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Trauma In The Womb

Discussion in 'Other Symptoms & Disorders' started by WildWitch, May 16, 2010.

  1. WildWitch

    WildWitch New Member

    It has been explained to me that if a mother is suffering from stress and trauma, that the likely hood of that child of developing PTSD is considerably higher. Due to low cortisol levels. I have only read a few articles on this.

    Yet I'm wondering what others think of this?

    If anyone has more information on this? and can direct me torwards a website or a book that explains it in more detail.

  2. MizzASG

    MizzASG Active Member


    Very interesting. I have a memory of my mother being t-boned by a 18 Wheeler at an intersection... I described everything to her but apparently she was 7 months pregnant when that happened, but no one got hurt or injured other than bumps and bruises and some cuts from broken glass.
    My mother said the stress was very acute though..but it makes me wonder now about my DX of PTSD after a couple car accidents. I never linked that memory before. Thanks.

    Any more info on this subject would be greatly appreciated!
  3. kellysue

    kellysue New Member

    My son who was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and other diagnosis because they cannot place a true diagnosis on him came up with PTSD in the womb. What I find amusing is due to one argument during the pregnancy they have slapped this new and wonderful crutch of a diagnosis on him, (wow). Because this is such a new DX I think they feel the need to slap it on everyone they can. Just like the ADHD in the past. If anything I think the psychologists and any form of psych doctors should get their heads checked, really. They do not do people justice but cause more damage than good and push drugs. It is caused life so learn how to deal with it. A note to remember is are fore fathers the deaths and the way it was. We are becoming pansies.
  4. Abstract

    Abstract I'm a VIP Premium Member

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