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Responses To Your Therapist That You Will Probably Never Say

Discussion in 'Social' started by LawPhotos, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Ronin

    Ronin Falling Into A Dream Premium Member

    @different therapist: Yeah, to be honest flying to London to see you still sounds as a better plan than quitting before. I need to remind myself you're an option.

    I don't know how to deal with 'normal life' because of everything that's so entwined in 'normal life' normal-life people never face.
    And to be honest I still want to scream so many days, but (ssh, don't let them know you're still alive)... f*ck July, f*ck August, and all around f*ck heat, too.

    & A therapist buddy: I fail everybody if you give me enough time, it's my super hero skill.
    You'd just get me a coffee & then we'd do a range visit. There, calm, not shaky, focused, it's all just targets, it's not complicated.
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  3. C j

    C j . Premium Member Donated

    to hell with you, therapist
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  4. DharmaGirl

    DharmaGirl Hanging with the chickens, dogs, cats and son. Premium Member Donated

    Will you kindly wait until I'm done speaking before you start your CBT stuff?
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  5. Ronin

    Ronin Falling Into A Dream Premium Member

    To a certain social worker:

    Thank you. You were more useful than a line of psychiatrists I've had in a decade. More goddamn cognizant than them, too. & I'm glad for disagreements we've had were just normal disagreements, instead of I disagree because what's said is dehumanizing vile shit that's gutting me & taking away my basic personhood. So, thank you, there.

    To that one therapist I'm still thinking of giving a ring: I mostly miss you because you were the first person in my life that told me drowning people really isn't normal, or right, or something people do for fun. One woulda thought things like these occur to people, but where 'people' is me, it really, really didn't. And I don't know what else I'd need people to tell me normal / not normal on, so I'll just sit and sleep in my cave some more.

    Speaking of which, I /still/ need an arrowcave. Assorted forgiveness & trashing out histories without worrying about being trashed, afterwards. I'm so tired of having to watch my back & I'm so tired of packs dispersed. Team to have backs of, I'll get back, but so far it's been a story of Batman is isolating a state away and Robin is the shiny sister telling him just surviving the day is f*cking /good/. After bonding over music, some f*cking more, as neither of us had the words to say. (Dear Chester, thank you and sleep quietly.)
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  6. Psychologist

    Psychologist Guest

    I would humbly request if you all could listen to this ordinary human. I am a little disturbed to see many of the comments. I can agree to the fact that a few psychologists may not be good, unprofessional, inappropriate, etc., etc. But we psychologists, nearly most of us work tirelessly not for any money, external incentives, or to make you feel bad, or to rather insult you in any way, but rather to see a smile on your face when we see that you as a an able and capable human being have made even a slight change in your life, which in turn has put you towards some relief. To be very frank, I assure you that we really do not know more than you about your lives, only you are the expert of your lives, no one else. But because sometimes you may not be able to overcome some situations during specific periods of life, as it may be quite overwhelming and sometimes there might be multiple issues too, so we, along with your collaboration, together try to figure out what is happening given the apparent circumstances, and use some tools and skills of psychology along with your expertise and guidance to make things better. I honestly do not want to convince you all, I just hope that one day, at least some of you witness and realize that psychologists, at least the one's who are sincere and committed, which most of us are, are there to stand by you whenever you need us. I wrote a poem, I will like to share it with you all.


    "Till the time war, genocide, human rights violation exacerbate it all,
    Till the time expressed atrocities in every known form possible is a given inevitability,
    Till the time none have an ever presence heartbeat at all,
    Till the time more than 7 billion shadows drop and fall,
    Till the time all kinetic movement comes to a halt,
    Till the time only the sounds of nature remains for all,
    Till the time no human touch can be felt at all,
    Till only ash, debris, and smoke to tell it all,
    Till the last human stands tall,
    There will still be this last compassionate hope for humanity,
    We will be there, we the Psychologists will be there for all,

    At least this last one I say, this one I affirm shall survive it through the end, even when civilizations collapse, governments dethroned and stalled, till the last soul perishes and expires, I say to you all, that soul will be a Psychologist, for we shall serve for all, we will be attentive to their needs and the givens of existence till there is none of us left to hear the tale, till the end we shall assist them all, till the end we shall lend them our presence for them cope up with it all, we shall never lose our compassion in the midst of it all, no we shall not, I say we shall not, even if the screams are louder, the explosions are wider, the population is narrower, resources are scarce, we will exude our authenticity for them all, be unconditional and impartial for each and every one of them all, till the planet burns to ashes, till floods sweep it all, till the wrath of humanity and nature seizes it all, till the last human stands tall, we will be there for the call, I repeat we will be there for the call, WE ARE PSYCHOLOGISTS, WE SERVE HUMANITY"
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2017
  7. Psychologist

