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PTSD & Social Security Disability Claim?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by DOC DENNIS, May 15, 2008.

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    DOC DENNIS New Member

    I was a Navy Medic who served in Combat with Marines in 1969.Diagnosed with PTSD by Va in 1987.Worked in local hospital as Licensed Nuclear Med Tech and Mobile as a Positron Emission Tech since 1975.Retired in 2005 due to PTSD problems.Received 70% disability from VA,and applied for Social Security disability in 2005.This is where my problems started.Denied repeatedly for this,including two hearings from ALJ.This has really adversely affected my PTSD symptoms.Has anyone experienced this denial?If so,how do you deal with the negativety of being denied and how doe's this decision affect your mental capacity?

    Do you have any ideas on how to appeal to the next step,and what are these judges thinking about when they do this to people.Thanks
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  3. 2quilt

    2quilt I'm a VIP

    Hey DD,
    I am a Desert Storm vet. Welcome Home!
    I got 60% sc disability when I got out of active duty army. Seven years later I got 70% and the PVA, who graciously helped me with my claim even tho I am not paralysed. From what I understand, since there is no such thing as 80 and 90% disability in the VA, you should have applied for 100% sc dis the day they awarded you 70%. That's what I did, on advice from the PVA, and I got 100% in 5 months, backdated to the day I applied. Call one of the vet service groups and ask this question. If you are eligible for 100%, drop what you are doing and go apply today!
    It pisses me off the stuff vets are NOT told about our benes. If you could have had a 100% dis check since 2005, I am angry for you.

    Now switch gears.

    I also applied for SSD and got approved in 30 days from application, but not just for PTSD, but for a long list of physical problems and I was medically discharged from the army. There's a section of this website called Claims and Awards or something like that, and in it, I wrote about how I got SSD in 30 days. The bottom line is that I flooded SSA with medical records showing that I had PTSD and all these other medical problems. You can do that too. I have not worked since 1998, and before I stopped workiing, I attempted to work several jobs, but because of my various medical condtions, I failed over and over. Dont give up. Call SSA and ask how to try again. You are not beating a dead horse! You DESERVE more that this phucked up governement is giving you for your service. Fight for what is yours! Military service to your country harmed your mind, now they should compensate you for it!
  4. nie

    nie Wishing for wings to fly.
    Premium Member

    I would suggest researching the company Allsup, Inc. They have a 95% approval rate of getting SSD claims accepted.
  5. Seeking_Nirvana

    Seeking_Nirvana I'm a VIP

    Also, contact the representative of congress in your state. That is what I did and they are going to find out why I was denied. They claimed they may be able to help me get the denial over turned, but I'm not going to bet on it.

    I think 2quilt has some good advise on how to get approved.

    Good Luck
  6. 9Lives

    9Lives Active Member

    Hi there. Just curious but did you have a lawyer at your Social Security ALJ hearing? I got one of those "you don't pay unless you win" attorneys & I won. I have a few other medical issues besides PTSD but the judge told the lawyer that the letter I had from my PTSD therapist helped a lot. I also brought with me a letter stating my new VA rating of 100% which I fought to get for 13 years & they had to take that into consideration as well.

    I do however want to point out that there's 100% "service-connected" & 100% "total & permanent" service-connected. The total & permanent is the one that has medical & educational benefits for your family (and of course the one I now am fighting for). And, that's the name of the game - they make you fight every step of the way but, no matter how Depressed, angry, or upset I became, I am more stubborn!

    As for your SS disability, I believe there's one more level you can take it to (federal court, right?) - should say on your denial letter. I would contact a lawyer asap. And don't give up - it'll eventually happen in your favor so just hang in there. Good luck!
  7. 2quilt

    2quilt I'm a VIP

    I didnt know that there was two different 100% ratings in the VA. Good to know!
  8. 9Lives

    9Lives Active Member

    Yes, I'm glad I checked into that too when I first rec'd my new rating because the VA only gives you 60 days to appeal their decision. Really, how many people are really going to appeal a fully favorable 100% rating? 100% is all anyone is going to see unless they realize they didn't get that extra info packet regarding the extra benefits like home tax exemption, childrens' educational benefits, etc. that you get with a total & permanent rating. And, if you don't appeal it within that 60-day timeframe, kiss it goodbye.

    And, regarding Social Security Disability - normally you're turned down at the initial level as well as the reconsideration level. Next is the ALJ hearing which you can do twice then it's on to the Appeals Council and if it's denied at that level, you can appeal it to the federal courts all the way to the supreme court (though that's rare).
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