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Taking Medication for PTSD

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by ladybug08, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. ladybug08

    ladybug08 Active Member

    I was just wondering...I know there was a poll conducted for who takes and who does not medication for PTSD, but how many of you just stick with diet and exercise for PTSD? I do not take medications for PTSD, but I do exercise and find that it helps a lot. I use to take Zoloft for depression and anxiety pre -PTSD diagnosis, and I did not like how it made me feel (felt like I was in a fog), gained a lot of weight. I am not a 100% sure, but I also have a pituitary tumor from possibly taking a SSRI (Zoloft), so I am afraid to take medication for the times I may need to take something for depression and anxiety. Any suggestions?
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  3. Grama-Herc

    Grama-Herc I'm a VIP

    Wis I had some magic answer for you, but I don't. All I am sure of is that I would not be here on this earth without my Zoloft and Xanax. These medications have saved my life.

    I hope some here is able to help you
  4. She Cat

    She Cat I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    HI Ladybug,

    I just got off all meds about 8 months ago. I have good days and bad. I do exercise when I can(when I'm not sick which lately has bee alot) I also eat healthy and try to limit sugar and white stuff from my diet. I do feel better when I do.

    Sorry about the Pituitary tumor. Why do you think it was caused from Zoloft??? Do you know what type of tumor it is???? I ask because I know a 4 yr old that just had one removed over Christmas. She is fine now, but they are keeping an eye on things.

    Hang in there.
  5. spiritofnow

    spiritofnow Well-Known Member

    Hey Ladybug,

    I have an absolute fear of taking prescribed medications and so I don't take them.
    I excercise, eat well (most of the time), sleep is important but I have been crap lately at going to bed at a reasonable hour.

    I have tried Bach resuce remedy for anxiety and I use lots of aromatherapy oils; lavender to calm and aid sleep, citrus for concentration etc etc.

    However, I would say that you should seek medical advice as to taking prescribed drugs and then make a balanced choice.

    Hope that may help.

    Spirit x
  6. Seeking_Nirvana

    Seeking_Nirvana I'm a VIP

    I take medication. I couldn't live without Valium because of all the panic attacks I have. I'm currently off of the anti depressants because I want to deal with my trauma and face it while not having that numb feeling that they cause. When I get real mean and moody I will start back on them until I feel better and then quit again. (I do that for my the sake of my family)

    I take Adderall for ADD, but I don't have to have it. I would probably never leave the house though.

  7. Cecilia

    Cecilia Active Member

    I exercise three times a week and take Yoga one night a week, but I still use medication. Without the medication, I'm not sure I would ever make it to the gym.
  8. linasmom

    linasmom Well-Known Member

    I don't know what I would do without the Xanax for my panic attacks - probably manifest my own death. :think:

    But if you are doing well without taking meds for your symptoms, then that is great.

  9. ladybug08

    ladybug08 Active Member

    She Cat -

    They are not sure what causes pituitary tumors, SSRIs is considered a possible cause. I did not have any problems pre-Zoloft. Dairy products is also a possible cause. The tumors are benign, I stopped having my monthly cycle, I am regular, and milk leaked from my breasts. My baby is 16 yrs old. They took a blood sample and tested my hormones, my prolatin level was high, I had a MRI, and the tumor was the 0.7 cm. in size.
  10. nic

    nic Well-Known Member

    When I posted the poll on meds., I didn't expect to find that many of you don't take ANY. I HATE taking medication, but I can't function without it. I have cut down, though, but I haven't been doing so well lately. I do have a healthy diet and I (try) to exercise as much possible, but sometimes I am (almost) paralyzed by the anxiety. Doctors always try to get me to take more meds, (or get me to take the ones I'm supposed to be taking), but I just don't WANT to. I don't really know why. Maybe I just hate the multiple bottles piled up in my medicine cabinet, or I feel like crap when I have to list so many meds on medical forms and such. I originally tried going off some of the meds to see if I would be able to since I would like to get pregnant in the near future. I would REALLY like to be able to function without any. I've tried various relaxation and meditation techniques, but they don't work for me.
  11. upstream

    upstream Well-Known Member

    nic, you may not have needed some of the medications to begin with, but often times these drugs can be addicting. A family member of mine started shaking when he went off Paxil... he chose to deal with it by working out heavily everyday and eventually overcame the withdrawal effects.

    A former Pharmaceutical sales rep talks about withdrawal symptoms and the dangers of going on more meds:
    (I'm hooked on this youtube channel, by the way)

    I agree with your sentiment of wanting to function without having to take medication. I can't stand feeling like I'm dependent on those things. I'm surprised I let anyone talk me into going back on them, even if it was only for a few weeks.

    Have you tried exercise? I'm told there are a number of studies that show that exercise is much more effective for depression than anti-depressants. It has been effective for me, the only exceptions were when I was too depressed to motivate myself to work out in the first place.

