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Magic mushrooms

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by IamFree, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. IamFree

    IamFree Well-Known Member

    I was surprised to discover some articles about people using magic mushrooms and it has had benifets for there PTSD. Surprised because I always felt it was trauma healing orthodoxy that drugs are bad full stop unless there prescribed.So many people who are traumatised are in various twelve step programmes so just assumed its always a bad thing . would be interested to learn about people experiences good and bad of using recreational drugs medicinally
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  3. Rad

    Rad I am not PTSD.

    I´m always very hesitant to talk about the use of drugs, due to the stigma attached to it. I can give you a very general response. Drugs have helped me. Psychiatrists are always eager to prescribe rather hardcore substances to the public, generally deeming them somehow "less dangerous" because of their status.

    The "dangerousness" of a drug depends a lot on the person who is using them, and on your ability to perceive what the drug is doing to you. My experience with SSRI´s is that they work in a way, in which it can be difficult to discern (especially if long-term) the affect the drug is having on your brain, and on the way you think and function.

    With any use of recreational drugs, clarity of mind, and the ability to analyze and question the drug (and yourself), is key. If you can do that, you have better chances of learning from whatever experiences drugs can send your way. Also, I firmly believe that there is a division between the seriously addictive drugs (speed, cocaine) and mostly hallucinatory drugs (mushrooms, lsd).

    The thing to keep in mind is always your own proneness for addiction, and also whether or not you are mentally able to endure a bad trip. I have a friend who has used recreationally, had no known mental problems prior, and developed mild trauma after experiencing a very heavy bad trip. So if you already have trauma, you need to know yourself in-depth and also familiarize yourself with the risks.

    If you keep in mind all of the above, drugs can potentially deepen your insight to help you work through trauma. When you are in "sober" mode, your mind will be in one place. With trauma, sometimes our mind can be stuck in "one perspective", and this one perspective will reinforce certain views of the world and patterns of thinking. Use of drugs can potentially uproot these structures.

    This is a rather intense experience and one that takes up a LOT of mental energy - it´s very important to keep this in mind. If you are using drugs with self-exploratory and possibly therapeutic purposes, you would essentially be skipping a process that would otherwise take up a LOT of time. This can be quite hard on the mind, resulting in exhaustion and temporary aggravation of your symptoms.

    Be very aware of that. I know a few people who use hallucinatory drugs in order to deepen their self-knowledge and work through personal traumas. These individuals are extremely self-aware and are able to use their intellect and intuition to figure out what´s best for them and also what exactly they need to recover in case the experience is very intense and/or upsetting.
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  4. IamFree

    IamFree Well-Known Member

    Hello thanks . my understanding of this is that a person would have to be in a paticuarly mature stage of there healing to withstand such an experience. reading it makes me feel a bit frightened which suggests I am not at such a stage if I ever would be to consider such an approach. I think a big factor as well is who your around when your doing it. I imagine you would need a very safe secure connection with them. I think at this time for me there are many other less fear provoking and lower risk methods I can go for.

    sounds like a bit of a lottery aswell like it could go really good or really bad.
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  5. Multitudes

    Multitudes Active Member

    At the risk of coming across as a total drug addict (I promise I'm not), I can chip in with a little experience here. I've done a fair amount of reading and some experimentation, once I realised that trying to work through my issues whilst in a constant state of anxiety and depression was getting nowhere.

    I initially turned to alcohol for the euphoric effect, finding, after some experimentation, that a specific quantity of a certain beverage helped (white wine in my case), while getting off my face on almost anything else was liable to make me worse - sometimes dangerously so.
    I'll buy one bottle when I need it, but there have been times when I'm drinking a bottle every night which I'm not at all keen on doing. Fortunately I've never experienced addiction, but I still value my liver.

    Cannabis has long been a life-saver for me, literally. A joint, pipe, or vape with a measured dose has greatly reduced depression and completely stopped the urge to self harm (nearly five years clear now), while cannabis tincture (CBD oil) is a huge help with anxiety.
    There is also the bonus of being able to think more deeply and clearly when not distracted by my issues.. I found it best not to get stoned, though, as my mind tends to ramble off in random directions, while I ramble off to the fridge for snacks.
    Addiction isn't really an issue either, unless one counts psychological addiction, but that is a whole different issue that has little to do with cannabis itself.

    Salvia Divinorum works very well for me, and has been shown to alleviate depression in clinical trials. I don't take it often as it can induce a little ten minute 'trip', which can be interesting, confusing, sometimes somewhat intense.. the last time I tried it, it made me laugh harder than I ever have in my life, and I have no idea what was so funny. But I felt cheerful for several days afterward.
    There is also no concern with addiction.

    That's the limit of my experience, but there are any number of articles and studies on the beneficial effects of magic mushrooms, MDMA and LSD.

    With any substance use, it is best to try to get a balance of views on the benefits, harms and possibility of addiction before trying it - and start small, with a weak dose, just in case you don't find it tolerable.
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  6. Tornadic Thoughts

    Tornadic Thoughts I'm a VIP

    Talk about a crap shoot, I wish the doctors/specialists would have carefully considered each and every prescription with as much detail and care as the folks I know of who have consciously used plant-based "medicinal" substances deemed as illegal have considered before attempting to use them.

