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New phase

Discussion in 'Accomplishments' started by Abstract, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Abstract

    Abstract I'm a VIP Premium Member

    For the first time ever I am finding I can sometimes talk a little about myself without finding I have serious thoughts of harming myself or suffering severe frightening backlash about "speaking". Of course discussing difficult things brings up difficult feelings and backlash of that type. But this trap I have been in that has isolated me for a lifetime seems to be shifting just a little. Its really strange. I can't quite believe it. I keep waiting for the sky to fall in but am trying to just "enjoy" it if that is the word. ;):D
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  3. AliciaEff

    AliciaEff Member

    Well thank you for sharing that with us! It sounds like you are doing really well and I am proud of you. I hope you continue to find the support that you want on this journey
  4. Frigga

    Frigga Guest

    Awesome! I’m happy for you! That is progress. Even if it feels like a small step, it is still a big deal. This means things are changing for the better IMO. I know that feeling of wondering when it will all go wrong, but that is just anxiety from being so used to things staying the same, being accustomed to things going wrong. I think this is the process of a behavioral thinking change, which is a move in the right direction toward healing. Thanks for sharing.
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