250+

    Hi @Veteranstudy2017 - we merged our combatPTSD site into our main PTSD site; I see you've not been back to this account since May of 2017. If you are still recruiting for this study, please send an email to the Admin using the contact us link, and provide a link to the survey as well as your IRB documentation. If approved, the thread will be unlocked.

    Thanks. See the link below for more information:

    Students, Professionals & Researchers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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