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Palpitations Might Not Just Be Panic Attacks

Discussion in 'Other Symptoms & Disorders' started by livergirl70, May 3, 2011.

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  1. livergirl70

    livergirl70 Active Member

    I went to see a cardiologist on Friday, cos I've had a few blackouts and my dr wanted to make sure I didn't have a problem with my heart. He checked me over asked loads of questions and has referred me for more tests as he thinks I might have vagus vagal or something like that - not sure of spelling. He reckons it could be a big cause of my palpitations and lightheadedness :confused: I gotta be strapped to a table and hooked up to a load of monitors in the dark and tipped up at different angles, pretty scary
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  3. elliebean09

    elliebean09 New Member

    Whoa! That's intense!

    I black out a lot, and always end up in the ER. They've only done EKGs, MRIs, and CAT scans on me though.

    I hope they figure out what's going on with your heart and that the procedure isn't too scary for you!

  4. livergirl70

    livergirl70 Active Member

    Thanks Ellie, yeah I've had all those too and everything is normal but this thing apparently is some sort of nerve between your brain and your heart and somehow stops the blood pumping to your head, then you blackout and once you are on the floor the blood flow goes back to normal, I wasn't listening properly I started to panic when he said about the test lol. I think it would be OK if it wasn't in the dark, I am so scared of the dark.
  5. Cheshire

    Cheshire Seeker and Dreamer

    That's scary stuff.. ((livergirl))

    Have you spoken to your cardiologist about the fact that you do actually have panic/Anxiety issues too? I don't know anything about that test, obviously, but it seems that panic and the physical effects of panic might be worth mentioning because they'll have to factor it into how they read the results of the tests.

    I hope it goes well for you. Keep us updated.
  6. livergirl70

    livergirl70 Active Member

    Thanks Cheshire.
    He knows I suffer from anxiety, so I just kinda assumed he would know, but good point about the test results, I'll make sure they know exactly what I get like so it doesn't distort any readings
  7. Philippa

    Philippa I'm a VIP

    I learned today that heart palpitations can also be the result of iron deficiency.
  8. livergirl70

    livergirl70 Active Member

    That's interesting, I know I'm OK in that area but my friend is anaemic and keeps getting chest pains but won't tell her doctor in case its something serious

    OKRADLAK Well-Known Member

    I have vaso vagal.It is very weird and I have had seizures and all with it. But It is not deadly..

    ....a heart problem could be, though. I am SO glad you are getting checked!! I get palps, too, but they are not dangerous. But they checked to make sure.
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