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Thank You Again

Discussion in 'Social' started by logan, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. logan

    logan Guest

    Went to the office and cought up on the crap, but then went out an cut wood, for the winter from a freinds farm
    after beening in casts for 12 months a walking cast for 4 months i was so good to be out and doning soming for myself goning back to work too early was my mistake and breaking the titanium screws but they broke before so i told them to reforce did they listern no:naughty: Broke the three years ago then they had to remove
    but bye the god's i feel good tonight
    got to get some wood tomorow
    Seee told you i couldn't spell:rofl:
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  3. EmoxxKid

    EmoxxKid Active Member

    Kick ass! I am happy you feel well!...

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