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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Discussion in 'Sleep & Nightmares' started by seaworthy, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. seaworthy

    seaworthy New Member

    I've been house-sitting for friends the last week and sleeping on their 4" memory foam mattress topper and I am really sleeping deep and relaxed. I did some research and ordered me a 3" topper from Costco for $150 USD delivered.
    Why didn't I did this years ago!? :crazy:

  2. Grainne

    Grainne New Member

    Whoo Seaworthy!! Good deal!! Those toppers are expensive! I've heard they are wonderful...my sister has 'invested' in a whole mattress, which almost made me swallow my checkbook in terror, BUT she says she has never slept so well.

    I never, ever buy cheap toilet paper or laundry detergent. My mom always taught me that being "smart" with money was wise, but some things are just worth paying for. A good night's sleep...certainly worth more than 150 bucks!! :)

    Sleep well Seatworthy!
  3. seaworthy

    seaworthy New Member

    I found the mattresses hot and expensive and too much foam without a core. I read though that a 3-4 " topper of a 4 lb density over one's basic mattress was cheaper and better. Anything's better than my old 'rack'.
  4. a3a2

    a3a2 VIP Member

    I have been tempted...let me know how you like it.
  5. Mina

    Mina VIP Member Premium Member

    I used to have a Tempur-Pedic mattress...the whole thing is pretty much memory foam. It's quite comfortable, but for some reason I had terrible difficulty controlling my body temperature whilst sleeping on it! I would fall asleep shivering and cold, and wake up hot and drenched in sweat, repeatedly. And this was pre-PTSD/trauma! My ex-husband and I actually sold it when we split up because neither of us wanted to keep it. My chiropractor said he had the same problem with the full Tempur-Pedic. Hopefully the thinner toppers are better!
  6. ams

    ams New Member

    I have a mattress topper too.... love it. Love love love it. I also have two eggcrate ones on my bed, then the memory foam one is on top of those. My mattress hurts my back without all of those. I started sleeping on my back, too and it's helping so much. Totally worth saving up and paying for extra.

    I wouldn't get the pillow though. I hear those things stink so badly after using them a while because of your sweat and everything that gets absorbed. Same with the memory foam mattress. I might get the mattress anyway and just put a waterproof cover on it.
  7. gdf

    gdf New Member Premium Member

    I found a two inch one at Penneys on sale for $59 (US) and thought, why not? So far, it works well and it is better than the egg crate toppers. Seems to stay in place better than the regular egg crate.

  8. She Cat

    She Cat VIP Member

    I bought a 2 inch one, and loved it....Then I found another one, at a different store, and bought that one too. I now use both on my bed....Even though I have one of those Number beds,(God, I love my bed) I find that the memory foam pad is still a must. I have fibro, and it just helps with trigger points...I am not so stiff and sore in the morning....
  9. Nicolette

    Nicolette ♡ Princess ♡ Staff Member Premium Member

    We have just being discussing the Tempur beds as they have been advertised on TV and I have a back injury and am sore at the best of times. By the toppers you are talking about are you referring to what we have which is a "pillow top" which is a few inches thick and sits on top of the mattress (ours is sew on) or is this something else?
  10. She Cat

    She Cat VIP Member

    No Nicolette, it's the same material as a Tempur mattress, but these are just toppers that you place on top of your existing bed. They come in 2" 3" and 4" thick......I have heard nothing but negative remarks about the entire beds, but people love just the toppers......
  11. Grama-Herc

    Grama-Herc VIP Member

    Well, I dropped by this thread just in time. I was planning on going out today and possibily buying a topper, but was just not sure. I am now. Can't wait to see how I sleep tonight. Maybe then I won't have to sleep during the day because I am so exhausted.

    A good nights sleep without all the tossing and turning could solve my issue with sleeping.
  12. seaworthy

    seaworthy New Member

    It's my Birthday! and last night I got to sleep on my Pure Comfort 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Costco.com for $130 USD plus shipping.
    I love it! It's not hot! It's like floating on a cloud. I feel Good!

  13. bonnecanyon

    bonnecanyon New Member

    Happy Birthday Seaworthy!


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