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Questions About PTSD Testing At VA Next Monday

Discussion in 'Supporter General Discussion' started by Teresa, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Teresa

    Teresa New Member

    Hope this is the right place for these questions.

    My son separated from his wife recently. I thought he was getting treatment at VA but now find out he had not included her for the last year and apparently was in denial(?) with his Psych and Psychologist. He told me that he had his 1st real conversation and has been referred for testing. I asked if I could go with him next Monday and he agreed, then asked "you mean go in with tester"? I said that was up to him.

    We live 75 miles away from VA an his wife usually went with him. Very tiring trip. I'm trying to open the communication and try to be in the loop. In the past he has talked with me and told me what he could. I'm trying to be available but not push him away. Can I get some feed back? Am I on the right track? Teresa
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  3. ISupportHer

    ISupportHer Supporter Member
    Premium Member

    Two quick thoughts.

    First, not real sure about the testing. I tried therapy for a while and went to a Psychologist who asked me if my wife had ever seen a Psychologist and therefore had had psychological testing to determine exactly what issues are involved. He told me that if she had not seen a Psychologist, then this could not have been done. That Psychiatrists cannot do it. His opinion was that the testing is helpful for someone who maybe has had many diagnosis over time, something I think can be common for PTSD. Sorry, I personally don't know about the process but maybe someone else here does or you could google it.

    Second, I would be astounded if you were allowed to accompany him in the testing process. Your presence would almost certainly influence his ability to answer freely. That doesn't mean that going with him would be a great way to show support. Great to see you are trying to help. I hope you are able to go.

  4. Teresa

    Teresa New Member

    Thank you for your info. That fits as he has had many names put on this thing and the Psychiatrist is referring him. I really just want to go to support and drive him home. Hoping to be available for talk when he comes out.
  5. Teresa

    Teresa New Member

    Nicolette Can not open your message...where can I go to receive it?
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