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Strange Day

Discussion in 'Anxiety, Panic & Hypervigilance' started by BoN-bOn, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. BoN-bOn

    BoN-bOn Active Member

    So there is a serial killer loose in my area for the last week that hasn't been caught yet, my co-worker's boyfriend put a gun to her head last night & beat her up, & then I had a client with PTSD because her husband tried to kill her. So many triggers in one day & then I had an off day with my T. Feeling very down & discouraged & anxious. :(
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  3. ladee

    ladee I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Thank goodness those days don't come in clusters.
    Do you have any grounding techniques you use?
    Any ways you like to relax?
    Its normal for you to be off center with all that has happened.
    Any movie you want to watchm
    Just a good time for something distracting so your mind can slow down.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.
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  4. BoN-bOn

    BoN-bOn Active Member

    Yes @ladee , thank goodness tomorrow is a new day. Lately I have a very hard time relaxing...grounding techniques may be something I need to work on.
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