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The Wish Game With A Twist (Just A Bit Of Fun)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by amethist, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. CraftyCath

    CraftyCath Flying Free Premium Member

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  2. 712xx

    712xx New Member

    Wish granted CC ... it stopped dripping when the utility company shut off the water.

    Wish to get up the courage to climb up to the (very high) gutters and install mesh over the downspout openings.

    Birds keep getting stuck (or maybe it is the same bird? lol) in my gutter downspouts. They are connected to a French drain, so I have to keep disconnecting the bottom of the spout so they can slide out. :( Makes me have to keep checking them each afternoon just in case one is in there.
  3. ISupportHer

    ISupportHer Supporter Member Premium Member

    712xx, your wish is granted! You got the courage to install the mesh in the gutters. And it just in time, because it is now raining cats and dogs. They would have been VERY hard to clear out of the downspouts! Fur everywhere!

    I wish I could see the birds being flushed out the downspouts. I thought I had seen everything!

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  4. intothelight

    intothelight Totally Quackers Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    Wish granted...Ish you are now seeing all kinds of birds being flushed down your downspouts, the problem is the chickens and turkeys and the clogs they create. Your gutters are now overflowing and the water is damaging the foundation.

    I wish there was never any winter.
  5. 712xx

    712xx New Member

    :eek: *with a shaky voice says* :unsure: Wish ... granted intothelight, but you just killed Frosty, Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, The Abominable Snowman, all the animals that hibernate, all the animals that live in wintery climates. Plus, the oceans are now invading contenental land, due to all the glaciers melting. Millions have died, lost their homes, lost whole countries and states. I hope you're happy!

    I wish for winter to be restored. :p
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  6. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    Wish granted 712xx

    Well in the UK anyway, as right now it is snowing. :roflmao:

    I wish to have a PJ and trashy food day today. Popcorn, chocolate, ice cream and movies. :tup:
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  7. CraftyCath

    CraftyCath Flying Free Premium Member

    Wish granted Amethist...

    But now you have loads of visitors descending on you and they can all see you in your PJ's:eek: - no running upstairs to get changed!! They interrupt your films and eat all your snacks!:mad:

    I wish I could grab 2 minutes to myself!
  8. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    :roflmao: Let em come Cath, cos the Doberman is on high alert today. Well she was when his mother phoned. :D ;)

    Wish granted, just stand and close your eyes, ask for those 2 minutes, then run like heck. They wont see you go for the dust. ;)

    I wish I had not put so much ice cream and maple syrup on my waffles :roflmao:
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  9. Jen93

    Jen93 VIP Member

    Granted, but it's now covered with water.

    I wish I had a bouncy castle in my backyard like some people have trampolines.
  10. CraftyCath

    CraftyCath Flying Free Premium Member

    Wish granted Jen...

    But now you have no house or garden and are imprisoned in the highest tower in your bouncy castle!

    I wish there was no dust in my house.
  11. Jen93

    Jen93 VIP Member

    No problem. I like bouncy castles! (I have ADHD, and I can get really hyped up! It scares my friends- in a clam down way, It's better than being sad! :D)

    Wish granted- now it's full of bubble bath which you have to swim through and can't get rid of.

    I wish I liked fruit (I hate fruit, and it's unhealthy to hate it.)
  12. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    Wish granted Cath it is a now an artist sketch pad, so let the drawing commence.

    I wish everyone could see our cat fighting another cat, with patio window between them. It is hilarious to see and hear them.
  13. CraftyCath

    CraftyCath Flying Free Premium Member

    Wish granted Jan but you are now a bat!
    Wish granted Amethist and now your cat is a star on You Tube!!!!

    I wish the sun would come out to play as it's freezing here!
  14. Meadowsweet

    Meadowsweet VIP Member Premium Member

    Wish granted craftycath. The sun comes out to play, but it accidently melts the all the toys and runs away to hide behind the clouds again.

    I wish I could borrow someone elses clear mind for a few weeks (I promise to give it back :))
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  15. Jen93

    Jen93 VIP Member

    Wish granted, but it's my mind, and it's totally been in a coma the past week.

    I wish I had my priorities straight with eating, EAT THEN FORUM, >.< NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. ((If I keep this up I swear I'll get to like 70 lbs by next year)
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  16. CaringMomma

    CaringMomma New Member

    Jen93, your wish has been granted. Every time you begin to forget to eat, all the food in your fridge with taunt you and make you really hungry. Then, you will have a nice big healthy meal. No more forgetting to eat.

    I wish that I could lose a few pounds!
  17. intothelight

    intothelight Totally Quackers Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    Wish granted....but the wish fairy is British and now your checking account is overdrawn.

    I wish I could sleep all night!
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  18. 712xx

    712xx New Member

    Wish granted intothelight, but this genie lives on the other side of the Earth, so you end up sleeping all day.

    Wish I didn't have to experience holiday rhetoric that I don't celebrate.
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  19. ISupportHer

    ISupportHer Supporter Member Premium Member

    We'll do our best on this 712xx. But we all still have birthdays whether we acknowledge them or not. I assume you are talking about birthdays :devilish: Hopefully you are not experiencing the "over the hill" variety of rhetoric yet, LOL.

    I wish I had a day off from work.

  20. 712xx

    712xx New Member

    Hi Ish, no I was talking about Easter (along with Xmas, Thxgiving ...) I actually don't mind b-days (34 and counting; and as big headed as I can sometimes pretend to be, I still haven't ever considered my b-day to be a holiday, lol).

    Your wish Ish granted :p But, your day off is spent cleaning, cooking, and decorating for the upcoming holiday.

    I wish to experience a perfect day symptom free.
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  21. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    OOOO difficult 712, but not impossible.

    OK wish granted you have a full 12 hours symptom free and everything is perfect for you and yours.

    But :rolleyes:, as there is always a payback, you have to endure a rough night.

    I wish last night did not happen. :cry:
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  22. CaringMomma

    CaringMomma New Member

    amethist...wish granted. I've sent a mind cleaning crew to your place and they will wash the memory completely away. And, they will, also, wash away any residual affects of last night.

    I wish that I could have somebody else clean my house.
  23. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck Staff Member Premium Member

    Oh thank you CaringMomma, just what I need.

    When they have finished they will come and clean your house. :tup:

    I wish the sun would shine today. :(
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  24. Hashi

    Hashi VIP Member

    Wish granted, and now you have a water shortage and food is all twice as expensive because of crop failure.

    I wish the sun would STOP shining, it's too hot and it hurts my eyes. :cautious: sunshine
  25. 712xx

    712xx New Member

    :eek: Hey, CM and Am are rule breaking ... where are the post police? No wish is supposed to work out, lol, that is against the law. :p I'll give you a warning this time, but don't let it happen again.

    Hmm, Hashi, your wish is granted, poof goes the sun, and shines no more, but now there can be no life. You've just killed us all. :laugh: Hmm, maybe wishes can work out after all.

    I guess I wish for the sun to shine again ... just to keep the thread (and everyone else) alive.

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