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Therapy through the va

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by LuckiLee, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. LuckiLee

    LuckiLee Was leehalf

    I have a couple questions for anyone going through the PTSD program at their VA.

    My guy has been in the program almost 5 years. He did the mandatory years then did voluntary therapy for an additional 2 years. He had group therapy on Friday and the therapist (in front of everybody) put him on the spot. Said how well he was doing and told the other guys they should follow J's example. How J was there for all the right reasons (to keep the relationships he does have) etc. etc...

    I'm a little confused because I don't have all the details (yet) but J feels as though the doctor is kinda kicking him aside. Basically said there wasn't much more he could do for J and he should think about starting his own group. What does that mean?

    From what I understand 5 years is the maximum for therapy. Can that be?
    He said he can still get treatment but would have to find a different avenue. Idk. I'm pretty worried as I'm sure J is too. He is more than 100% disabled although he still works. (his paperwork is in D.C. and has been for 3 freakin years)

    He's obviously going to ask more questions when he has group again in 2 weeks.

    Is anyone in the VA program?
    Is there a limit on therapy?
    Do they have group sessions without therapists present?
    Do you communicate with the people in your group outside of your sessions?

    This all probably sounds confusing because I am confused. Lol

    Any and all information is greatly appreciated!!!!

    Love ya'll and have a great day! :)
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  3. LuckiLee

    LuckiLee Was leehalf

    Actually it's through the Vet Center. If that makes a difference.
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  4. dulcia

    dulcia I'm a VIP Donated

    Mine does not communicate with the people in his group outside of sessions. There is also always a therapist present in the different groups he has been apart of. I don't think I understand -- he is at 100% but the paperwork hasn't been filed yet? I would be blown away if they capped therapy for someone at 100%, especially if any of their percentage is PTSD related....
  5. ttls

    ttls New Member

    Through the Vet Center I have never heard of any kind of Cap on it. Are you a VA PTSD Treatment program seeing an actual therapist or are you in group...

    Sorry it cut off my typing. I use the Vet Center and I have never heard of a Cap some of the Vietnam guys have been doing it more than 5 years I know. I can't speak to VA PTSD Treatments though. I haven't started using them. I prefer the Vet Center due to the 100% privacy of it. They don't feed into VA systems or Military PHA systems so it keeps you off the grid if you are still in service.
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  6. woundedmind

    woundedmind Member

    I went to the VA locally for therapy for CPTSD and found I was being lumped with people with PTSD and were abusers of others who got PTSD from abusing others, very much not compatible with me at all. Locally there are no MST related groups any more, which is one of the issues I faced during my service (Military Sexual Trauma).
  7. woundedmind

    woundedmind Member

    Oh and I've not been in therapy much with the VA at least not individual therapy except with a few interns one of which had been pretty terrible.
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