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Toronto Canada - New PTSD Support Group

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by cassiope, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. cassiope

    cassiope New Member

    Hello and welcome to the Trauma Survivor Support Group - Toronto Canada. This is a self help group for people affected by traumatic events wether in childhood or as an adult. Although the origins of our traumatic stress disorder/PTSD may be unique to ourselves, we can share our common experiences coping with the aftermath of trauma.

    The Trauma Survivor Group meets bi-monthly at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, 36 Eglinton Ave West, 6th floor, Toronto, On.
    The group is open to any adult suffering from the effects of a traumatic event.
    We have "safe place" guidelines that speak to confidentiality, group rules for listening and sharing and self responsibility. This is a Self Help Group where at each meeting we choose a topic for discussion, share our experiences, what we find is helping and what resources are available.

    For more information about the Trauma Survivor Group and our 2009 Fall Calander for scheduled meetings, please e-mail Cassie ( group organizer ) at [email protected]
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  3. cragger65

    cragger65 I'm a VIP

    Cassie, thanks for the tip. Sounds very promising.
  4. Nighteyes

    Nighteyes Member

    Cassie, do you know of any other groups in southern ontario that are not in the GTA? I'm in the Guelph area and all be it.. interested in a group but still leary on it...
    thanks :)
  5. C.J

    C.J Member

    Is this group still meeting in 2014?
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  6. yoshixvx

    yoshixvx Guest

    Looking forward to this. I have emailed you!
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