    Psychologist Guest

    Thank you for approving my previous comment. One last thing though, if you ever face any problems where there is an outright indication of violation, such as sexual advances from therapist, talking rudely, laughing when you describe your problems, etc, etc, please do not tolerate it passively, kindly report the matter to the respective PSYCHOLOGY BOARDS (not the boss or supervisor as in most cases no action will be taken).

    Unfortunately, in India, the country I reside in, such procedures do not exist, and I have even seen some psychologists or psychiatrists verbally insulting, shouting, controlling, dictating, physically pushing, slapping, hitting clients, the situation here is quite horrible, especially in many psychiatric hospitals.

    But I believe that most of you reside in western countries, so the code of ethical conduct in my profession in the west is very strict, it only aims to protect you and safeguard your interests, so please report in writing to the psychology boards when a psychologist does anything wrong, and you will then actually see the power the board exercises onto the psychologist by making a detailed enquiry into the incident and taking appropriate action swiftly.

    If in UK please report to the Health And Care Professions Council (HCPC), if in US please report to the State Licensing Board (in all 50 states there are separate licensing boards, one for each state) all of which come under American Board Of Professional Psychology (ABPP), same for Canada, separate board for each state.

    Please remember, some psychologists may be bad, but the profession of Psychology is never bad, without a shadow of doubt it supports you completely. This is the one profession which will protect you more than it will protect a psychologist, so never worry, especially if you reside in a developed western country.

    Also, whenever you have any doubt, issues, or you feel something wrong has occurred then please as a first action try to gently confront and share your feelings with the psychologist, I am saying this as sometimes we may misunderstand each other too, it can happen, after all we all are humans. Sometimes, our intentions are good but accidentally some misunderstandings might occur.

    Lastly, I understand that maybe you have experiences with only one or two psychologists, and maybe those one or two psychologists were not the right match for you, or maybe they behaved unprofessionally or inappropriately, but no all psychologists are the same, in the same way as not all humans are the same, we are all unique in our own ways. So please entrust us, and have belief in us, and give us an opportunity to serve you in a better way. Actually, most people have very good, positive, enriching, and meaningful experiences with psychologists.

    I am just trying to be as honest as possible, hope I did not offend anyone. I wish you all the best of luck in your life. Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my lengthy messages, I really appreciate it.

    A Psychologist​
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  8. illusionist

    illusionist I'm a VIP Donated

    Sarcastically sing ......you raise me up, with all the dramatics I can muster.
  9. Mangochutney

    Mangochutney Well-Known Member Premium Member

    It's lovely that you offer me a glass of water every session but it would be really relaxing if you offered a glass or two of wine and a toke
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  10. Keming

    Keming Pleasant pheasant peasant Premium Member

    sorry, the dog ate my 'homework.'
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  11. Scarlet13

    Scarlet13 Was Applesunflower13

    I always think this and one time I said it:

    "So, I often imagine that on your notepad you are really writing the word CRAZY in the center in all caps and then just doodling around it."

    She actually gave me bit of a non reaction to that one. Maybe she really does do that?
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  12. Ronin

    Ronin Falling Into A Dream Premium Member

    Bad therapy IS worse than no therapy.

    I can't afford any more uninformed mofo's. Safety. Different concerns than it used to be, but concerns still. Because I wasn't this f*cking broken, before, and I don't remember how to get back, so no thanks, not taking others along this ride, screwing myself straight /first/.

    Also: I doubt you force yourself to forget longer than a decade of your life just so you're able to eat and get off the bed in the morning instead of taking a way out. So kindly STFU.
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  13. Justmehere

    Justmehere passion + perseverance = grit Moderator Premium Member

    UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH. Your therapy clinic employs a therapist who refuses to leash their dog and the dog RUNS DOWN THE HALL AND attacks me, bites me.... etc, and you call it "a negative event"?! OMG.

    Dear other therapist, who owns the dog, you did not apologize but you sent me a get well soon CARD?! You WTF?! I AM NOT SICK. Your dog ATTACKED me after many people asked you to please leash your dogs FOR DAYS.
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