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Panic Attack And Large Crowds

Discussion in 'Anxiety & Panic Attacks' started by Chris Daniels, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Chris Daniels

    Chris Daniels New Member

    I can't stand being around a large crowd. To give a few examples I been in. 1) When I am at church and their is a lot of noise I become cranky, have a hard time breathing, and began to sweet a lot. When I am in the fellowship hall with increase talking it makes it worst. I can't even hardly stand sitting through a church service or dinner. 2)When I am in a classroom with more then ten students and their is a lot of noise I have trouble breathing, began to sweet, and become confuse. I feel like I am not even in my body. 3)Outside a large crowd if I am in a dark color wall room with another person I began to sweet also but don't become short of breathe. I am an Youth Pastor and a Colleg student and I need any advice I can get on helping me deal with the crowds. Thanks.
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  3. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Changes are hard even for the right reasons
    Premium Member

    I am not one to respond. Dealing with a crowd is not easy and esspecially not if in a closed room. I get so aggitated and NEED to leave. I have tried finding one safe person in the room that I knw. That has helped a bit but when I say that maybe it extends my stay by 15 or 20 min.The underlying get out get safe feeling wins everytime.

    I wish you the best and if you happent to find something that works please keep us posted.

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  4. Chris Daniels

    Chris Daniels New Member

    Thanks and you are right. I try to have my wife near me at church and that sometimes give me time to eat in the fellowship hall.
  5. AngelkeeperJ/AKJ

    AngelkeeperJ/AKJ Joy is a child running to me, saying my name!
    Premium Member

    I have some of the same issues! I'm a PK, and have only been back at church for a couple months, this time. I had neck surgeries last year, and it somehow made the noise issue more profound. Sitting through the sermon is SOOO hard as well. If I could stand and/or pace, I think it would help.

    There is a helpful anacronym (sp?) HALT.
    H for hunger-
    A for angry-
    L for lonely-
    T for tired. All those things can make you more likely to have Anxiety/panic issues.

    I do my best to keep my mind on God, and how I can make myself available to Him. Time, experience, and Faith will bring you through, and you will be stronger for it!!
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  6. ClairBear226

    ClairBear226 Irony Consultant and Director of Chocolate

    Don't like 'em here either. It's one of the reasons why I like to work weekends instead of Monday - Friday like the rest of the world. That way, I can go to places that would typically be very crowded on a weekend, but aren't as crowded during the week when I'm off. TOTALLY hate Christmas shopping in crowded malls. Thank heaven for the internet!
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  7. Zipperhead

    Zipperhead Well-Known Member

    My guess is that your issues aren't from the same source as mine. Having said that, I deal with crowds by positioning. If possible, I'm at the back. If not, at least an outside edge. I keep a buffer between me and the crowd, (have someone you know sitting beside you, between you and the crowd). Of course my 7 year old always wants to sit in the middle of our church. I deal with it.

    When teaching, I was always standing behind a desk or podium. Therefore I had my separation. I know as a youth paster, that you would be more effective with some semblance of proximatie, but if you can't function like that, then distance might help. Also, as the trust between you and your audience grows, you'll be more comfortable, and can be more personable then. I don't teach anymore, so take that with a grain of salt. It kept me going for 3 years. Then I crashed hard.
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  8. Chris Daniels

    Chris Daniels New Member

    Thanks for the replys. Clairbear I am the same way when it comes to shopping. I can't stand being in a store for more then 10 min. Most of the time I try to go at night during the week so I avoid the crowd. Angelkeeper you brought up a good point. Having faith is what have carried me this far. We have to have faith in God to make it through everyday life. Zipperhead you are right with what you said. I try to stay near an exit just in case a panic attack comes about. Distance does help.
  9. sunday

    sunday New Member

    Dear Chris,
    I too have had neck injuries, (plate and screws). I am a Christain and a U.S. Vet 100% disabled. I have to sit in the back row of church and near the door. I can't sit still due to chronic severe pain and other health issues. Then there is the mental issues of PTSD. I take an ativan 1/2 hr prior to church and bring something small that i like (keepsake) such as a photo and look at it and hold it during service. I also arrive late 5 min. and leave during last song to avoid exiting crowds and noise. When the pastor yells to emphasize the point I cringe and count or spell in my head. As a youth pastor I know your faith will grow as you meet each moment with sucess even if its minute by minute. Work up to each realistic and small goals at a time. It gives you a good sense of self esteem and increases the ability to be thankful for our challanges from ptsd as a believer.
    Best wishes and you are now added to my prayer list.
  10. Sazza

    Sazza I'm a VIP

    I avoid crowds at all costs, hence why i hate social situations so much. For me if i go anywhere with lots people around if can't avoid it i have be near an exit, i have to have an escape route.
  11. Sandra

    Sandra I'm a VIP

    I don't like crowds since I'm more on the shy side in real. So I tend to just stay back and try and hide.
  12. ClairBear226

    ClairBear226 Irony Consultant and Director of Chocolate

    There really isn't anything shy about me IRL. Seriously. But crowds are a problem, and have been for a long time. I really thought that was a "me" quirk, not a PTSD quirk, until I came on here. It's a whole lot better than it used to be, but they still make me edgy and nervous. I like to be at the back with all the "unknowns" out in front where I can see them, and preferably near an exit. I'm better if I can see outside than if I can't, but a door is always better than a window.
  13. TigerPride

    TigerPride Active Member

    Don't like crowds either,
    I even try to avoid church gatherings because of the noise level and all the comotion that comes with it. Really don't like shopping, I go for what I need and leave. I simply can not sit in the middle of a group of people or I panic...Even traffic makes me nervous...So to say the least I am pretty much a 'home body"
    If I could work from home & have my groceries delievered to my front door, I'd never leave home...

    To say the least I have no advice on how to deal, but your not alone.
  14. TigerPride

    TigerPride Active Member

    wow Sunday,I totally get the cringing every time the preacher speaks loudly, and arriving late and leaving early.
  15. ClairBear226

    ClairBear226 Irony Consultant and Director of Chocolate

    Tiger, I know someone that has a similar issue with church. He's said it helps to be in the back. Ever try that?
  16. TigerPride

    TigerPride Active Member

    yeah,I try to sit towards the back, to avoid being "penned in" when I can, but I go with my parents, and my mom likes sitting midways cause she's hard of hearing....
  17. Deaf Global Nomad

    Deaf Global Nomad Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    I'm with all of you who hate crowds. My anxiety skyrockets and I start flapping and then dissociating.

    In grocery stores I have a particular problem waiting in the check-out line. I think it's standing in one place that makes me antsy. Plus the credit card payments cause problems. I usually have to send through my card through 4-6 times. There have been times I have needed to leave the groceries there and run out.

    I avoid malls where there is lots of commotion which easily overstimulates me. My service dog helps, especially finding the way out.

    When we have our way we spend time outside in nature. Luckily Minnesota is full of them.
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