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Marc O'leary Sentenced To Over 300 Years For Rapes In Colorado, Washington

Discussion in 'News, Politics & Debates' started by Sqweak, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Sqweak

    Sqweak Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by the huffingtonpost I just felt compelled to share it:

    An alleged serial rapist being held in Jefferson County Jail is facing additional charges in the 2008 Washington rape of a 63-year-old woman.

    On Tuesday, prosecutors filed charges accusing Marc Patrick O'Leary, 33, of breaking into the woman's apartment and sexually assaulting her at knifepoint in Kirkland, Wash.
    O'Leary is also being charged with the 2008 rape of an 18-year-old in Snohomish County, Wash., an 18-year-old woman in Lynnwood, Wash., and has racked up 39 felony counts thus far.

    A judge sentenced O'Leary to over 300 years in prison this morning after apologizing to his victims and pleading guilty to 28 of his 39 counts.

    Prosecutors told the courtroom:

    According to the Denver Post, some of O'Leary's victims addressed the courtroom this morning while O'Leary's sister covered her ears to their detailed accounts.

    O'Leary spent about 45 minutes explaining to the courtroom his belief that his sexual deviancy began at age 5.

    "I'm standing here because I need to be in prison," O'Leary said. "I know that probably more than anyone in this room. I've known it for awhile."

    Read full article here
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  3. ClairBear226

    ClairBear226 Irony Consultant and Director of Chocolate

    Wow. If he's known all this time he needs to be in prison, what the hell took him so long to get there?

    The trophy thing... the photographs... is that common, do you think?
    Sqweak likes this.
  4. Sqweak

    Sqweak Well-Known Member

    Personally I don't think it's common, a lot of women who are assaulted know their attacker but serial rapist are a type of person I don't known enough about so I can't really say. It is very disturbing, the entire article is.

    Yeah! I don't get that either, but then again I don't believe this person. It could have been just a ploy to seem pitiful in front of a jury in the hopes of a lighter sentence ( which backfired).
    Loloma likes this.
  5. simplekindofgirl

    simplekindofgirl Well-Known Member

    Wow. Just- wow. For some things, there simply are no words.
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  6. john1963

    john1963 Member

    still not enough time behind bars if you ask me.
    Sqweak likes this.
  7. SkyDoony

    SkyDoony New Member

    Well, you know what they do to rapists in prison. I'm just happy that he didn't get the death penalty. That would have been too easy for him.
    Sqweak likes this.
  8. Sqweak

    Sqweak Well-Known Member

    Agreed, I don't normally wish bad things on people but I hope he lives a long miserable life in prison.
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