    I feel I was harmed a great deal by the medical professionals as they took me through their lists of attempted meds, but that seems to be more than acceptable by most since a "highly trained" doc initiated it, but don't dare mention trying a plant that the FDA or other alphabet agencies haven't approved of. lol

    I used to use them frequently to escape the circumstances I lived in during my teens and early 20s, and luckily never experienced a bad trip, but feel I can now safely say that method of escape wasn't a wise choice for endurance purposes, as it's one of the least socially acceptable ones. I've not yet explored them medicinally, but after my experiences with many various pharmaceuticals, I'd try a mushroom/pot plant/cbd oil/etc. before I'd try another prescription, unless it's a life-saving attempt where I have no say in the matter, that's for certain.
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  7. IamFree

    IamFree Well-Known Member

    I have come to a decision that personally it is not a way I would like to go. every other drug I tried always ended in tears and addiction its impossible for me to predict if this would be any different, for even though it is said its not addictive I believe anything in life can potentially be addictive if your inclined towards it which I know I am. Also just because I have met these guys who I think are cool and they do it I think a lot of its about wanting to fit in with a crowd and potentially losing my self in the process. The thing is I would really need to know they were my friends and they would have my back but not with some people I am only superficially connected with. saying that I think that drugs are some peoples calling and are a valid method of self exploration and spiritual awakening..but high risk for someone in my situation.
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  8. Multitudes

    Multitudes Active Member


    I totally agree - my experience of every SSRI I've tried has not been good at all. I've had some potentially promising results with NDRI's, once I was able to persuade my GP to prescribe, though not so much with SNRI's or benzodiazepines.

    I was foolishly honest with my psychiatrist concerning use of cannabis tincture - without asking anything about the length of time I've taken it, frequency of use, or effects, she immediately diagnosed 'Mental and behavioral disorder due to cannabis use', even though, ironically, the stuff is legal in the UK!
    Not to mention that it's made here - the UK is actually the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of medical cannabis products in the world.

    I respectfully argue my case with her regularly, including the fact that I got a completely different diagnosis from my psychotherapist (same department) shortly afterward.
    I'm literally reduced to shaking my head and mentioning credentialist bias, now.

    Er, rant over. :oops:

    @IamFree, caution is always the best decision!

    It does sound like you're not in the best company, nor frame of mind, to be experimenting with anything right now.

    Stay safe.
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  9. anonymous

    anonymous Forum Anonymity Premium Member

    Pot works for me without any of the pill side effects. It has some not so good side effects but I find them minor by comparison. It really helps with certain symptoms like hypervigilance. I Like to take a drink before bed and I have for several years. "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me." I don't like the medications the doctors put you on. I like painkillers for obvious reasons but the downside is real, and it becomes something I have to deal with if I have a supply so, I've made sure I don't for several years now. I'll still take them when I can get them. It's just crazy the things I can do on those pills. (for a while, like working I mean or doing some awful job you really hate and can't get yourself to do) The real reason I had to comment was the mushroom thing because I was thinking about them last night. I grew mushrooms around the house a few years back. Growing them was almost as fun as taking them, but you have to be patient and do a lot of reading. Taking them I don't think would be therapeutic in any way, not unless trippin ballz (pardon) is therapeutic. I know they light dose them supposedly. I light dosed them when I was using them. They had a fear in them. I read others on the forums that got the same thing. I was afraid to get a heavy trip on them. It's always different, you never got the same experience twice. They do not leave you unchanged, at any dose. I hope I get a chance to grow again someday, watching them grow was crazy fun. It was totally legal and you can learn about it here. Mycotopia Great hobby!
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  10. MrMoonlight

    MrMoonlight Active Member Premium Member

    Two years ago I traded my xanax, adderall, ambien and oxycodone for medical marijuana. It's been a miracle drug for me giving me the ability to laugh, smile and feel happiness. Like anything though your dose is almost more important than the drug I suppose. If I smoke too much marijuana I can put myself in a place of anguish and self loathing. I will dig into my past with a microscope analyzing and sinking deeper into fear and depression. A hell I wish for nobody. On the other hand if I smoke like it's a true therapeutic medicine it can, as I said calm my mind and give me peace removing my reliance on all the pharmaceuticals.

    I would imagine there is some amount of magic mushroom or acid or whatever that could be therapeutic as a daily medicine. I have done everything though recreationally so therapy wasn't in the equation. Under those doses I can't imagine what therapeutic benefits would be gained because they are heavy psychedelics. I could see and speak to Jesus but that's not real helpful when grocery shopping. ha

    Marijuana dosing for me is challenging enough and can't imagine being able to accurately dose the freshly picked mushrooms or acid. Seems like you would need a lab for that but I only know what I know.

    For me the ecstasy trials underway are exciting.
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  11. mumstheword

    mumstheword Well-Known Member Premium Member

    Mushrooms were a double edged sword for me. I think more beneficial than not, but they also put me on the outer of society even more than I already was. I used them in extreme circumstances though. To get me out of severe depression, zombieland, self-harming (cutting), binge drinking, abuse-sex and while homeless as a teenager. It also made me susceptible to being snared in the web of a narc hebophile drug addict sexual predator, who I ended up trapped with for 21 years (from 16 to 37).
    I ended up on pot for the duration of the relationship (with some breaks).

    Now I'm clean of everything but a moderate intake of alcohol as my only take-the-edge-off when symptoms are really bad substance. Not ideal but better than many other options.
    Waaaay too frightened of psych drugs.
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