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Strange Sensation's As I Drift Off To Sleep-Help Me Understand Please

Discussion in 'Sleep & Nightmares' started by mum2four, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. mum2four

    mum2four New Member

    For a few years now, but more so in the last few month's I have been getting frustrating sensation's of being told by my brain(body) to wake up. It is the weiredest feeling and is become very frustrating. It's like a sense of falling but not, like a sense that some loud noise woke me but from inside my body, like a sense of bad dream but I cant remember it, like a feeling that I'm meant to be on the gaurd but it's fleeting.

    It does not just once every now and then it is prety much every time I try to sleep, specially with out a sleeping tablet or sedative but even then it can still happen.

    I have been getting new Memory's and have faced some PTSD trigger event's. I really want to understand or find a way to over come this frustrating feeling.

    Is this a common PTSD symptom or just me?
    Is this an auto-matic protection from memory's type reaction?
    Is there something that has helped people if they understand what I mean?

    The sensation is often worse on the night I wake up feeling like I have cold sweet reaction but it not alway's intense and almost always subsides with ease after waking.
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  3. just me here

    just me here Guest

    yeah, I can relate to your experience, in fact i just posted almost exactly the same question in this section. I am thinking these emotion nightmare are more common than I would have predicted.
  4. jesse

    jesse One Opinion in Opinion City
    Premium Member

    Can it be a manifestation of a severe level of Anxiety you are going through right now? Did your trauma happen at night or when you were sleeping?
  5. macelia

    macelia Member

    Your experience reminds me a little of what I experience sometimes, but mine is a horrible feeling in my head and throat that I don't know how to describe. I'll be starting to fall asleep and this feeling will start and then build until I have to sort of shake it off. Every time I start dropping off it starts again. I used to call it 'head nausea'. It's not like the need to vomit, but it's just so disgusting it feels nauseating. Like yours it is a very weird, frustrating feeling.

    I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and since then I've been having it almost every night and now it's keeping me awake all night. I used to get it many, many years ago, but it went away. I don't want to have to take drugs to be able to sleep but if it doesn't stop I will have to. I've handled it so far because I'm still off work from surgery, but I go back to work next week. I can't survive on 2 hours sleep.
  6. Buck Compton

    Buck Compton New Member

    i know exactly what you are feeling. Often i will be so tired, and just about to go to sleep when my body suddenly jolts me into being awake.. its almost as though my subconscious is afraid to go to sleep, i truly know how frustrating this can be.. and it is my hope that it will get better with time, try relaxing every muscle in your body, try thinking of posative things before you sleep, try lighting scented candles, and listening to music, those things seem to help me somewhat.. but i think only time can fix this particular phenomena
  7. Abbi

    Abbi Active Member

    You are not alone...I experience that often. Just at the point of dozing off its like I go on full alert. If I do fall asleep I have the ongoing conversation in my sleep "you better wake up or the nightmares will start" ... "wake up now". I am so tired right now I physically ache all over and was able to go to sleep for 35 minutes.

    These are the times that alcohol induced passing out seems attractive. :eek: Yes I know that isn't a solution...but geez I get so tired of being tired.
  8. brat17

    brat17 I'm a VIP

    Do you have a therapist? If so, I would talk to the T about it. If not, I would consider getting one. I have had something similiar. I see this doorbell in the hall of the house I grew up in (dream since childhood-maybe age 10) and I am startled and awaken suddenly like Im falling. Same dream for years that comes and goes. Yet I have no reollection of any bad experience around that. Yet my heart races afterwards and I feel fear. I have never mentioned this-always too much at present I guess. Im going to remember to talk to T about this.
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