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Ptsd In Prison?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by pontifixmax, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. pontifixmax

    pontifixmax Member

    Through my work I've met a number of people who claim to have received PTSD from being in prison. I'm just wondering how common this is. I've never been incarcerated but I could well imagine that having your liberty taken away and experiencing complete loss of control over one's life would be traumatic in itself, let alone the amount of violence you hear about prisoners being subject to, both physical and sexual, sometimes from both other prisoners and guards to boot, with no avenue of escape. I'm curious if others hear have specific knowlege of prison related PTSD. If so please share.
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  3. Deaf Global Nomad

    Deaf Global Nomad Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    From all of the documentaries and research articles I have read (no personal experience), prison would be a prime breeding ground for PTSD. The trauma experienced in prison is definitely high. Another thing not to forget is that most individuals in prison actually already come from high trauma backgrounds (e.g gangs, drugs, family violence, environmental violence), so trauma is definitely a confounding variable in this case. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
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  4. Phillip

    Phillip New Member

    From experience, I can state that PTSD is a major problem for prisoners. Incarceration is the most traumatic and stressful situation a person can experience. Especially for juveniles who are thrown in the adult system even before trial. Most of them are raped to the amusement of the guards. Judges and District attorneys should be charged with child endangerment, because it's a known fact that juveniles are being sexually abused in prison.
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  5. freefloat

    freefloat Active Member

    I've worked with a couple thousand addicts and was contracted by our federal system to provide addiction services to those upon release. With the exception of those that can't feel trauma I'd say 100%.

    Studies have shown that no more than 22 months in jail yeilds no benefits nor corrective purpose to anyone. I've seen Restorative Justice work and not work depending on the players. That is what should be being used. IMHO.

    When I was a kid you did adult time at 16, females was 18. They'd delay the proceedings until someone hit 16 so they would get adult sentances and would go a provincial maximum security 'corrections' center. This happened to a few friends of mine and luckily they kept their mouths shut or I would have been going along with them. When they got out you could tell their souls had been ripped from them. Turned mixed up kids into violent sociopaths.

    I'm with Phillip 100%.
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