    "The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health"

  12. nic

    nic Well-Known Member

    Hey UpStream,

    You don't have to tell ME about withdrawal from Paxil...I was sooooo sick that that in iteslf was traumatizing! (LOL) No, but really, I felt like I was on a really bad trip or something.

    I do exercise; I try to do a half hour every day. I am curious, though, about the statement you made that SSRIs aren't anymore effective than a sugar pill. I have tried MANY SSRIs. I have to admit, some have helped, but I hate being on them do to the side effects.

    Maybe I should take SOMA; heck, it worked for the people in Brave New World :)

  13. spiritofnow

    spiritofnow Well-Known Member

    Not taking meds

    I look at the side effects and think that although life can be torturous at times, especially when anxiety attacks are frequent, at least I know how this feels. I am scared of feeling more out of control than I already do at times.

    I guess I have the opinion now that as I am in therapy I should be experiencing all that I do in order to allow it out! I have supressed enough!

    I only have one child and no partner so maybe I can afford to take this approach? Medication just scares me - having a foreign body inside of me that takes my control away. ( Hmmmmm, I can see something in what I just wrote).

    Spirit x
  14. upstream

    upstream Well-Known Member



    Hope that clarifies... what is SOMA?
  15. nic

    nic Well-Known Member

    Um...read the book...it's...um...interesting :)
  16. She Cat

    She Cat I'm a VIP
    Premium Member


    In my world SOMA is a drug. A muscle relaxant, very powerful, and it makes me feel like gumby.......LOL!!!!!! I take it when I have a flare of Fibromyalgia.
  17. nic

    nic Well-Known Member

    It's actually pretty similar in Brave New World. It's their "happy pill," so to speak.

    nic :)
  18. upstream

    upstream Well-Known Member

    Wikipedia tells me that SOMA is a fictional hallucinogenic drug in the year 2540, used to escape pain and bad memories by creating fantasies. The concept reminds me of an air freshener; rather than get rid of the bad smell lets cover it up with a good smell so we don't notice the foul oder... not my kind of drug but certainly sounds like a fun experience.

    The book's concept reminds me strongly of the movie Equilibrium... regulated government stimulation combined with the death of societal inventions such as art, religion, and culture. Sounds like a good read, though not sure why Henry Ford is idolized by the population?

    Soma is also a smashing pumpkins song and the trade name for She Cat's muscle relaxant... fun.
  19. baileysemt

    baileysemt Active Member

    I am a med taker.

    I've been on Paxil 20 mg for nearly 11 years now. It is the right med for me. I realize that a lot of people have had bad reactions to various ADs ... I haven't had that with Paxil. I don't feel numbed, glossed over or drugged ... I just feel like my normal, happy-go-lucky self again.

    .......... when it works. :) LOL !! Since my trauma (July 2006) it has not been nearly sufficient to treat both my pre-existing depression & anxiety, plus the PTSD. Whether it was PTSD all by itself, or if there was a concurrent flare-up of the depression & anxiety, does it really matter? Bottom line, I was miserable. Who cares the label -- Houston, we had a problem!

    So 5 weeks ago, my doc put me on 150 mg Wellbutrin XL daily. It's worked like a *charm*. I am coming back to life. I am happy again. I have energy. I am out of bed every day and doing things! :) As we speak, I am cleaning my house for the first time in THREE YEARS. I had forgotten how to clean (you guys know how that goes -- forgetting how to do the most simplest of tasks? -- like where does that go, anyway?) :( nor did I freakin' care about it either ... now all of a sudden, I need the place clean, and I remember how to do it!!! ?? Crazy stuff.

    Lemme tell you kids, it's good to be back ............ Lordy there is so much I am behind on.... *eek*

    A very nice side-effect of the Wellbutrin is that my nearly-daily headaches, and my migraines, are greatly lessened or totally gone. Most days I do not get those daily headaches at all... and those days I do get a migraine (which is way less often than previously) they are a fraction of the pain that they used to be. (Major HOORAY!!!)

    I also have mild hypertension, for which I take 37.5 mg metoprolol extended-release/day. (Yeah, it's a lot of fun chopping up 50 mg pills in 1/8ths to get to 37.5 mg *roll eyes*) Metoprolol also has anti-anxiety effects, and is a beta-blocker so it is supposed to be helpful in treating my migraines. The hypertension is genetic, saw that coming a mile away, so no surprises there. :)

    Anyway, not sure if this helps at all, but I was hoping a success story might offer a bit of hope.

    :) Bailey
  20. Cecilia

    Cecilia Active Member

    I was on Paxil for 2 years and I felt great, but I gained weight. That motivated me to stop taking it. Coming off of it was horrible, it made me very sick. That inspired me to not take medication for a couple of years, but then I had a major crash a couple of months ago and started taking Effexor RX. My doctor said this should not cause weight gain. I definitely feel better.
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